Craftsman 139.18076 Owner's Manual

Craftsman 139.18076 Owner's Manual

1/2 hp garage door opener for residential use only
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Owner's Manual
1/2 HP
For Residential Use Only
Model Nos:
139.18076 • 139.18086 • 139.18096 • 139.18675
139.18676 • 139.18686 • 139.18696 • 139.18975
Read and follow all safety rules
and operating instructions
before first use of this product.
Fasten the manual near the
garage door after installation.
Sears Canada, Inc., Toronto, Ontario M5B 2B8
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Safety Precautions
Parts List


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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 139.18076

  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual 1/2 HP GARAGE DOOR OPENER For Residential Use Only Model Nos: 139.18076 • 139.18086 • 139.18096 • 139.18675 139.18676 • 139.18686 • 139.18696 • 139.18975 Safety Precautions CAUTION: Read and follow all safety rules Assembly and operating instructions Installation before first use of this product.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Page Contents Page A review of safety alert symbols.........2 Install the light and lens ..........19 You'll need tools............3 Attach emergency release rope and handle....19 Safety information regarding garage door locks Electrical requirememts ..........20 and ropes ..............3 Safety reversing sensor information......21 Testing your garage door for sticking, binding Install the safety reversing sensor......22, 23 and balance...............3...
  • Page 3: You'll Need Tools

    You'll Need Tools During assembly, installation and adjustment of the opener, instructions will call for hand tools shown below. Pencil Carpenter's Level Hack Saw Tape Measure Wire Cutters Claw Hammer Drill 3/16", 5/16" and 5/32" Drill Bits Screwdriver Pliers 1/2", 7/16" and 1/4" Sockets Stepladder and Wrench Locking pliers...
  • Page 4: Illustration Of Sectional Door Installation

    SECTIONAL Door Installation Before you begin, survey your garage area to see whether any of the conditions below apply FINISHED CEILING to your installation. Support bracket & fastening hardware is required. Horizontal and vertical reinforcement See page 17. is needed for lightweight garage doors (fiberglass, steel, aluminum, door with glass panels, etc.).
  • Page 5: Illustration Of One-Piece Door Installation

    One-Piece Door without Track ONE-PIECE Door Installation Before you begin, survey your garage area to see whether any of the conditions below apply to your installation. Header Wall Closed Position Trolley Trolley Stop Bolt Cable Access Door Header Bracket Rail Door Bracket Emergency Release...
  • Page 6: Carton Inventory

    Carton Inventory Your garage door opener is packaged in two cartons which contain the powerhead and the parts illustrated below. Note that accesssories will depend on the model purchased. If anything is missing, carefully check the packing material. Parts may be "stuck" in the foam. Hardware for assembly and installation is shown on page 7. Models 18076, 18676 Models 18076, 18096 (2), 18675, 18676, Models 18076, 18086, 18676, 18686...
  • Page 7: Hardware Inventory

    Separate all hardware from the packages in the rail carton and the opener carton, as shown below, for the assembly and installation procedures. ASSEMBLY Lock Washer Lock Nut 3/8" (1) 1/4"-20 (2) 3/8" (1) Master Link (2) Bolt 1/4"-20 x 1-3/4" (2) Chain Spreader (2) Idler Bolt (1) Trolley Threaded Shaft (1)
  • Page 8: Assembly Section: Pages

    Assembly Section: Pages 8 – 11 To avoid installation difficulties, do not run the garage door opener until instructed to do so. Assembly Step 1 Assemble the Rail & Install the Trolley The front rail has a cut out “window” at the door end 4.
  • Page 9: Fasten The Rail To The Opener

    Assembly Step 2 CAUTION CAUTION Fasten the Rail to the Opener To fasten rail, use only those screws mounted in the top of the opener. Any other screws will • Insert a 1/4"-20x1-3/4 bolt into the cover cause serious damage to the opener. protection bolt hole on the back end of the rail as shown.
  • Page 10: Install Chain/Cable & Attach The Sprocket Cover

    Assembly Step 4 WARNING Install the Chain/Cable and Attach the Sprocket Cover Serious injury can result if fingers become entangled in moving opener sprocket. Attach sprocket cover securely. Never operate opener while your hand is near the opener sprocket. 1. Pull the cable around the idler pulley and toward the trolley.
  • Page 11: Tighten The Chain

    Assembly Step 5 Tighten the Chain • Spin the inner nut and lock washer down the threaded shaft, away from the trolley. Figure 1 • To tighten the chain, turn outer nut in the direction Outer Lock Trolley Washer Shaft shown (Figure 1).
  • Page 12: Installation Section: Pages

