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Kenmore 100.90002 Use And Care Manual

14-cup capacity heavy duty food processor


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Use & Care Guide
14-Cup Capacity
Heavy Duty
Model No,
Reed, underst
and follow all Important
and Opereting
in this Manual
before using this producL
Sears, Roebuck and Co.,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.SoAo



Summary of Contents for Kenmore 100.90002

  • Page 1 Use & Care Guide 14-Cup Capacity Heavy Duty Food Processor Model No, 100.90002 CAUTION: Reed, underst and follow all Important Safeguards and Opereting Instructions in this Manual before using this producL Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.SoAo...
  • Page 2 KENMORE ELITE FULL WARRANTY tf this product lails due Ioa defect in mateda_ or workmanship within live years from ths date of purchase, return it to any Sea_s stere of other Kenmore outlet in the United Stales for free repiaeemenL...
  • Page 3 14 NEVER feed food by hand. Always use food pusher, 15 DO NOT attempt to defeat the cover intsrlock mechanism 16 Toprolectagatnste{ectdcaisheck, a 3-prong groundingotype piug for Insedion into a proper grounding-type DO NOT altar the p_ug for use in a 2-prong receptacle a receptacle, have the proper receptacle installed by a qualified elecldcian _7 SAVETHESE INSTRUCTIONS!
  • Page 4 Make sure th_ Control Knob Switch is in the OFF posilion and the power cord is unplugged.. 2 Be sure Food Processor base is on a flat, dry, clean, stable sudace before you begin p_ocessing 3 To assemble, pul lhe Bowl on the Base by aligning the BDWI handle wilh the unlock icon...
  • Page 5 ASSEMBLY cont. Fig, 2a Fig. 2 4 On the Bowl Cover are the food chute, food chute lid, and movable loop, which serves as a housing for the food pusher Nso included is the shaft containing the spring mechanL, m that controis the slide button used to lock the food ehole lid into place These are part of lhe Bowl Cover assembly 5 Place the Bowl Cover Assembty onto the Bowl, A_ign the arrow on Ihe Cover and the unlock Icon on the Bow_(see F_g 2 and 2a) Turn the Cover counterclockwise towards...
  • Page 6 CONTROLS When Ihe processor is ptugged in. the blue Power light illuminates to show the{ the unit Is connected to a power source When the base. bowl and cover assembty is correctly connected and lacked into place, the OFF button is also illuminated blue to show that the unit is ready to operate, if the OFF button is not giewing blue, the bowl and cover are not locked together correctly PULSE: When the PULSE button is pushed and held, it ilturnirmles blue and the Food...
  • Page 7 CHOPPING cont, NOTE: Before opening the Bowl Cover Assembly, turn the unit OFF and unplug the cord° 9 To remove bow! cover, unlock by turning clockwise until cover unlatches, and _i1[ o ff 10 Lift the chopping blade by its base and remove, Unlock the Bowl by turning it clockwise, (see Assembly on pages 4 and 5), and lift off Empty the processed food, ARNING: when handling.
  • Page 8 TO SLICE OR SHRED cont. 6 Press the ON button, then press down lightly but firmly on food pusher and movable loop to feed items down and onto slice!shred disc When the chute is empty, press OFF, unplug, af_owthe disc to slop relating, and unlatch the food chute lid 7 Te process more food, place load into the food chute and repeat above steps When finished, press OFF, unplug, and allow disc to stop rotaling CAUTtON:...
  • Page 9 The open_ng there Is slightly larger. 5 Close food chute lid and latch into piece Plug Ihe power cord into e_ectrinoutlet Blue Power fight and blue OFF light should illuminate to show that the food processor is properly assembled and ready to operate 8 Press _he PULSE button, then press down lightlybut firmly on food pusher end movable loop to feed items down end onto stice/shred disc.
  • Page 10 5 Fill the chute with pieces of cheese, or ice cubes 6 Insert food pusher into the movable loop Plug food processor cord into eleclrie outlet Biue Power light and blue OFF tight should illuminate to show that the food processor is connected to power end ready to operate...
  • Page 11 Intothe movable loop. Insert foodpusher Into movable loop and plug foodprocessor cordInto electricoutIet,Blue Power light and blueOFF light shouldbe Illuminated to show that the food processor ts again readyto operator 9 Pushthe ON button,then press down lightlybut firmlyon food pusher to feed items down and onto slfceishred diso_When the chuteIs empty, press OFF, unplug, and walt until disc stopsrotating.
  • Page 12 Inside of the work bowl It requires tess kneading after the ingredients are mixed DO NOT try to use the food processor to knead dough that is too stiff to knead comfortably by band...
  • Page 13 DO NOT ATTEMPT to sharpen the cutting edges of the any Blade or Disc They are permanentty sharpened al lhe faclory and wilf be _ulned by attempled sharpening I Before cleaning, be sure the food processor cord is unplugged 2 Whenever possible, rinse parts immediately after each p[oeassing for easy cleanup,...
  • Page 14 FOOD AMOUNT Baby Food Up _e4 cups (t O00m!) Bread Crumbs Up to 5 slices Cookie/Cracker Crumbs Up to 5 cups Cranberries Mt;_ced 3 caps (75Dm!) Egg& Chapped Up t_) "_2 Garlic, mirmed upm12 Up to 2V2 cups _4eet. c hopped Raw or Cooked) [600mI) Up Io12 Medium...
  • Page 15 FOOD AMOUNT Sl, rewberflos,Pureed 2 cups Tomatoes, Chopped 4 n'_dlum FOOD DIRECTIONS Cebbege Use shredding d_sc(orvery lil_e c,'Ibbe(le or slew_Cut intopiecesIo fil c hule Shred, using light prr,resure Emply BewI as cebbeg_ Carrots Post(lee In chute and et'tred :,Cheese, Cheddar Cheese rnusIbe well chilted Cut to fit chele Che Bee, Met.z_reIle...
  • Page 16 DIRECTIONS FOOD Apple Halve end alack hotlzonlalIy Cabbage i Le lluco Halve head col _o tit ch_la CEIITOI9 Cul doJit chute Celery Ren",ove airingPack chulo fol b_el resulls Cucumber CId to tit (;hul_ II nec_._t;ar y Stack Chela wilh must_roome on theL r sides tar lenglhwtse Halve end fill chela, pssIllonlng Peaches ( P_a HaNs and cam...
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