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Ironing Tips; Cleaning The Outside Surfaces - Kenmore 62984 Use And Care Book Manual

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Push the SPRAY button for a fine mist of water. If spray is light, pump the SPRAY
button several times. Check to be sure the iron is filled with water.
Move the Lever to the DRY position to iron without steam.


• Always read garment labels and follow manufacturer's ironing instructions.
• Synthetics are heat-sensitive and may glaze or melt at high temperatures. Use
lower settings. If you are unsure of a garment's fiber, test a small area (on an
inside seam or hem) before ironing.
• Use SPRAY to dampen tough wrinkles at any temperature setting.
1. It is not necessary to empty the water after each use if the iron is used frequently.
However, when you want to empty the water, move the lever to STEAM CLEAN,
press the ON/OFF button so the light goes out. Unplug the iron.
2. Open the Water Fill Hole cover and empty the water by holding the iron over a
sink with the tip angled down. Water will empty out the Water Fill Hole.


1. Allow the iron to cool completely. Wipe the soleplate and outer surfaces with a
soft cloth or sponge dampened in water and a mild household detergent. Never
use abrasives, heavy duty cleansers, or scouring pads that may scratch or dis-
color the iron.
2. After cleaning, iron with steam over an old cloth to remove any residue from the
steam vents.
About once a month, use the 2-Way Steam Clean™ System to clean the steam valve
and flush out minerals and lint. If lint is allowed to accumulate in the vents, it can
scorch and cause brown spotting.
1. Fill the reservoir about half full. Turn the Temperature Dial to setting 7 and heat
for 3-4 minutes.
2. Unplug the iron and do not allow it to cool.
3. Hold the iron in the ironing position over an empty sink or basin. Move the Lever
to STEAM CLEAN. Rock the iron back and forth for about 30 seconds. Be careful
because water and lint that will be flushed from the soleplate will be hot. You
may hear hissing and spitting while iron is self cleaning. This is normal. It is not
necessary to completely empty the reservoir.
4. Plug the iron in. Sit it on its heel rest, move the Lever to the DRY position and turn
the dial to 7 to dry the iron out. Allow to shut off automatically.



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