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Motorola LS550 User Manual

Motorola pager
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Introduction ........... 1 Reading Stored Messages....18 Getting Started ........2 Saving Messages......19 Installing/Replacing the Battery ..2 Deleting Messages ......20 Sending a Test Page to Yourself..3 Deleting a Single Message ....20 Control Buttons ........4 Deleting All Messages.......
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Congratulations on purchasing an LS550 pager. Your new pager provides exciting capabilities in messaging and can become a vital part of your business and personal life. This compact pager combines messaging and time keeping functions in a package that is convenient to carry.
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Effective Use of Your Pager Your pager can help you keep in contact with everyone important to you. By giving your pager number to your business associates, family, and friends, you can be contacted whenever needed. If you have a cellular phone, give your pager number instead of your cellular number.
  • Page 5: Sending A Test Page To Yourself

    Slide the battery door in the direction of the arrow to unlatch the battery door. Lift the battery door up to open. Remove the old battery, noting the polarity. Position the new battery so the + and - markings on the battery match the polarity diagram next to the battery compartment.
  • Page 6: Control Buttons

    Control Buttons Read Button Menu Button Select Button Menu Used to access pager menus and to turn on the backlight. Read Used to turn the pager on, read messages, and navigate through menus. Select Used to select pager settings and features. Also used to read additional screens of messages.
  • Page 7: Turning Your Pager On

    Press . The start-up screens are f hjl b e displayed and your pager activates the MOTOROLA power on chime (when in audible mode). Press any button to stop the alert. The unread message (or home) f hjl b e screen is displayed.
  • Page 8: Turning Your Pager Off

    Turning Your Pager Off From the Standby screen, press twice. f hjl b e PAGER OFF Press and release until PAGER OFF displayed, then press is displayed momentarily before f ojl b e the pager shuts off, and is removed from the display.
  • Page 9: Time And Date

    Setting up Your Pager This section gives instructions for setting the time and date and Private Time. Access to these features is obtained through the Setup Pager menu. Setting the Time and Date From the Standby screen, press twice. f hjl b e SET UP PAGER Press and release until...
  • Page 10 Press and release until your choice of FORMAT!AM/PM (for AM/PM time), or FORMAT!24HR (for 24-hour time) is displayed, then press The screen used to set the time is f hjl b e displayed with the hour digit flashing. TIME! 12!00A Press until the correct hour is f hjl b e...
  • Page 11 After the time has been set, the screen f hjl b e used to set the date is displayed. DATE! 07/01 Press and release until the correct f hjl b e month is displayed, then press DATE! 07/05 Press and release until the correct day is displayed, the press is displayed momentarily.
  • Page 12: Private Time

    To Turn Private Time On You can set a time period during which your pager still receives messages but it will not alert. Your pager goes into the Private Time mode daily until it is turned off. From the Standby screen, press twice.
  • Page 13 PRIVATE ON Press and release until f kjl b e displayed, then press PRIVATE ON The screen used to set the start time f kjl b e is displayed. START! 03!00A Press and release until the desired start hour is displayed, then press Repeat Step 6 to set the minutes and f kjl b e AM/PM fields (if your pager’s clock is set...
  • Page 14: To Turn Private Time Off

    When finished, is displayed f kjl b e momentarily. Note: When your pager has entered the private time mode, replaces the alert mode indicator. To Turn Private Time Off Follow Steps 1 through 4 in “To Turn f hjl b e Private Time On”...
  • Page 15: Alerts

    Selecting the Incoming Message Alert You can set your pager’s incoming message alert to a silent vibration or you can select one of the musical alerts. From the Standby screen, press twice. f ojl b e SELECT ALERT Press and release until SELECT ALERT...
  • Page 16 ALERT AUDIO Press until your choice of f hjl b e ALERT VIBE is displayed. ALERT AUDIO ALERT AUDIO Note: If is selected, the pager automatically goes into the set- audio alert mode, refer to “Alert Audio” on page 15. When the desired alert is displayed, f ojl b e press...
  • Page 17 Alert Audio The Alert Audio feature allows you to select one of the musical alerts. When Alert Audio is selected in the f hjl b e Select Alert feature the previously AUDIO 1 selected alert is displayed and sampled. Press and release until your choice of f hjl b e musical alert is displayed.
  • Page 18: Messages

    Messages Your pager can receive up to 40 messages. When a message is received, your pager alerts according to the current alert and flashes. Reading New Messages Press to stop the alert and display the f hjl b e number of new messages. NEW! 2 Press again to display the first unread...
  • Page 19 Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to read the next f hjl b e message. is displayed after the very last message is displayed. Note: You must display both the message and the second screen to remove the unread message indicator (flashing on the Standby screen).
  • Page 20: Reading Stored Messages

    Reading Stored Messages From the Standby screen, press twice. f hjlb The first screen of the first stored 555-1212 message is displayed. Note: If no messages are stored, MESSAGES is displayed. Press to display the second screen of f hjl b e your message.
  • Page 21: Saving Messages

    After you have viewed all stored f hjl b e messages, is displayed. Note: To exit from any screen while reading your messages, press GO)HOME is displayed, then press . The number of unread messages is displayed before the pager returns to the Standby mode.
  • Page 22: Deleting Messages

    Deleting Messages Messages that you no longer want can be deleted one at a time or all at once (delete all). Unread messages and messages that have been moved to the message folder are not deleted. Deleting a Single Message Display the message you want to delete.
  • Page 23: Deleting All Messages