    Installation Section: Pages 12 – 27 Installation Step 1 WARNING Determine Header Bracket Location If the header bracket is not rigidly fastened to Installation procedures vary according to a structural support on the header wall or garage door types. Follow the instructions ceiling, the safety reverse system may not which apply to your door.
  • Page 13: One-Piece Door

    ONE-PIECE Door Without Track Read the Safety instructions on page 12. They also apply to doors without tracks. Unfinished Header Wall Ceiling Vertical Centerline • Close the door and mark the Structural supports inside vertical centerline of your garage door. Extend the line onto the header wall above door.
  • Page 14: Install The Header Bracket

    You can attach the header bracket either to the Installation Step 2 wall above the garage door, or to the ceiling. Follow the instructions which will work best for Install the Header Bracket your particular requirements. Wall Header Bracket Installation •...
  • Page 15: Attach The Rail To Header Bracket

    Installation Step 3 Attach the Rail to the Header Bracket NOTE: (Optional) With an existing Craftsman installation, you may re-use the old header bracket with the two plastic spacers included in the hardware bag. Place the spacers inside the bracket on each side of the rail, as illustrated.
  • Page 16: Position The Opener

    Installation Step 4 CAUTION CAUTION Position the Opener To prevent damage to steel, aluminum, Follow instructions which apply to your door fiberglass or glass panel doors, do not rest the type as illustrated. opener on the door without using a 2x4. SECTIONAL or ONE-PIECE Door with Track A 2x4 laid flat is convenient for setting an ideal door-to-rail distance.
  • Page 17: Hang The Opener

    Installation Step 5 WARNING Hang the Opener The opener could fall and injure someone if it is not properly secured. Fasten the opener securely to structural supports of the garage. Two representative installations are shown. Yours may be different. Hanging brackets should be angled, Figure 1, to provide rigid support.
  • Page 18: Install The Door Control

    Installation Step 6 WARNING Install the Premium Control Console Do not connect to live electrical wiring. Connect only to 24 Volt low voltage wires. Connection to Locate the door control within sight of the door at a live wires or higher voltage may cause serious minimum height of 5 feet where small children injury from shock, burn or electrocution.
  • Page 19: Install The Light And Lens

    6. Attach the User Safety Instruction label to the wall Do NOT connect the power and operate the near the door control, and the Maintenance opener at this time. The trolley will travel to the Instruction label in a prominent location on the full open position but will not return to the inside of the garage door.
  • Page 20: Electrical Requirememts

    Installation Step 9 WARNING Electrical Requirements To prevent electrocution or fire , installation and wiring must be in compliance with local electrical and building codes. To reduce the risk of electric shock, your garage Do NOT use an extension cord, 2-wire adapter, door opener has a grounding type plug with a third or change the plug in any way to make it fit grounding pin.
  • Page 21: Safety Reversing Sensor Information

    The Safety Reversing System IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE WARNING SAFETY REVERSING SENSOR Without a properly working safety reversing The safety reversing sensor must be connected sensor, persons (particularly children) could and aligned correctly before the garage door be injured or killed by a closing garage door. opener will move in the down direction.
  • Page 22: Install The Safety Reversing Sensor

    Figure 2 DOOR TRACK MOUNT (Right Side) Installation Step 10 Install the Safety Reversing Sensor Door Track INSTALLING THE BRACKETS Be sure power to the opener is disconnected. Indicator light Install and align the brackets so the sensors will face each other across the garage door, with the beam from 4 –...
  • Page 23 Mounting and Wiring the Safety Sensors Figure 5 • Slide a 1/4"-20x1/2" carriage bolt head into the slot Wing nut on each sensor. Use wing nuts to fasten sensors to brackets, with lenses pointing toward each other across the door. Be sure the lens is not obstructed by a bracket extension.
  • Page 24: Fasten Door Bracket (Sectional Door)

    Installation Step 11 CAUTION CAUTION Fasten Door Bracket To prevent damage to steel, aluminum, Follow instructions which apply to your door fiberglass or glass panel doors, always type as illustrated below or on page 25. reinforce the inside of the door both vertically and horizontally with an angle iron.
  • Page 25: Fasten Door Bracket (One-Piece Door)

    All ONE-PIECE Door Installation Procedure Please read and comply with the warnings and reinforcement instructions on page 24. They apply to one-piece doors also. Header Wall Header 2x4 Support Bracket — Finished Ceiling — Horizontal and vertical reinforcement is Door needed for lightweight garage doors Bracket (fiberglass, aluminum, steel, door with...
  • Page 26: Connect Door Arm To Trolley (Sectional Door)

    Installation Step 12 Connect Door Arm to Trolley Follow instructions which apply to your door type as illustrated. SECTIONAL Doors Only Make sure garage door is fully closed. Pull the emergency release handle to disconnect the outer trolley from the inner trolley. Slide the outer trolley back (away from the pulley) for 8" minimum as shown below. Figure 1: Figure 2: •...
  • Page 27: Connect Door Arm To Trolley (One-Piece Door)

