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Operating The Single Radiant Surface Elements - Kenmore 790.4281 Use & Care Manual

Kenmore cooktop user manual
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Setting Surface Controls
Radiant Surface
The 30" cooktop has 2 SINGLE radiant surface elements: the RIGHT REAR and the LEFT REAR positions (Figure 1); The
36" cooktop has 3 SINGLE radiant surface elements: the RIGHT REAR, the CENTER REAR and the LEFT REAR
positions (Figure 2).
To Operate
the Single
Radiant Surface
Place correctly sized cookware on the radiant surface element.
Touch and hold the P_W_
key pad until a beep sounds. The power indicator light
will turn ON. Note: If no key pad is touched within 20 seconds the request to
Power ON the cooktop will clear.
Touch and hold on/off pad for the desired element position until a beep is heard.
The display will show " -- "
Note: If no further pads are touched within 10 seconds the request to power the
element ON will clear.
Touch HI
pad once to turn ON the power level to HI (See Figure 3).
Touch Lo
pad once for Lo.
Each touch of the HI
) pad will decrease or increase the
power level from 9,5 through 3,0 by .5 increments. Simmer power levels
between 3,0 and 1,2 will decrease or increase by .2 increments. Lo is the
lowest power level available. Note: The power level may be adjusted at any
time while the element is ON.
Start most cooking operations on a higher setting and then turn to a lower
setting to finish cooking. Each surface element provides a constant
amount of heat at each setting. A glowing red surface heating area
extending beyond the bottom edge of the cookware indicates the cookware
is too small for the surface heating area.
When cooking has been completed touch the
pad once to turn the
element OFF and if no other surface element is used touch the P_WE'E'E_
key pad to turn off the cooktop.
Note: The HE (hot element) message will remain ON if the cooktop is still
hot and will remain ON until the heating surface area has cooled
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Radiant surface elements may appear to have cooled after they have been turned off. The glass surface may still
be hot and burns may occur if the glass surface is touched before it has cooled sufficiently.
Do not place plastic items such as salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders or plastic wrappings
on top
of the range when it is in use. These items could melt or ignite. Pothold ers, towels or wood en spoons could catch fire if placed
too close to the surface elements.
Do not allow aluminum
foil, or ANY material that can melt to make contact with the ceramic glass
If these items melt on the cooktop they will damage the ceramic cooktop.



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