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Kenmore ELITE 790.4107 Series Use And Care Manual

Slide-in electric range
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Use & Care Guide
de Uso y Cuidado
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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore ELITE 790.4107 Series

  • Page 1 / EspaKol Models/Modelos: 790.4107 I<e !llllllllllllllllllli 5 :d _ o_ n E6ctrica DeslizaD,e '!'_::::::: Color numbe_% nOmero de color P/N 318205820A (1009) Sears Brands Management Corporation Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. WWW.Sea Elite _ct r:c e_ ng ®...
  • Page 2 Common and maintaining any appliance. HHHHHHHHHHHHHH_ Kenmore Elite Warranty When installed, operated and maintained defect in material and workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, call 1-800-4-MY-HOME® This warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase if this appliance...
  • Page 3 * Never and plastic appliance Never any other packaging material. * Remove the oven appliance by a qualified National down No.70 (USA) or CSA serious injuries and may also cause damage edition and local the appliance.
  • Page 4 * Use Care When Opening touch a Warmer or other appliance Let hot air or steam replace * Keep Oven Vent Ducts Unobstructed. vented Touching to operate is operating If power fails, not place if the appliance oven vent.
  • Page 5 • Do not touch a hot oven light bulb with a damp cloth. Doing so could cause the bulb to break. Disconnect the appliance or shut off the power to the appliance before removing bulb. * Protective liners--DO NOT USE ALUMINUM FOiL TO LiNE THE OVEN BOTTOM.
  • Page 6 Features at a Glance Your Range includes: Electronic oven control with kitchen Left front element control Left rear element control and electronic Warmer drawer control electronic Center rear element control and electronic Right rear element control and electronic Right front...
  • Page 7 To remove on oven rack, pull the rack forward Lift up front of rack and slide out. To replace on oven rack, fit the rack onto the guides on the oven walls. Tilt the front of the rack upward rack back into place.
  • Page 8 Surface Cookware Selecting Surface Cooking Cookware Cookware should hove flat bottoms with the entire surface heating element. Check for flatness by rotating ruler bottom across Figure 1). Be sure to follow the recommendations cookware as shown in Figure 2. Note: The size and type of cookware setting needed for best cooking results.
  • Page 9 Before Setting Surface Controls About the Ceramic Glass Cooktop The ceramic cooktop has radiant surface located below the surface of the glass. The design of the ceramic cooktop outlines the area of the surface element underneath. Heat is transferred up through the surface to the cool<ware.
  • Page 10 Sb message the Sabbath feature is active (Figure 10). When the Sabbath feature works for both the oven together. Once the Sabbath feature The cooktop will react slower See Sabbath feature section for instructions. Fig. 10...
  • Page 11 Setting Surface Controls Single Radiant Element The cool<top provides radiant element illustrated. instructions when operating elements. The suggested power level settings shown in Fig. 1 are based on cooking with medium sized aluminum sure to make any further setting adjustments cooking results.
  • Page 12 Setting Surface Controls Expandable Radiant Element The cooktop radiant elements illustrated. Use the following instructions when operating elements. Use the ELEMENT SiZE keypad (Fig. 1) to select which portions of the expandable element The expandable element size may be changed element is ON.
  • Page 13 17. Cony Roast - Used to select the Convection a delay start time function. 18. Cooktop Lockout & Hold function. 19. Oven Light - Used to turn oven light ON and OFF. 20.STOP the oven. entered Convert 21. Clock Set - Used to set the time of day.
  • Page 14: Getting Started

    Setting Oven The Oven Lockout feature the time of day during and prevents the oven from being turned on. It does not disable See example To lock, press and hold OVEN LOCKOUT To unlock, press and hold OVEN LOCKOUT...
  • Page 15: Setting Oven Controls

    For best results described above. * As much as possible, fan wiii be activated 3 and center the pans. If using two racks, place the oven temperature faster. racks in position ° When (5-10cm) circulation. Dark or dull pans absorb...
  • Page 16 Press START Press COOK TIME Enter 30 minutes Press START Once START is pressed the oven wiii cook and after 30 minutes automatically shut-off. When the Cook Time finishes: 1. "End" and the time of day wiii show in display.
  • Page 17 Press START options: After the oven reaches set temperature_ the oven is ready. The oven will continue to maintain temperature NOTE You may press STOP any time when setting during the cooking 2 & 4. When using...
  • Page 18 Food baked on pans with a dark finish will cool< faster. When placing multiple food items in the oven allow 2-4" (5-10cm) of space between the food items for proper circulation. any normal See the example bake feature.
  • Page 19 If needed, moist on the inside. temperature. the oven temperature Press START Once START is pressed the oven will begin heating. options: NOTE start You may press STOP any time when setting the control to convection during Roasting rack instructions The broil pan, its insert and the roasting via the mail order card.
  • Page 20 Should an oven fire occur, close the oven door. If the fire Leave the oven continues, when broiling. extinguisher. be explosive and cause personal injury.
  • Page 21 1 hour before cooking should be removed & Hold & Hold feature wiii keep oven baked foods warm has finished.
  • Page 22 ° Defrost your food completely before to avoid damaging probe. ° Never leave or store the probe inside the oven when use, ° To prevent the possibility of burns, carefully probe using a pot holder. Proper probe placement ° Always...
  • Page 23 Setting Oven Controls Meat Probe (cant'd) To Set Meat Probe: 6. Set the oven control for Bake, Conv Bake or Conv Roast and the desired oven temperature. meat probe with some other baking meat probe cannot be set with Broil or Flex-Clean.
  • Page 24 This recipe is now stored with the Bake key pad. NOTE Pressing the START pad after entering and times will start the oven. If you wish to store the recipes iiiiiii but not start the oven press STOP after pressing the START pad.
  • Page 25: Setting Oven Controls

