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Cisco Aironet 340 Series Release Notes page 9

Firmware version 12.01t1
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CSCdz50218—Access point does not update home or foreign agent status when advertisement flags
When a local home or foreign agent is disabled on the router, the access point does not detect the
change from the the advertisement flags it receives. The access point continues to list the agent
addresses on the Statistics page.
Workaround: Disable then enable proxy Mobile IP.
CSCdy10787—The access point aborts any configuration containing an unknown MIB variable.
When an access point receives a configuration from another access point that is running a newer
firmware version than the receiving access point, the receiving access point aborts the configuration
if it encounters a MIB variable that it does not recognize.
Workaround: Upgrade access points to the same firmware version before distributing
CSCdy11906—When WEP is enabled and you set all WEP keys to not set, WEP is still enabled but
the web-browser page indicates that WEP is disabled.
Workaround: To disable WEP, select no encryption from the Use of Data Encryption by Stations is
drop-down menu on the Radio Data Encryption page.
CSCdz43069—Symbol phone not working when multicast or FTP traffic is passed.
If an FTP or multicast session is in progress during a Symbol phone session, the phone call may be
dropped and the phone may be unable to roam between subnets. If there are no FTP or multicast
sessions in progress, the Symbol phone operates normally and is able to roam between subnets.
Workaround: Limit multicast and FTP traffic if using Symbol phones in a proxy Mobile IP
CSCdz48575—Default lost Ethernet action not appropriate.
See the
CSCdz32333—Repeater bridge link intermittent with LEAP client on non-native VLAN.
An intermittent drop occurs in a bridge link between a root bridge and a non-root bridge acting as a
repeater or non-root device. The drop occurs when a client LEAP authenticates and associates with
the non-root bridge that is acting as a repeater or non-root device. When the client associates to an
SSID that is mapped to the non-native VLAN on the non-root bridge, it subsequently brings down
the bridge link between the root and the non-root that is LEAP authenticated as well. The condition
is intermittent and does not seem to occur if the VLAN is not enabled or if the client is associated
to the root bridge or is using open or WEP authentication to the non-root bridge.
There is no workaround for this caveat.
CSCdy76093—Proxy Mobile IP with multiple authoritative access points continuously sends
update packets.
See the
to correct this problem.
Release Notes for Cisco Aironet 340 and 350 Series Access Points and 350 Series Bridges Running Firmware Version 12.01T1
"Unexpected Results on Lost Ethernet" section on page 7
"Adding or Deleting Proxy Mobile IP AAPs" section on page 7
for a complete description of this
for details and procedures


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