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Philips LFH 9370/00 User Manual

Digital pocket memo.
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For product information and support, visit
User manual
Manuel de l'utilisateur
Digital Pocket Memo
Manual del usuario
Manuale di istruzioni
LFH 9370/00


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  • Page 1 Digital Pocket Memo LFH 9370/00 For product information and support, visit User manual Manual del usuario Benutzerhandbuch Gebruikershandleiding Manuel de l‘utilisateur Manuale di istruzioni...
  • Page 2 The CE mark confirms that the device corresponds to the relevant guidelines of the European Union. The cardboard used for packaging can be recycled. This electronic device contains recyclable material.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Important Use more of your Digital Pocket Safety Memo Disposal of your old product Technical support and warranty Use Philips SpeechExec software 5.1.1 Advanced configuration Get started 5.1.2 Download recordings to the PC Overview – controls and connections Menu settings Overview –...
  • Page 4: Welcome

    Philips! required storage capacity. The format also allows additional information, such as the To fully benefit from the support that Philips author name, to be stored in the file header, offers, visit our Website for support information further facilitating file organization.
  • Page 5: Important

    This Philips product was designed and heat caused by heating equipment or direct manufactured to the highest quality standards. sunlight. If your Philips product is not working correctly • Protect the cables from being pinched, or is defective, contact your supplying Philips...
  • Page 6: Get Started

    Get started Overview – controls and connections Microphone socket Earphone socket Built-in microphone Status LED (red = record, green = insert, yellow = file transfer) EOL (end-of-letter) button REC (Record) button REW (Rewind) button FWD (Forward) button On/off switch Speaker Volume control, plus/minus and menu navigation buttons Menu button...
  • Page 7: Overview - Display Indicators And Symbols

    Overview – display indicators and symbols DPM 9370.DSS PLAY 17 16 Current function of the left smart button Voice-activated recording in progress File name Recording volume indicator Recording number Sensitivity level for voice-activated recording Position bar Current position in the recording Recording position (minutes : seconds) Current function of the right smart button Battery level indicator...
  • Page 8: Install The Batteries

    The Digital Pocket Memo operates with an SD with the two AAA batteries delivered with the (Secure Digital) memory card and supports SD product. Philips rechargeable batteries may also cards with storage capacities of up to 2 GB. be used. See...
  • Page 9: Format A New Memory Card

    D Note formatting process was cancelled, insert another If the Digital Pocket Memo is turned to the card that can be formatted or has already been position and there is no memory card inserted, formatted. a warning screen is displayed. D Note The memory card that is packaged with the Formatting is not possible if the memory card is...
  • Page 10: Set The Date And Time

    D A T E L A N G LANGUAGE DATE: U A G 2 0 0 7 - L A N G 1 0 - 0 1 I N T LANGUE 2007-10-01  S P R A  C H E SPRACHE 1 2 / 2 4 I D I O M...
  • Page 11: Using Your Digital Pocket Memo

    Press the button and start speaking. Using your Digital Pocket The status LED glows in red (in overwrite mode) or green (in insert mode) Memo while recording. The following information is displayed: Record Recording mode Recording position (minutes : seconds) Current position in the recording 4.1.1 Create a new recording...
  • Page 12: Review Recording

    4.1.2 Review recording Press the button briefly while recording I n s e r t m o d Delete dictation Insert mode: O v e r w to jump back two seconds and start playback. r i t e Index set Overwrite I n s e r Insert mode...
  • Page 13: Finish (lock) A Recording

    CANCEL to exit the sub-menu without changing the setting. E Tip Philips SpeechExec software can be configured to download files from the Digital Pocket Memo to R e c o r d f o r Index set Language m a t : <...
  • Page 14: Adjust The Microphone Sensitivity

    4.1.6 Adjust the microphone sensitivity Playback Set the microphone sensitivity for the environment and your recording preferences. Press the – button while stopped to select the recording to play back. Press the button while stopped to Press the smart button to start MENU PLAY...
  • Page 15: Overview Playback Functions

    4.2.1 Overview playback functions Delete D Note Fast rewind Press the button 1 briefly while Before deleting a file, make sure that it is not stopped. Press the STOP smart button 3 to marked finished and that the memory card stop winding or the PLAY smart button 4 to...
  • Page 16: Delete Part Of A Recording

    4.3.2 Delete part of a recording Follow these steps to delete a section from a 3 : 3 8 recording: 3 : 3 8 3 : 3 8 D e l e t Navigate to the beginning of the section to D P M 9 3 7 0 .
  • Page 17: Use More Of Your Digital Pocket Memo

    With USB mass storage support, the Digital The Digital Pocket Memo Confi guration Pocket Memo is automatically displayed as an Wizard is part of the Philips SpeechExec Dictate external drive when it is connected to the software and guides users through the device computer.
  • Page 18: Menu Settings

    D e le t Delete ? I n d e x Start Philips SpeechExec Dictate software. s e t Index set I n s e r t m o d Connect the Digital Pocket Memo to the...
  • Page 19: Use Voice-activated Recording

    : O f f or switching to simple display mode, are Insert mode Record format available only through Philips SpeechExec Author Voice activation Dictate. See Advanced configuration on page 17...
  • Page 20: Work With Index Marks

    Work with index marks Index marks can be used to mark certain points D e l e t e d i c t Delete dictation a t i o n I n d e x in a recording as points of reference. A point 2 : 3 4 c l e a r Index clear...
  • Page 21: Assign An Author's Name

    USB Docking Station 9120. D Note 5.6.1 Recharge the batteries using the Author names must first be set up with Philips Philips power supply SpeechExec software. See Advanced configuration on page 17 for more information. By default, the To recharge the batteries with the Philips power...
  • Page 22: Technical Data

    256 MB card rechargeable battery / 15 hours with Philips alkaline battery Disclaimer and Notices Philips performs extensive testing with the most popular configurations. However, since PC add-ons and device drivers are updated continually, conflict-free operation cannot be guaranteed. User manual...
  • Page 23 Discover the comprehensive range of high-end dictation products from Philips Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks are the property of Royal Philips Electronics or their respective owners. © 2008 Royal Philips Electronics. All rights reserved. Document Version 2.0, 29/05/2008.

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