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    General Description...

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    Every effort has been made to eliminate errors and ambiguities in the information contained in this booklet. Any ques- tions concerning information presented here should be directed to SAMSUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA. SAM- SUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA disclaims all liabilities for damages arising from erroneous interpretation or...

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    Publication Information SAMSUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA reserves the right without prior notice to revise information in this publication for any reason. SAMSUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA also reserves the right without prior notice to make changes in design or components of equipment as engineering and manufacturing may warrant.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS PART DESCRIPTION PAGE SYSTEM OVERVIEW GENERAL DESCRIPTION ..........................1.1 SIZE AND CONFIGURATION ........................1.3 TECHNOLOGY ............................1.7 PROGRAMMING ............................1.7 MIGRATION FROM OFFICESERV 7200 ....................1.7 HARDWARE DESCRIPTIONS SYSTEM CABINETS ............................2.1 PROCESSOR CARDS ..........................2.1 2.2.1 LP40 CARD-DAUGHTER BOARDS....................2.1 2.2.2 SMARTMEDIA CARDS ........................2.3 INTERFACE CARDS ............................2.3 2.3.1 TRUNK CARDS ..........................2.3 2.3.2 VoIP CARDS ............................2.4...

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    3.5.2 RING ..............................3.3 3.5.3 SYSTEM TONES ..........................3.4 KEYSET LED INDICATIONS ........................3.4 OFFICESERV 7400 FEATURE MAXIMUM CAPACITIES ................3.5 BUSINESS FEATURE PACKAGE SYSTEM FEATURES DESCRIPTIONS......................4.3 STATION FEATURES DESCRIPTIONS ....................4.29 DISPLAY FEATURES DESCRIPTIONS ....................4.36 SAMPLE SMDR PRINTOUT WITHOUT CALLER ID ................4.43 SAMPLE SMDR PRINTOUT WITH CALLER ID/ANI NUMBER ............4.44 SAMPLE OF UCD EMBEDDED REPORT ....................4.45...

  • Page 6: General Description

    PART 1. SYSTEM OVERVIEW 1.1 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The OfficeServ 7400 is an “office in a box” solution that converges data router and LAN switching functions (LAN/WAN) with the 99.999% reliability of TDM voice processing. The OfficeServ 7400 IP platform supports indus- try standard Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as well as the more robust Telephony over IP (ToIP).

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    The OfficeServ 7400 can be rack-mounted in a standard 19” data rack or set on a desktop. Its compact cabinet design, RJ-45 connectors, and CAT 5 cabling allows it to easily integrate into any data center environment along with existing data equipment. Expanding the OfficeServ 7400 system is both economical and easy. Begin with a single cabinet providing 10 universal card slots, then add up to two additional cabinets as your business grows.

  • Page 8: Size And Configuration

    1.2 SIZE AND CONFIGURATION The OfficeServ 7400 is a modular and flexible platform from one to three cabinets. See figures 1-2 , 1-3 and 1-4. The first or Main Cabinet has two dedicated processor slots for the MP40 ( Main Processor) and the LP40 (local processor) and 10 universal slots.

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    FIGURE 1-6 Figure 1.6 indicates the physical and virtual cabinets available in the OfficeServ 7400. Physical card slots in cabi- nets 1, 2 and 3 support the various combinations of cards detailed in Part 2. HARDWARE DESCRIPTIONS. Virtual cabinets 4 and 5 provide twelve (12) slots each with each slot providing 32 ports (communication channels).

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    Wireless IP handsets – WIP SIP telephone sets– SIP-S (future software release) IP Unified messaging system connection – IP-UMS (future software release) Samsung proprietary network trunk – SPNet SIP Trunks – SIP-T H.323 Trunks – H323 24 Slots x 32 Ports...

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    SAMPLE CONFIGURATION To better understand how the OfficeServ 7400 is configured, below is an example of a large, practical configura- tion using a combination of digital and ITP telephones. Cabinets 1, 2 & 3 show the type of card installed in each physical slot.

  • Page 12: Technology

    LAN or WAN connection, an PC can access the OfficeServ 7400 system remotely (off-site) to make data- base changes or perform uploads or downloads of the customer database as if the technician were on-site.

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    POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS OF OFFICESERV 7200 AND OFFICESERV 7400 OS 7200 OS 7200 OS 7200 OS 7200 OS 7200 OS 7400 FIGURE 1-9 OS 7200 OS 7200 OS 7400 FIGURE 1-10 OS 7200 OS 7200 OS 7400 OS 7400 FIGURE 1-11...

