Introduction; Installation Notes; Antenna Installation - Cisco Aironet 340 Series Release Notes

Firmware version 12.01t1
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A Cisco Aironet Access Point is a wireless LAN transceiver that can act as the connection point between
wireless and wired networks or as the center point of a standalone wireless network. Cisco Aironet
Bridges are wireless LAN transceivers that connect two or more remote networks into a single LAN.
The access point and bridge use a browser-based management system. The system settings are on web
pages in the system firmware. You use your Internet browser to view and adjust the system settings.

Installation Notes

You can find the latest release of access point and bridge firmware at this URL:
Installation in Environmental Air Space
Cisco Aironet 350 Series Bridges and metal-case access points are suitable for use in environmental air
space in accordance with Section 300-22(c) of the National Electrical Code.
The Cisco Aironet Power Injector has a smaller operating temperature range (32 to 104
than the 350 series bridge and metal-case access point. The power injector is not intended for use in
extremely high or low temperatures or in environmental air spaces, such as above suspended ceilings.

Antenna Installation

For instructions on the proper installation and grounding of external antennas, refer to the National Fire
Protection Association's NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, Article 810, and the Canadian Standards
Association's Canadian Electrical Code, Section 54.
Do not locate the antenna near overhead power lines or other electric light or power circuits, or
where it can come into contact with such circuits. When installing the antenna, take extreme care
not to come into contact with such circuits, as they may cause serious injury or death.
Power Considerations
The operational voltage range for 350 series access points and bridges is 24 to 60 VDC, and the nominal
voltage is 48 VDC. Voltage higher than 60 VDC can damage the equipment.
Cisco Aironet power injectors are designed for use with 350 series access points and 350 series bridges
only. Do not use the power injector with any other Ethernet-ready device. Using the power injector with
other Ethernet-ready devices can damage the equipment.
Release Notes for Cisco Aironet 340 and 350 Series Access Points and 350 Series Bridges Running Firmware Version 12.01T1
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