    All ONE-PIECE Doors Assemble the Door Arm: Door Bracket • Fasten the straight and curved door arm sections Ring Fastener together to the longest possible length with a 2 or 3 Lock Nuts hole overlap. Washers 5/16"-18 5/16" • With the door closed, connect the straight door arm Straight section to the door bracket with the 5/16"x1-1/4"...
  • Page 28: Adjustment Section: Pages

    Adjustment Section: Pages 28 – 30 Adjustment Step 1 WARNING Adjust the UP and DOWN Limits Do not make any limit adjustments until the Improper adjustment of the travel limits will safety reversing sensors are completely interfere with the proper operation of the installed.
  • Page 29: Force Adjustments

    Adjustment Step 2 WARNING Adjust the Force Too much force on the door will interfere with the proper operation of the safety reverse system. The door might not reverse properly Force adjustment controls are located on the back when required and could seriously injure or kill panel of the opener.
  • Page 30: Test The Safety Reversing Sensor

    Adjustment Step 3 WARNING Test The Safety Reversing Sensor Without a properly working safety reversing sensor, persons (particularly children) could be • Press the remote control push button to open the seriously injured or killed if trapped by a closing door.
  • Page 31: Operation Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING WARNING To reduce the risk of severe injury or death to persons: 1. READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. 5. If possible, use the emergency release only when the door is in a closed position. Caution 2. Do not permit children either to operate or to should be taken whenever the disconnect cord play with the opener.
  • Page 32: Operation Of Your Opener

    Operation of Your Opener WARNING Activate the opener with any of the following: • The Remote Control: Hold push button down until Weak or broken springs could allow an open the door starts to move. door to fall (either rapidly or unexpectedly), •...
  • Page 33: Receiver And Remote Control Programming

    Receiver and Remote Control Programming To comply with FCC/IC rules, adjustment or modifications of this receiver WARNING and/or transmitter are prohibited, except for changing the code setting or replacing the battery. THERE ARE NO OTHER USER SERVICEABLE PARTS. Children operating or playing with a garage door opener can injure themselves or others.
  • Page 34: Having A Problem

    Having a Problem? Situation Probable Cause and Solution 1. Does the opener have electric power? Plug a lamp into the outlet. If it doesn't light, The opener doesn't check the fuse box or the circuit breaker. (Some outlets are controlled by a door switch.) operate from either the Door Control or 2.
  • Page 35 Having a Problem? (continued) Situation Probable Cause & Solution The door opens but 1. If the opener lights blink, check the safety reversing sensor. See page 23. won't close: 2. If the opener lights do not blink and it is a new installation, check the down force. See Adjustment Step 2, page 29.
  • Page 36: Repair Parts, Rail Assembly

    Repair Parts Rail Assembly Parts PART DESCRIPTION 1A995 Master link kit 41C5141-1 Complete trolley assembly 183C158-3 Rail – front (header) section 183C157-3 Rail – center/back section (2) 144C56 Chain Idler pulley 41A5249 Chain and cable 144C62 Spreader (2) 12D598-1 U bracket Installation Parts LI G H KEY PART...
  • Page 37: Repair Parts, Opener Assembly

    Repair Parts Opener Assembly Parts (Down) LIMIT SWITCH Brown Contact ASSEMBLY Wire Grey Wire Drive Gear Center Limit (Up) Yellow Contact Contact Wire KEY PART KEY PART NO. NO. DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 41D3058 Universal replacement motor and 31D380 Sprocket cover bracket assembly 41C4220A Gear and sprocket assy.
  • Page 38: Accessories

    Accessories Sears offers many useful accessories for your garage door opener. They are illustrated below with Sears model numbers and descriptions. 18752 18790 SECURITY Single-Function Emergency Key Release: Remote Control: Required for a garage with NO Includes visor clip. access door. 18791 SECURITY 3-Function Remote 18756...
  • Page 39: Index

    Index Access Door/Outside Key Release Accessory ....................4, 5 Chain Tension ..............................4, 5, 11 Electrical Safety Warnings........................2, 20, 31 Garage Door Testing for balance, binding and sticking....................3, 28, 31 Determining high point of travel: Sectional door..............................12 One-piece door ..............................13 Disabling existing locks............................3, 11 Door clearance brackets (for garages with low headroom) ................12, 38 Force controls Adjustment procedures............................
  • Page 40: How To Order Parts And Service

    For in-home major brand repair service: Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-877-MY-HOME (1-877-533-6937) If calling locally, please use one of the following numbers: Regina - 566-5124 Montreal - 333-5740 Toronto - 744-4900 Halifax - 454-2444 Kitchener - 894-7590 Ottawa - 738-4440...

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