  • Page 14: System Cabinets

    2.1 SYSTEM CABINETS The OfficeServ 7400 system has a common universal cabinet design. This cabinet can be configured as the main cabinet or as an expansion cabinet. Inserting both the MP40 & LP40 cards in specific slots makes it the main cab- inet.

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    SWITCH CONFERENCE MODULE (SCM) This daughter board can only be installed in LOC1 and LOC2 of any LP40 card. It provides the following: • Twelve (12) 5 party conference circuits. • Twelve (12) DTMF receivers. This is the same SCM used on the OfficeServ 500 and 7200 systems. MULTI-FREQUENCY MODULE (MFM) The MFM Module can only be installed in LOC1 and LOC2 of any LP40 card.

  • Page 16: Smartmedia Cards

    When the card is programmed as a PRI it will provide 23 bearer channels and 1 data channel (23B+D). This card can be installed in any universal slot in any OfficeServ 7400 cabinet. If using an OfficeServ 7200 expansion cabi- net, this card can only be installed in slot 3.

  • Page 17: Voip Cards

    G.729 (8K) CODEC, G.723.1, G.711, G.729A CODECs • IP Trunking (SIP/H.323) • T.38 Fax CODEC • In-band or Out-of-band signaling of DTMF tones *The OfficeServ 7400 can network using QSig over PRI and QSig over IP to other Samsung OfficeServ systems or 7400 systems.

  • Page 18: Station Cards

    8COMBO This card has a combination of eight dedicated digital stations ports (1B+D) for Samsung Digital Keysets and eight dedicated analog station ports for industry standard single line telephones or other analog devices. This card installs in any universal slot in any cabinet.

  • Page 19: Special Feature Cards

    20E. This card can be installed in any universal slot. 2.3.5 DATA MODULES The OfficeServ 7400 supports 4 enterprise class data modules as described below: They may be combined in the same cabinets with the telephone system cards to provide a converged voice and data solution. As an alterna- tive they can be installed in separate cabinets working independently of the telephone system as stand alone data devices.

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    2.3.6 OfficeServ 7150 SUPPLEMENTAL PoE POWER SUPPLY Samsung’s OfficeServ 7150 is an optional external Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply. When the combina- tion of installed data modules and PoE devices exceeds the 6,600ma provided by the cabinet power supply, add the OS-7150 with up to two PSU modules to increase the -48VDC power to a maximum of 21,600ma.

  • Page 21: Station Equipment

    2.4 STATION EQUIPMENT 2.4.1 DS 5000 SERIES EQUIPMENT DS 5021D KEYSET (See Figure 2–3) • 32 character display (2 x 16) with three associated soft keys and a scroll key • 21 programmable keys with tri-colored lights • Five fixed function keys •...

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    DS 5064B AOM (See Figure 2–6) • 64 programmable keys with red lights • A maximum of 4 can be assigned to any keyset to provide addi- tional programmable keys • A maximum of 32 per system Note: This AOM can be used with an IP keyset. The cosmetic design matches both the DS-5000 and ITP-5100 keysets.

  • Page 23: Idcs Series Equipment

    2.4.2 iDCS SERIES EQUIPMENT iDCS 28D KEYSET (See Figure 2–7) • 32 character display (2 x 16) with three associated soft keys and a scroll key • 28 programmable keys with tri-colored lights • Four fixed function keys • Terminal Status Indicator •...

  • Page 24

    iDCS 64B AOM (See Figure 2–10) • 64 programmable keys with red lights • A maximum of 2 can be assigned to any keyset to provide addi- tional programmable keys • A maximum of 4 per system • Available in dark gray FIGURE 2-10 iDCS 14B STRIP (See Figure 2–11)

  • Page 25

    • Door phone is weather resistant FIGURE 2-12 FIGURE 2-13 2.4.3 DCS SERIES KEYSETS The OfficeServ 7400 system is compatible with the following models of Samsung’s earlier DCS Keyset family ver- sion 1.2 or higher: • LCD 24B • LCD 12B •...

  • Page 26: Officeserv Itp-5100 Series Equipment

    2.4.4 OfficeServ ITP-5100 SERIES EQUIPMENT ™ ITP-5121D IP KEYSET (See Figure 2–14) • 32 character display (2 x 16) with three associat- ed soft keys and a scroll key • Built-in Full Duplex speakerphone • 21 programmable keys with tri-colored LEDs •...