    Sabbath mode is turned off: and the oven lights are turned off:. The oven door will not activate the oven interior lights when the oven door is opened closed.
  • Page 26: Warmer Drawer

    Foods that can easily spoil such as mill<, eggs, fish, meat or poultry, chilled in the refrigerator first. Even when chilled, they should not stand in the oven for more than 1 hour before cooking begins, and should be removed finished cooking.
  • Page 27: Warmer Drawer

    Warmer Drawer Proof Bread The warmer drawer has a Proof Bread feature used to prepare bread dough. The recommended of time to keep the bread dough in the warmer about 45-60 minutes. Be sure however to follow recommended times. Since the bread dough will nearly double to place the prepared dough in a large bowl.
  • Page 28: User Preferences

    24 Setting 12hr Energy Saving The oven control saving feature the 12 and 24 has been heating The oven can be programmed continuous See the example mode. 1. Press and hold TIMER for 7 seconds until "12Hr OFF" or calibrated and tested "StAy On"...
  • Page 29: Self-Cleaning Cycle

    Large spillovers smoke or fire when subjected to high temperatures. Clean any soil from the oven frame, the door liner outside the oven door gasket and the small area at the front center of the oven bottom with soap and water.
  • Page 30: Self-Cleaning Cycle

    "DOOR LOCKED" will stop flashing and remain on. Note: Allow about 15 seconds for the oven door loci< to close. Note: If the opflonal delay Self=Clean finish steps 4=6. Press DELAY START.
  • Page 31: Care & Cleaning

    Rinse well. You may use a glass cleaner on the outside glass of the oven door. Do not immerse the door in water. Do not spray or allow water or the glass cleaner to enter the door vents.
  • Page 32 Care & Cleaning Cooktop Maintenance Consistent and proper cleaning iS essentlal to malntainlng your ceramic glass caoktop Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the recommended CookTop® Cleaning surface (on the web visit cooktop cleaner, item number 40079}.
  • Page 33 ° Do not use harsh cleaners, such as chlorine or oven cleaners, as they may etch or discolor the cooktop. ° Do not use dirty sponges, cloths or paper towels, as they can leave soil or lint on the cookfop which discoloration.
  • Page 34 Read the following recommendations: ° Do not close the oven door until all the interior oven racks are fully inserted and retracted to the back of the oven. ° Do not hit the glass with pots, pans, or any other object.
  • Page 35: Care & Cleaning

    Care & Cleaning Removincj and Replacincj the Drawer To Remove the Drawer: Open the drawer to the fully opened position. Locate glide lever on each side of drawer_ pull up on the left glide lever and push down on the right glide lever (See Figure 1).
  • Page 36: Before You Call

    Do not use pans that are dented cool. Set oven temperature and bake for the recommended overcrowded. ° Be sure to remove aii pans from the oven except ones to be used for baking. ° Open baking from your previously...
  • Page 37 Reprogram the oven. If a fault reoccurs, record the fault number. Press STOP and call Sears or another qualified The door was left open and controls STOP pad. Place oven rack in center of oven.
  • Page 38: Before You Call

    Guide. Before starting Self-Cleaning cycle, liner outside the oven door gasket, and the small area at the front center of the oven. These surfaces are not in the self-cleaning can be cleaned off with a stiff nylon brush and water...
  • Page 39: Protection Agreements

    U.S.A. or Canada call 1-800-4-MY-HOME PROTECTION AGREEMENTS Acuerdos maestros de protecci6n Enhorabuena Kenmore®esta diseSado y fabricado para brindarle aSos de funcionamiento for years of fiable. Pero, como cualquier producto, puede necesitar it may require preventivo o reparaciones de protecci6n...
  • Page 40 For troubleshooting, For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, no matter who made it, no matter For the replacement owner's manuals For Sears professional and items like garage door openers 1-800-4-MY-HOME ® Call anytime, For repair of carry-in items like vacuums, lawn equipment,...