    Deleting All Messages This feature allows you to delete all previously read messages at one time. Unread messages and messages stored in the Message Folder are not deleted with this feature. From the Standby screen, press twice. DEL ALL MSGS Press and release until f hjl b e...
  • Page 24: Message Folder

    Message Folder You can prevent important messages from being deleted, or from being overwritten by new messages, by moving them into the folder. Messages moved into the folder retain their original time stamp. Up to 20 messages MEM FULL can be moved into the folder. is displayed if you try to move a message into the folder when there is not enough storage space left.
  • Page 25 Press f hjl b e MOVED is displayed indicating the MOVED message has been moved to the folder and the pager returns to the read- message mode. Note: After messages are moved to the folder, they can not be moved back into the personal message area.
  • Page 26: Reading Messages In The Folder

    Reading Messages in the Folder From the Standby screen, press twice. f hjl b e GO)FOLDER is displayed. GO)FOLDER Press to display the first screen of your hjlb message. 555-1212 Note: If no messages are stored in the NO MESSAGES folder, is displayed.
  • Page 27 After you have viewed all messages f hjl b e stored in the folder, is displayed. Note: To exit from any screen while reading your messages, press GO)HOME is displayed, then press . The number of unread (new) messages is displayed before the pager returns to the Standby mode.
  • Page 28: Deleting Messages From The Folder

    Deleting Messages from the Folder Note: Messages in the folder can only be deleted one at a time. With the message displayed, press hjlb 555-1212 DELETE MSG Press and release until f hjl b e displayed. DELETE MSG Press f hjl b e DELETED is displayed.
  • Page 29: Alarm 1

    Setting the Alarm From the Standby screen, press twice. f hjl b e SET ALARM Press and release until SET ALARM displayed. Press f hjl b e ALARM 1 is displayed. ALARM 1 Press is displayed. Press and release until displayed, then press The screen used to set the alarm time is displayed.
  • Page 30 When you have finished setting the alarm time, the screen used to set the DATE! 01/01 alarm date is displayed. Enter the alarm date by following the steps in “Setting the Time and Date” on page 7. When you have finished setting the alarm date, press and release until your DAILY...
  • Page 31 At the alarm time, your pager alerts, ALARM 1 is displayed, and the indicator flashes. Press any button to remove the alarm indication. Note: If the alarm is set for Weekly or Daily, the indicator stays on the display. Turning Off a Daily or Weekly Alarm From the Standby screen, press twice.
  • Page 32: Quicknotes

    Optional Features QuickNotes QuickNotes are short messages that can be displayed when you are paged. There can be up to 5 QuickNotes stored in your pager. The person paging you activates these messages by entering a code followed by the rest of the message.
  • Page 33: Message And Pager Indicators

    Connect Function The menu selection is intended for use by service personnel only. CONNECT When selected, an alternating pattern of is displayed. To exit this screen, press any button twice and the pager restarts. Message and Pager Indicators Your pager has several indicators to inform you of the status of your messages and your pager.
  • Page 34 Memory Full When the pager memory is full, for example, all message locations are MEM FULL occupied, is displayed on the Standby screen until a button is pressed. When this occurs, delete your old unwanted messages to make MEM FULL room for newer messages.
  • Page 35: Belt Clip

    Belt Clip Your pager has a removable belt clip. To remove and replace the belt clip, follow the instructions below. Removing the Belt Clip Lift tab up to Insert the pointed end of a non-metallic release item (such as a pen cap) into the top end belt clip of the belt clip as shown in the illustration.
  • Page 36: Use And Care

    Cleaning Your Pager To clean smudges and grime from the exterior of your pager, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth moistened in a mild soap and water solution. Use a second cloth moistened in clean water to wipe the surface clean. Do not immerse in water.
  • Page 37: Care And Maintenance

    Care And Maintenance The LS550 pager is durable, reliable, and can provide years of dependable service; however, it is a precision electronic product. Water and moisture, excessive heat, and extreme shock may damage the pager. Do not expose your pager to these conditions. If repair is required, the Motorola Service Organization, staffed with specially trained technicians, offers repair and maintenance facilities throughout the world.
  • Page 38: Patent Information

    Functionality and Use of Your Pager For questions pertaining to the functions and use of your Motorola pager please visit our web site at or in the U.S. call 1-800-548-9954 or 1-800-793-7834 (TTY). For questions pertaining to your paging service, contact your paging service provider.
  • Page 39 SUCH PRODUCT, TO THE FULL EXTENT SUCH MAY BE DISCLAIMED BY LAW. Motorola pagers are shipped from the factory with a standard limited warranty of one (1) year on parts and labor from date of purchase by the original end user purchaser, based on proof of purchase. In the event of a defect, malfunction, or failure to conform to specifications during the warranty period,...
  • Page 40 • Pagers whose serial numbers do not match on the boards, or pagers in which the board serial numbers don’t match the housing. • Pagers that have been opened by, or had work performed by, anyone other than a Motorola authorized pager service center.
  • Page 44 Motorola, FLEX, f, and LS550 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Inc. Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. © 1998 by Motorola, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Paging Products Group 1500 Gateway Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33426-8298 Printed in U.S.A. 7/98...
  • Page 45 LS550 Quick Reference Card Control Buttons Message Folder Read Turning Your Pager On Select Press Menu Turning Your Pager Off Indicators and Icons From the Standby screen, Pager is on. When flashing, press twice. indicates an unread message. PAGER Press and release...
  • Page 46 Press to display the next Press until the correct hour digit message. Repeat this step to is displayed, then press display all messages in the folder. Repeat Step 5 to set the minutes Setting the Alarm and AM/PM fields (if applicable). From the Standby screen, Press and release until the...