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Kenmore 625.385560 Owner's Manual

Premier reverse osmosis drinking water system
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Reverse Osmosis
Drinking Water
MODEL NO. 625.385560
Read and follow all safety rules and operating
instructions before first use of this product.
or call toll free 1-800-426-9345
(M - F, 7 AM - 6 PM CST)
or Parts ? Call toll free 1-800-469-4663
See back cover for other Sears service numbers.
• Warranty
• Installation
• How It Works
• Care Of
• Specifications
• Repair Parts
System tested and certified
by NSF International
42 and 58.
See performance
sheet for details.
Part No. 7328475
(Rev. M


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Kenmore 625.385560

  • Page 1 OWNER'S MANUAL Premier Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System MODEL NO. 625.385560 Caution: • Warranty Read and follow all safety rules and operating instructions before first use of this product. • Installation Questions • How It Works Visit or call toll free 1-800-426-9345 (M - F, 7 AM - 6 PM CST) •...
  • Page 2 KENMORE ELITE ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY When installed, operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions, if this product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, call 1-800-4-MY-HOME ® to arrange for free repair (or replacement if repair proves impossible).
  • Page 3 Unpack and Check Shipment ..............What Your Reverse Osmosis System Will do ............Plan Your Installation ................Overview and Site Preparation ..............Step I-Install Supply Water Fitting ..............Step 2-Install Reverse Osmosis Drain .............. 9-10 Step 3-Install Reverse Osmosis Filter Assembly ............
  • Page 4: Inspect Shipment

    INSPECT SHIPMENT Your Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is shipped complete in one carton. Remove all items from your ship- ping carton. Check all items against the packing list below. Note any items lost or damaged in shipment. Note any damage the shipping carton.
  • Page 5: Plan Your Installation

    Your Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System is a water passing through the RO membrane, and just before going to the treatment unit. It uses household water pressure to reverse RO faucet. To prevent water waste, an automatic shutoff valve natural physical process...
  • Page 6 Typical Under Sink Installation All install parts included in package. Drain Adapter Reverse Osmosis Waste Water Reverse Osmosis Assembly Figure 2 Typical Remote Installation Outside Faucet (Hard Water) Outside Faucet Reverse Osmosis (Hard Water) Air Gap Faucet Soft, Cold Water Soft, Hot Soft, Cold Water...
  • Page 7 OVERVIEW There are seven easy steps to installing your Drinking Water system. They are as follows: STEP 1 - Install Cold Water Supply fitting STEP 2 - Install Drain Adapter STEP 3 - Install Reverse Osmosis Assembly STEP 4 - Install Storage Tank STEP 5 - Install Reverse Osmosis Faucet STEP 6 - Connect Tubing...
  • Page 8: Install Cold Water Supply Fitting

    CHOOSE TYPE OF WATER FITTING TO INSTALL Check and comply with local plumbing codes as you plan, then install a cold feed (supply) water fitting. Refer to the Specifications page for supply water requirements. The fitting must provide a leak-tight connection to the RO 1/4"...
  • Page 9 INTRODUCTION Under The Sink Installation A suitable drain point is needed for the reject water from the Reverse Osmosis Filter. You have two options to Single trap Double Trap choose from: • Install the Drain Adapter included with your unit See Figures 6, 7 &...
  • Page 10 Outside Faucet Outside Faucet BLUE Tubing (Hard Water) to Reverse (Hard Water) Osmosis Air Soft, Cold Water Gap Faucet Soft, Hat Water Line Soft, Cold GREEN Tubing to Reverse Osmosis System Remote Location Sediment Filter Reverse Installation Osmosis YELLOW Tubing to Tank Storage Storage...
  • Page 11: Install Reverse Osmosis Filter Assembly

    INSTALL REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTER ASSEMBLY The Reverse Osmosis Filter Assembly can sit upright or lay on its side. When planning your installation, you need to allow adequate tubing lengths to be able to access the back of the Reverse Osmosis assembly in order to change the monitor battery.
  • Page 12: Install Reverse Osmosis Faucet

    SELECT LOCATION OF REVERSE OSMOSIS FAUCET MOUNTING HOLE faucet You will need to select the location of the Reverse Osmosis Faucet. You have three options to choose from: ° Use the existing sink top hole for the spray hose or soap dispenser (Must be 1-1/4"...
  • Page 13: Install Battery

