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Steam Ironing - Kenmore 62984 Use And Care Book Manual

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consider using distilled or demineralized water.
Once a month however, use tap water to main-
tain steam performance.
4. Plug in the iron. Push the ON/OFF (I/0) button
and a light will come on (B). Turn the
Temperature Selector Dial to the appropriate
setting for your fabric. Use the Fabric Guide on
the iron (See A) to select the setting (check the
garment label for fabric type and manufactur-
er's recommended setting). NOTE: The
Magnifying Lens enlarges the numbers for easy
temperature setting at a glance. (C)
5. Allow to preheat for approximately 2-3 minutes.
6. To use iron, grasp it by the Comfort-Grip™ han-
dle. This handle was specially designed to cush-
ion your hand as you iron for more comfortable
use than typical hard plastic handles.
7. Push the ON/OFF button to manually turn off the
iron and the light will go out. If unattended, the
iron will automatically shut off in 10 minutes.
Unplug the iron when finished ironing.


Be sure there is water in the reservoir. Move the
Lever to the SMART STEAM position. The Smart
Steam™ System automatically adjusts and delivers
the right amount of continuous steam at any tem-
perature setting.
Be sure there is water in the reservoir, the Lever is
in the SMART STEAM position, and the Dial is set
to at least setting 4. To remove tough wrinkles,
pump the SURGE button a few times at 5-second
intervals for a powerful blast of concentrated steam. For best results when
using vertical surge of steam, hang the garment on a clothes hanger. Curtains and
drapes may also be steamed once they're hung. Hold the iron away from your body
close to but not touching the fabric. Pull the fabric tight with your free hand and pump
the SURGE button at 5-second intervals as you pass the iron over the wrinkled fabric. (D)
Do not pump steam onto your free hand. The steam may burn your skin.



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