  • Page 27: Officeserv Softphone

    Samsung OfficeServ™ Softphone is a software-based application that turns your computer into a full-featured Samsung IP telephone. It is installed directly onto your laptop or desktop PC running Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 operating system. Once a USB headset or a USB handset is connected; the Softphone delivers virtually iden- tical functionality as the ITP-5112 L and ITP-5121D desktop ITP phones.

  • Page 28

    WIRELESS INTERNET PHONE (WIP-5000M HANDSETS) (see Figure 2-19) Wireless Internet Phone (WIP-5000M) is a compact handheld unit that works within the Samsung OfficeServ Wireless system. The three ounce handset comes with a rich set of features. Its graphical display and menu-driv- en function make it very simple to use.

  • Page 29: Specifications

    POWER SUPPLY UNIT The Power Supply Unit (PSU) is installed in the cabinet of the OfficeServ 7400. The PSU supplies the power of -48 V DC received from the external power supply unit to each board. The rating is as follows.

  • Page 30: Dimensions

    3.2 DIMENSIONS The OfficeServ 7400 consists of two cabinets, main cabinet and expansion cabinet, as shown in the figure below: Expansion Cabinet Expansion Cabinet Main Cabinet FIGURE 3-2 HEIGHT WIDTH DEPTH OfficeServ 7400 Main Cabinet 8.8” 17.32” 16.14” OfficeServ 7400 17.6”...

  • Page 31: Cable Requirements

    3.5.1 RING CYCLES The OfficeServ 7400 provides the trunk line rings, station rings, door rings, and alarm rings. The ON/OFF cycle of each ring is shown in the table below (it is different according to the country, and can be modified by MMC pro- gramming).

  • Page 32: System Tones


  • Page 33: Officeserv 7400 Feature Maximum Capacities

    OfficeServ 7400 Feature Maximum Capacities Station Groups Call Logs Entries 2000 Trunk Groups Call Log per Station UCD Groups Tenant Groups Station Group Members Ring Plans (Sequential or Distributed) Programmed Messages 20 (15+5) Unconditional Group Members AOM Pairs per Station...

  • Page 34: Business Feature Package

    PART 4. BUSINESS FEATURE PACKAGE SYSTEM FEATURES Account Code Entry Caller ID Features OfficeServ™ EasySet Forced - Verified Name/Number Display OfficeServ™ Call Forced - Not Verified Next Call OfficeServ™ Operator Voluntary Save Caller ID Number OfficeServ™ Softphone Account Code Key Store Caller ID Number Conference Group Account Code Key - One Touch...

  • Page 35

    Live System Programming Programmable Line Privacy Toll Restriction From any Display Keyset Programmable Timers By Day or Night With a Personal Computer Recalls By Line or Station Meet Me Page and Answer Recall to Operator Eight Dialing Classes Memory Protection Redial Review Special Code Table Message Waiting Indications...

  • Page 36: System Features Descriptions

    4.1 SYSTEM FEATURE DESCRIPTIONS ACCOUNT CODE ENTRY Station users may enter an account code (maximum 12 digits) before hanging up from a call. This account code will appear in the SMDR printout for that call record. Keyset users may enter this code using an account code key without interrupting a conversation.

  • Page 37: Auto Attendant

    AUTO ATTENDANT When installed in the OfficeServ 7400, the SVMi-20E provides very powerful and extremely flexible Auto Attendant functionality. As it is fully integrated into the OfficeServ 7400 the Auto Attendant provides...

  • Page 38: Automatic Hold

    There are a total of 99 branch groups available, but a station can only be in one branch group. CALL ACTIVITY DISPLAY The OfficeServ 7400 will record and buffer all calling activity within the system. With a Call Activity Display (CAD) key, the OfficeServ 7400 will display a “snapshot” of the following information: •...

  • Page 39

    DataView CTI application that provides historical reporting, agent and call monitoring and wallboard dis- plays. NOTE: Some features require optional hardware or software. Ask your authorized Samsung Dealer for details. Agent Busy / Manual Wrap-Up Key This UCD group feature allows an agent to have a programmed button that when depressed will remove the keyset from free status within the group.