    NOTE: If you ran the red reverse osmosis drain tubing directly to a remote drain point, disregard steps 5 and 6 and refer to instructions on page 10. 7. Mount the faucet body on to the faucet base, 1/4 turn. BLACK TUBE FAUCET ELECTRONICS 3/8"...
  • Page 14 TO CUT AND CONNECT THE TUBES Your Reverse Osmosis Water System includes push-in fit- tings for quick tubing connection. Review the following instructions before connecting the tubes in the next step. Cut tubes to length 1. Use a sharp cutter or knife to cut the end of tubing.
  • Page 15 NOTE: Tubing lengths should allow access to the back of the assembly for servicing. 3/8" black tubing NOTE: Codes in the state of Massachusetts require installation by a licensed plumber and do not permit the use of saddle valves. If you live in the state of Massachusetts, review plumbing...
  • Page 16: Sanitize Thesystem

    SANITIZE THESYSTEM Sanitizing is recommended immediately after installation of the Reverse Osmosis system. It's also recommended after servicing inner parts. It is important that the person installing or servicing the system have clean hands while handling inner parts of the system. Complete the following steps to sanitize...
  • Page 17: Purging The System

    PRESSURE TEST THESYSTEM Reverse Osmosis NOTE: Complete the sanitizing procedures on the preced- Faucet ing page before pressure testing. kitchen faucet_ To pressure test the system, complete the following steps. 1. Open the water supply valve to the Reverse Osmosis System.
  • Page 18: How Your Reverse Osmosis System Works

    HOW YOUR REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM WORKS Introduction: Your Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Faucet: The sink or countertop faucet System uses your household water pressure to force water has a hand operated knob to access drinking water. See through three filters.
  • Page 19 PRODUCT WATER FAUCET PRODUCT WATER dgravity rain WASTE WATER AUTOMATIC drain flow check SHUTOFF control valve WATER GREEN BLUE POSTFILTER PREFILTER "_ YELLOW MEMBRANE Reverse Osmosis Water Flow Schematic Figure 24 Water Flow Description 1. Water enters prefilter. Sand, silt and other sediments are reduced.
  • Page 20: Maintenance

    PREFILTER/POSTFILTER MAINTENANCE Cover NOTE: It is recommended to replace the battery, prefilter and postfilter cartridges at least every 6 months of prod- uct water use. Replace more often if they begin to plug with sediments. The prefilter and postfilter are replaceable sediment car- Turn to the left...
  • Page 21: Change Battery

    CHANGE COLLET AND O-RING Push o-ring seal into bottom port then follow with collet. 1. Remove the collet and o-ring from the fitting with a small screwdriver. Be careful not to scratch the internal _/_}\ Fitting walls of the collet port. See Figures 27 & 28. 2.
  • Page 22 Supply water pressure limits ..........40-100 psi (280-689 kPa) Supply water temperature limits ..........40-100 °F [4.5-37.7°C} Maximum total dissolved solids (TDS} ............ 2000 Maximum water hardness @ 6.9 pH ............10 gpg Maximum iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide ............Chlorine in water supply (max.
  • Page 23 Questions? Call The I<enmore Water Line 1-800-426-9345 or visit I<
  • Page 24 Cause: The level of chlorine in your water Correction: If the water supply contains more than 2.0 ppm of chlorine, supply exceeds maximum limits, and additional filtering of the water supply to the Reverse Osmosis has destroyed the Reverse Osmosis needed.
  • Page 25 Cause: Drain side of faucet airgap (3/8" black I Correction: Inspect and eliminate restriction or plug. Refer to installation tubing) plugged, restricted or incorrect- instructions for proper drain connection. See page ly connected to drain point. Cause: Battery dead. Correction: Replace with new battery.
  • Page 26 25 ._ 1/4" tubing "4 Questions? Call Kenmore Water Line 1-800-426-9345 or visit
  • Page 27 Part No. Description Part No. Description Automatic Shutoff 7287344 Elbow, Plug-in, 3/8 Stem x 3/8 Tube 7333145 (includes Key No. 3, 7253785 Elbow, Plug-in, 1/4 Stem x 1/4 Tube 4 of Key No. 2 & 6 of Key No. 1) 7275185 Flow Control Insert...
  • Page 28 Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managemylife Our Home For repair of carry-in items like vacuums, lawn equipment, and electronics, call anytime for the location of your nearest Sears Parts & Repair Service Center 1-800-488-1222 (U.S.A.) 1-800-469-4663 (Canada)

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