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Motorola Symbol CR0078-P Cradles Quick Reference Manual

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Symbol CR0078-P Cradles
Quick Reference Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Motorola Symbol CR0078-P Cradles

  • Page 1 Symbol CR0078-P Cradles Quick Reference Guide...
  • Page 2: Warranty

    Symbol CR0078-P Cradles © 2010 MOTOROLA, INC. All rights reserved. Motorola reserves the right to make changes to any product to improve reliability, function, or design. Motorola does not assume any product liability arising out of, or in connection with, the application or use of any product, circuit, or application described herein.
  • Page 3 Quick Reference Guide Introduction The cordless scanner cradle model CR0078 (part CR0078-P) acts as a stand, charger and host communication interface for DS6878 cordless scanners. The CR0078-P cradle receives data from the scanner via a Bluetooth radio, and sends that data to the host through an attached cable. The cradle also charges the scanner’s internal battery pack when the scanner is inserted.
  • Page 4: Cradle Parts

    Symbol CR0078-P Cradles Cradle Parts Front Latch Charging/ Communication Contacts Pager Button Back Host Cable Groove Power Cable Groove Rubber Foot Rubber Foot Host Cable Groove Cable Support Hook Power Cable Groove Power Port Cable Support Hook Host Port Mounting Hole...
  • Page 5: Cradle Connections

    Quick Reference Guide Cradle Connections Important: Connect the interface cable and power supply in the following order to ensure proper operation of the scanner and cradle: Insert the interface cable into the cradle’s host port. Connect the other end of the interface cable to the host. Connect the power supply to the cradle’s power port.
  • Page 6: Inserting The Scanner In The Cradle

    Symbol CR0078-P Cradles Inserting the Scanner in the Cradle To insert the scanner in the cradle: Insert the scanner by placing the bottom of the scanner, at a slight forward angle, into the CR0078-P cradle. Push the handle back and down until it clicks, engaging the contacts of the scanner and cradle.
  • Page 7: Sending Data To The Host Computer

    Quick Reference Guide Sending Data to the Host Computer The cradle receives data from the scanner via a wireless radio connection and transmits it to the host computer via the host cable. The scanner and cradle must be paired for successful wireless communication. Pairing Pairing registers a scanner to the cradle so that the scanner and cradle can exchange information.
  • Page 8: Charging The Scanner Battery In The Cradle

    Symbol CR0078-P Cradles Charging the Scanner Battery in the Cradle To charge the scanner battery, place the scanner in the cradle (see Inserting the Scanner in the Cradle on page 6). The battery begins charging when the scanner LED indicator turns solid green. A complete charge of a fully discharged battery can take up to three hours.
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    Symbol DS6878 Product Reference Guide, p/n 72-131700-xx for maintenance guidelines and list of approved cleansers. Related Documentation • Symbol DS6878 Product Reference Guide, p/n 72-131700-xx • Symbol DS6878 Quick Start Guide, p/n 72-132659-xx These documents are available at the following web site:
  • Page 10: Regulatory Information

    Enterprise Mobility Solutions of Motorola, Inc. (“Motorola”). This guide applies to model number CR0078. All Motorola/Symbol devices are designed to be compliant with rules and regulations in locations they are sold and will be labeled as required. Local language translations are available at the following web site:
  • Page 11: Power Supply

    Power Supply Use ONLY a LISTED Motorola, Type no. 50-14000 (12 Vdc/650 mA minimum), or PWRS-14000 (12 Vdc/650 mA minimum), Direct Plug-In Power Supply, marked Class 2 or LPS (IEC60950-1, SELV). Use of an alternative power supply will invalidate any approval given to this device and may be...
  • Page 12: Radio Frequency Interference Requirements-Fcc

    Symbol CR0078-P Cradles Batteries Taiwan - Recycling EPA (Environmental Protection Administration) requires dry battery producing or importing firms in accordance with Article 15 of the Waste Disposal Act are required to indicate the recycling marks on the batteries used in sales, giveaway or promotion. Contact a qualified Taiwanese recycler for proper battery disposal.
  • Page 13: Japan (Vcci) - Voluntary Control Council For Interference

    Italy requires a user license for outside usage. Statement of Compliance Motorola/Symbol Technologies, Inc., hereby, declares that this device is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directives 1999/5/EC. A Declaration of Conformities may be obtained from the following web site:
  • Page 14: Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment (Weee)

    Motorola'ile. Lisainformatsiooni saamiseks toote tagastamise kohta külastage palun aadressi: English: For EU Customers: All products at the end of their life must be returned to Motorola for recycling. For information on how to return product, please go to:
  • Page 15 Polski: Klienci z obszaru Unii Europejskiej: Produkty wycofane z eksploatacji nale¿y zwróciæ do firmy Motorola w celu ich utylizacji. Informacje na temat zwrotu produktów znajduj¹ siê na stronie internetowej Português: Para clientes da UE: todos os produtos no fim de vida devem ser devolvidos à...
  • Page 16: Service Information

    1-800-927-9626 MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo and Symbol and the Symbol logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their registered owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2010...