  • Page 40

    EMBEDDED REPORTING PACKAGE The OfficeServ 7400 system provides some basic reports and statistics available to a supervisor using a dis- play keyset. These features can be used in conjunction with, or independently of, the OfficeServ™ DataView reporting and monitoring package.

  • Page 41: Caller Identification

    On ISDN circuits, calling party information is called CLI and is supported on both BRI and PRI type circuits as described below. On 5ESS and NI2 PRI circuits both name and number support is provided on the OfficeServ 7400 system. On a DMS100 circuit only Number service is provided.

  • Page 42

    Save Caller ID Number At any time during an incoming call that provides Caller ID information, you may press the SAVE key. This saves the Caller ID number in the Save Number feature. Pressing the SAVE number redial key will dial the Caller ID number.

  • Page 43: Call Forwarding

    Caller ID to Analog Port When equipped with the optional RCM2 card, Caller ID from the telephone company is sent to analog ports within the system. CALL FORWARDING This feature allows the user to redirect (forward) incoming calls. The calls can be redirected to the attendant, a hunt group, voice mail, external number or another station user.

  • Page 44: Call Hold

    Let the computer dial for you, then press the EP key to speak with the called party. CALL RECORDING When using Samsung’s proprietary SVMi in-skin voice mail system, keyset and OfficeServ Softphone users can record their telephone conversations in their personal mailbox for playback or e-mail later.

  • Page 45: Chain Dialing

    CALLER EMERGENCY SERVICE ID (CESID) This service is provided in the OfficeServ 7400 via an ISDN PRI circuit configured for both way DID connect- ed to the TEPRI card. This is a service where the telephone system sends a number, usually a call back number, to the Public Service Answering point (PSAP) when a station user dials 911.

  • Page 46

    Samsung OfficeServ Softphone is a software-based application that turns your computer into a full-featured Samsung IP telephone. It is installed directly onto your laptop or desktop PC running Microsoft Windows operating system. Once a USB headset or a USB handset is connected; the Softphone delivers virtually iden- tical functionality as the ITP-5112L and ITP-5121D desktop ITP phones.

  • Page 47: Conference Group

    At 2:00 am on these dates the system will automatically adjust the system clock to match daylight savings time. If no dates are programmed the clock will not change. DIALED NUMBER IDENTIFICATION SERVICE (DNIS) When DNIS service is provided on an incoming E&M trunk the OfficeServ 7400 can route calls based on the numbers received. (See DID)

  • Page 48

    Direct Dial In (DDI). This is the name given to the above three services when they are provided over an ISDN PRI circuit. The OfficeServ 7400 has an option to select which MOH source is played to callers to a specific DID number. DID Call Limits This option defines the maximum number of simultaneous calls that the system will accept for each DID number.

  • Page 49: Distinctive Ringing

    DISTINCTIVE RINGING The OfficeServ 7400 provides distinctive ringing at a station based on selected parameters. • Outside calls have a single ring repeated, while intercom calls have a double ring repeated. • Any trunk or station can be programmed to ring a specific digital keyset with a predefined ring tone (1- 8) or an analog station with a predefined cadence (1-5) selection.

  • Page 50: Flexible Numbering

    OfficeServ 7400 default numbering plan. GROUND START TRUNKS (T1 Service Only) The OfficeServ 7400 can utilize these trunks to support a positive disconnect signal and prevent call collisions on heavy traffic usage. Caller ID or ANI service is not available on these trunks.

  • Page 51

    They may be local to the system or installed in a remote location via a LAN/WAN. The OfficeServ 7400 can support up to 480 IP stations. An “IP station” is considered to be any of the follow- ing: ITP-5107S, ITP-5121D, ITP-5112L or Softphone.

  • Page 52

    LAN. MULTIPLE LANGUAGE SUPPORT The OfficeServ 7400 can be programmed to support multiple languages in the display. This is on a per-key- set basis. When set the keyset will have its display information presented in the programmed language. The languages are defined in MMC 121. The current languages are as follows: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, US Spanish, and Canadian French.

  • Page 53

    VMMOH source requires a dedicated SVMi port. NETWORKING The OfficeServ 7400 system allows up to 5 systems using QSIG over PRI or 99 systems using QSIG over IP to be networked together with a high level of feature integration. The networked systems may be any combi- nation of OfficeServ 100, OfficeServ 500, OfficeServ 7200, and OfficeServ 7400 systems (OS 100, OS 500, and OS 7200 running V.2.48 or higher and OS 7400 running V3.31 or higher software).

