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Motorola Lifestyle User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Motorola Lifestyle

  • Page 1 User’s Guide...
  • Page 2 Congratulations! You have just purchased LIFESTYLE PLUS pager by Motorola, world leader in paging products. HOW CAN YOU USE A LIFESTYLE PLUS PAGER • Give your pager number to friends and family. When they call your pager number, they enter the number where they can be reached from a tone- type telephone.
  • Page 3 Button On/Off Switch Switch Side View LIFESTYLE PLUS READ Button: ( ) - Used to read messages and to activate pager functions. Also used to scroll through the hours and minutes digits for time setting. MENU Button: ( ) - Used to scroll through the pager menus and to set the time of day.
  • Page 4: Turning Your Pager On

    TURNING YOUR PAGER ON SILENT Mode: Slide the ON/OFF switch in an upward direction to the SILENT symbol ( ). The pager vibrates (if equipped) for 4 seconds. ON Mode: Slide the ON/OFF switch in an upward direction to the ON symbol ( ).
  • Page 5: Setting The Time

    SETTING THE TIME setI Trime To set the time, press until is dis- played then press . The hours digit (represented by the grey characters in the sample shown below) begins to blink. 12:00a • Set the hours digits by pressing until the correct hour is displayed along with the appropriate (for...
  • Page 6: Receiving And Reading Your Messages

    RECEIVING AND READING YOUR MESSAGES When a message is received, the pager gives an audible vibrate alert for 8 seconds. The number of unread messages is displayed. The alert automati- cally stops, or you can reset the pager by pressing any of its buttons.
  • Page 7: Locking A Message

    LOCKING A MESSAGE To lock a message (protect it from being overwritten or erased), press while the message or timestamp screen is displayed. is displayed in the upper, right- hand corner of the screen to indicate the message is locked. Up to 5 messages can be locked in memory. 555-1212 A First Screen of a Locked Message 01 12:46p...
  • Page 8: Standard Features

    SELECTING AN ALTERNATE FREQUENCY Synthesized and Auto-Synthesized Models: scan • Press until your choice of mode or fre- scan quency designator is displayed (for example: • To view alternate frequencies, press . When scan or the frequency designator you wish to select is displayed, press to “lock in”...
  • Page 9 . The battery must be replaced within a few days to avoid interruption of pager operation. Tone Alerting: The LIFESTYLE PLUS pager can also respond as a basic tone-alert mode. When a tone only tone-only message is received, is dis- played.
  • Page 10: Repair And Maintenance

    SILENT: When in the SILENT mode, the pager does not give an audible alert. CLEANING YOUR LIFESTYLE PLUS PAGER To clean the exterior of your LIFESTYLE PLUS pager, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth moistened in a mild soap and water solution. Use a second cloth moist- ened in clean water to wipe the surface clean.
  • Page 11: Battery Information

    BATTERY INFORMATION Your LIFESTYLE PLUS pager is designed to operate with a single AA size alkaline battery. Installing the Battery DIAGRAM LOCK BATTERY DOOR • Locate the ribbed lock on the bottom of the pager. Slide the lock toward the back cover to expose the red marking.
  • Page 12: Patent Information

    The LIFESTYLE PLUS and LIFESTYLE PLUS Auto- Synthesized pagers are manufactured under one or more Motorola U.S. patents. A partial listing of these patents can be viewed on the back cover upon removal of the belt clip. Other U.S. patents covering these products are pending.

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