  • Page 54

    Centralized Voice Mail with Message Waiting Lights: This feature allows one Voice mail system to be shared by all stations in a multi-node network. This feature is only available with the Samsung SVMi or SVMi-E integrated voice mail systems. Users in one Node can call forward their calls to the voice mail sys- tem in another Node.

  • Page 55

    • Forward External: This feature operates in the same manner as a non networked system with the excep- tion that, because calls across a network link are trunk calls, network calls do not follow the ICM FWD EXT ON/OFF setting in MMC 210. It is therefore suggested that this setting be set to ON in a networked switch to avoid confusion in operation between networked and non networked calls.

  • Page 56: Park Orbits

    Account code or authorization code enabled but without requiring them to enter a forced code. The basis of this feature is an override code table containing 8 entries of up to 11 digits each. The OfficeServ 7400 will examine digits that are dialed from a station to see if they match any entry in the Override Code table. If the digits match the table, the system will process the call without requiring a forced code.

  • Page 57: Ring Over Page

    RECALLS Calls put on hold, transferred or camped-on to any station will recall to the originating station if not answered within a programmable time. A recall that goes unanswered for the duration of the attendant recall timer will recall to the system operator group. Hold, transfer, camp-on and attendant recalls have individual program- mable timers.

  • Page 58: Speed Dial Numbers

    SPEED DIAL BY DIRECTORY The OfficeServ 7400 system provides the user with the ability to look up a speed dial number and place the call. There are three speed dial selections: personal, system and station. This feature requires a display keyset.

  • Page 59: Toll Restriction

    The OfficeServ 7400 supports two forms of tenant service as detailed below. • System Splitting: In the first form there are several programs that allow the OfficeServ 7400 to be installed in tenant applications. These features allow a technician to split the system in two with each tenant having individual control over operator groups, page zones, speed dial numbers, night service (manual or automatic), DISA and customer level programming.

  • Page 60: Toll Restriction Override

    TRAFFIC REPORTING The OfficeServ 7400 system can store peg counts for various types of calls. These peg counts can be printed on-demand, daily, hourly, or up to three separate programmable shifts. The report includes statistics for each trunk, trunk group, station, station groups and page announcements.

  • Page 61

    The MGI cards fit into any universal OfficeServ 7400 card slot. The OfficeServ 7400 sup- ports a maximum of 32 MGI cards per system. VoIP is transported by the OfficeServ 7400 MGI cards by utiliz- ing the ITU standards based or H.323 or SIP protocol.This standard addresses the means of transferring voice, data, and images through IP (Internet Protocol) networks.

  • Page 62: Station Features Descriptions

    STATION FEATURES Add-On Modules Manual Signalling Appointment Reminder Message Waiting Light / Indication Automatic Hold Mute Microphone / Handset Automatic Privacy Off-Hook Ringing Background Music Off-Hook Voice Announce (Executive) Busy Station Callback Off-Hook Voice Announce (Standard) Busy Station Indications (BLF) One Time Do Not Disturb Call Coverage Key One Touch Dialing Keys...

  • Page 63: Automatic Privacy

    APPOINTMENT REMINDER When programmed for a specific time, a keyset will sound a distinctive ring to remind the user of meetings or appointments. Alarms can be set for “today only” or for every day at the same time. Up to three alarms may be set at each keyset.

  • Page 64: Call Forward Override

    The group pickup feature allows the user to answer any call ringing within a pickup group. Pickup keys may be customized with extenders to allow pickup from a specific station or pickup group. The OfficeServ 7400 has 99 programmable pickup groups. DIRECT STATION SELECTION (DSS) Programmable keys can be assigned as DSS keys and associated with extension numbers.

  • Page 65: Exclusive Hold

    HEARING AID COMPATIBLE All OfficeServ 7400 keysets are hearing aid compatible as required by Part 68 of the FCC requirements. LINE QUEUING WITH CALLBACK When the desired outside line is busy, the user can press the CALLBACK key or dial the access code to place his/her station in a queue.The user will be called back when the line is available (a maximum of 100 callbacks...

  • Page 66: Privacy Release

    OFF-HOOK RINGING When a keyset is in use, the system will provide an off-hook ring signal to indicate that another call is wait- ing. The ring signal is a single ring repeated. The interval is controlled by a system-wide timer. Single line sta- tions will receive a tone burst through the handset receiver instead of a ring.

  • Page 67

    PROGRAMMED STATION MESSAGES Any station may select one of 20 messages to be displayed at a calling party’s keyset to advise others of their status.Ten messages are factory-programmed but may be reprogrammed. Five can be created by the system administrator. Each display keyset user may create five additional messages unique to them. NOTE: The calling party must have a display keyset to view these messages.

  • Page 68: Volume Settings

    Fast Flash Red at 1 Second Intervals TRI-COLORED LIGHTS Samsung keysets have keys equipped for tri-colored LED indications (green, red and amber). To avoid confu- sion, your calls always light green, other calls show red and recalls light amber. See Hardware Section of this document for the number of tri-colored lights per keyset model.

  • Page 69: Call Duration Timer

    DISPLAY FEATURES Account Code Display Enhanced Station Programming Call Duration Timer Identification of Recalls Call for Group Identification Identification of Transfers Call Logs Message Waiting Caller Number Call Processing Information Outside Line Identification Caller ID Information Override Identification Calling Party Name Programmed Message Display Calling Party Number Soft Keys...

  • Page 70

    play. Regardless of which one is selected to be seen first, the NND key is pressed to view the other piece of CID information. Next Call In the event that there is a call waiting or a camped-on call at the user’s keyset, the user can press the NEXT key to display the Caller ID information associated with the next call in queue at the station.

  • Page 71: Dial By Name

    CONFERENCE INFORMATION When a conference is set up, each extension and outside line number is displayed at the controlling station when it is added. When a station is added, its display shows [Conf with xxx] alerting the user that other par- ties are on the line.

  • Page 72: Soft Keys

    OVERRIDE IDENTIFICATION If another station barges-in on a user’s conversation, the display will alert the user with a [Barge from 2xx] dis- play if the system is set for barge-in with tone. PROGRAMMED MESSAGE DISPLAY Preprogrammed station messages set by other stations are displayed at the calling station’s keyset. SOFT KEYS Below the display, there are three soft keys and a SCROLL button.These keys allow the user to access features in his/her class of service without requiring the keyset to have designated feature keys.

  • Page 73

    SAMPLE DISPLAYS Display model keysets have a large, easy-to-read, 32 character liquid crystal display. Helpful call processing infor- mation is provided so everyday call handling is quick and easy. Here are just some of the displays you may see. Camp on to 203 209:Tim Kelly Wait for answer FRI 23 Sep 02:54...

  • Page 74

    NEXT This display shows an investigation of a station This display is seen while examining calls in that is talking to Samsung Telecom. Investigator queue at your keyset. can BARGE-in to the conversation, DROP the call from the system or examine further NND information.

  • Page 75

    SAMPLE UCD DISPLAYS 005 calls in 06 available 04 logged in queue now There are five calls currently waiting to be There are six members in the group. Four of the answered by the UCD group. members are currently logged in. 201: answered longest wait 065 calls today...

  • Page 76


  • Page 77


  • Page 78: Sample Of Ucd Embedded Report

    4.6 SAMPLE OF UCD EMBEDDED REPORT ============================================================ UCD GROUP 529 : SALES FROM: SUN 02 Feb 00:00 : SUN 02 Feb 02:54 CALL STATISTICS =============== AVERAGE RING TIME(TIME TO ANSWER)..00:40 NUMBER OF TIMES ALL AGENTS BUSY..00002 AVERAGE TIME IN QUEUE....00:51 TOTAL CALLS RECEIVED....00011 LONGEST QUEUE TIME(TODAY)....02:14 TOTAL CALLS ABANDONED....00004...

  • Page 79: Ucd Call Statistics

    4.7 UCD CALL STATISTICS CALLS IN QUEUE NOW How many calls are currently in queue. This statistic is a real time statistic and so will not print on a report. ABANDONED CALLS This shows the number of callers that reached the UCD group, but hung up before being answered. A high num- ber probably means that there are not enough agents available and the wait time is too long.

  • Page 80

    This statistic includes: a) Calls answered by agent. b) Calls that are not answered by an agent and go to final destination. Calls that are sent to the UCD group but callers hang up before being answered. LONGEST QUEUE TIME TODAY This shows the longest call in queue today.

  • Page 81: Ucd Agent Statistics

    4.8 UCD AGENT STATISTICS LOGGED IN The number of stations programmed in the UCD group and the number of stations that are currently logged in. This statistic is a real time statistic and so will not print on a report. STATUS This screen shows the agents name, extension number and status.

  • Page 82: Sample Traffic Report

    4.9 SAMPLE TRAFFIC REPORT TRAFFIC REPORT FOR [ STA Miami ] Mar/21/1999 13:35 **************************** SYSTEM STATISTICS ****************************** BEGINNING: Mar/15/1999 00:42 ENDING: Mar/21/1999 13:32 ACTIVITY SYSTEM TOTAL INCOMING TRUNK CALLS - ANSWERED....3041 INCOMING TRUNK CALLS - NOT ANSWERED....OUTGOING TRUNK CALLS ......2168 A SELECTED TRUNK WAS BUSY......

  • Page 83: Traffic Report Overview


  • Page 84

    10. TRUNK RECALLS TO OPERATOR GROUP: These are any trunk calls that recalled to the operator group. 11. INTERNAL PAGE USED: Peg count of every time internal page was accessed. 12. EXTERNAL PAGE USED: Peg count for every time external page was accessed. 13.

  • Page 85

    6. OUTGOING: This is the number of times this trunk was used to make an outgoing call. A valid outgoing call is defined by the SMDR START TIME programmed in MMC 501. 7. BUSY: This is the number of times this trunk was busy when accessed by a button or dial code. D**************************** STATION HUNT GROUPS ************************** 5 <-INTERCOM->...

  • Page 86

    5. ANSD: This is a count of how many times an outside call was answered by the specific station. Outside callers recalling a station are not counted again when they are answered. 6. NOT-ANSD: This is a count of how many times a trunk call was directed to the station but was not answered by this station.

  • Page 87: Data Module Features

    PART 5. DATA MODULE FEATURES With the GWIM, GPLIM, GSIM and PLIM modules, the OfficeServ 7400 functions as a data router, data switch, per- forms security functions, and serves as a data access interface to other networks. FIGURE 5-1 5.1 PLIM FEATURES...

  • Page 88: Security

    FIGURE 5-2 • 3 - 1000 Base-TX/SX/LX Ethernet function for LAN interface • 1 – V.35 Serial interface port • 1 – HSSI Hi-Speed Serial Interface (45mbps) • 1 – SIO Serial Interface (Common CLI) • Routing between WAN and LAN •...

  • Page 89

    RSA key, Pre-shared key, x.509 cert) or PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol). DHCP The OfficeServ 7400 can function as a DHCP server. This service can dynamically assign IP addresses to all hosts connected to the private LAN. SIP Aware ALG (SIP Application Gateway) This feature takes SIP packets coming at the WAN interface and redirects them to any SIP user agents con- nected to the private LAN.

  • Page 90: Gplim

    5.3 GPLIM The GPLIM performs the function of a Managed layer 2 Ethernet switch as well as the Learning Bridge function based on the MAC address filtering and forwarding algorithm. The GPLIM provides 12 LAN ports per card. Each port is 10/100 Base-T, auto sensing, full duplex and capable of delivering PoE to any 802.3af compliant device.

  • Page 91: Gsim

    5.4 GSIM The GSIM module performs the function of a Managed layer 3 Ethernet switch. This module is well suited for a gigabit backbone switch providing core infrastructure, QoS and advanced routing capabilities. The GSIM module provides (10) 1000 Base-SX/LX/TX Sockets supporting industry standard SFP-GBIC technology. Utilizing the 10 gigabit ports you have the ability to combine additional G-Series Data Modules to create an expanded data infrastructure with the Layer 3 manageability of the GSIM Module.

  • Page 92: General User Information

    6.2 FCC REQUIREMENTS The OfficeServ 7400 electronic telephone system complies with Part 68 of the Federal Communications Commission Rules and Regulations.

  • Page 93: Hearing Aid Compatibility


  • Page 94: Music On Hold Warning

    6.6 UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES The OfficeServ 7400 system has been tested to comply with safety standards in the United States as listed below. This system is listed with Underwriters Laboratories. For earlier products, the UL Mark is separately shown on the label.

  • Page 95

    IMUM LIABILITY OF STA FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY SHALL BE LIMITED TO A REFUND OF THE COST OF THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCT. No Dealer and no person other than an officer of SAMSUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA may extend or modify this warranty, and no modification or extension of this warranty shall be effective...

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