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Small convector
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2ND3 004 Small Convector
Dear Customer,
Please read the following information carefully
before using the appliance for the first time for
your own safety and to ensure correct use.
The appliance is suitable for wall mounting only.


The appliance must only be used as described in the
instructions for use for heating interior rooms. Use
for any other purpose is inadmissible! Any damage
attributed to incorrect operation, improper use or
non-observance of the safety information will invalidate
all liability and the warranty!
All liability is disclaimed for any frost damage caused by
a heating capacity that is insufficient for the room size,
bad heat insulation of the room, incorrect use or force
majeure (e.g. power failure).
Only connect the appliance to a.c. mains as specified
on the rating plate!
Never touch live parts! Danger to life!
Never operate the appliance with wet hands! Danger to
The appliance is drop proof and may be used in
bathrooms, however, not in the immediate vicinity of
baths, showers, water connections, washbasins or
swimming pools (Fig. 3).
The unit must be mounted such that the control
elements cannot be touched by persons who are in
bath, shower, or any other water-filled receptacle.
Do not store or use any flammable materials or sprays
in the vicinity of the appliance! Fire Hazard!
Do not use the appliance in flammable atmospheres
(e.g. in the vicinity of combustible gases or spray cans)!
Explosion and fire hazard!!
Important! Do not insert any foreign objects into the
appliance openings! Risk of injury (electric shock) and
damage to the appliance!
Attention! The front grille becomes very hot when
the appliance is in use! Place the appliance so that
it cannot be touched by accident. Risk of burns! The
appliance will cool down gradually after being switched
Do not place any items of clothing, hand towels or
similar over the grille to dry. Risk of overheating and fire
The appliance is not intended for use by young children
or infirm persons without supervision! Young children
should be supervised to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance!
The appliance is not suitable for animal breeding
These instructions for use belong to the appliance and
must be kept in a safe place. When changing owners,
these instructions must be surrendered to the new
Appliances with mains plug are not suitable for
connection to permanent wiring!
The socket-outlet must be accessible at all times to
enable the mains plug to be disconnected as quickly as
Never use the appliance if the appliance or cord is
damaged. Risk of injury!
If the appliance is damaged to the extent that electrical
components are exposed, it must immediately be
disconnected from the mains and appointed dealer or
the customer service department consulted!
The appliance is not suitable for cloakrooms.
After unpacking the appliance, check the same for
transport damage and the contents for completeness!
In the event of damage or an incomplete delivery,
contact your authorised retailer!
Do not discard the original box! It can be used for
storage and dispatch to avoid transport damage!
Dispose of the packaging material in a proper manner!
Plastic bags should be kept away from children!
• The appliance should only be used mounted horizontally
on a wall.
• The appliance should be placed with a minimum
distance of 50cm from flammable objects, walls or
structures! The appliance openings must not be
obstructed in any way!
• Never place the appliance directly under a wall socket!
• The wires in the mains lead are coloured in
accordance with the following code.
• Blue - NEUTRAL Brown - LIVE.
• If your appliance is fitted with a non-rewireable mains
plug which is not suitable for the socket outlets in your
home, the plug must be cut off and an appropriate one
• A plug cut off from a flexible cord will give a shock
hazard if inserted in a 13 amp socket elsewhere in
the house. To avoid this, it should be disposed of
• If you are fitting an alternative type of plug then the
colours of the wires in the mains lead of the appliance
may not correspond with the coloured markings
identifying the terminals on your plug. In this case
proceed as follows:
• The wire which is coloured BLUE must be connected
to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or
coloured BLACK.
• The wire which is coloured BROWN must be connected
to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or
coloured RED.
• For your additional safety, the heater has been double
insulated and must not be earthed.
• Therefore do not connect either of the wires to the earth
terminal of the three pin plug.
• If a 13 amp (BS 1363) plug is used a 13 amp (BS 1362)
fuse must be fitted either in the plug, adaptor or at the
fuse board.
The fuse cover of a non-rewireable plug must be
refitted when changing the fuse. Should the fuse
cover become lost, the plug must not be used until
the correct replacement fuse cover is obtained from
our service department or stockist.
Mains cable:
• Position the power cord so that it does not pose
a tripping hazard or can be stepped on! Only use
approved extension cable that is suitable for the
appliance rating, e.g. with VDE mark of conformity!
• The power cord must not come into contact with hot
appliance parts!
• Never pull the plug out of the socket at the cord! Never
move the appliance by pulling at the cord or use the cord
for carrying purposes!
• Do not coil the cord around the appliance! Do not
use the appliance with the cord coiled! This applies
particularly to using a cable drum.
• Do not crush the cord or drag it over sharp edges or
place it over heated hotplates or naked flames!
Notes on use:
After switching on the appliance for the first time and also
after prolonged operation without heating, the appliance
may smell for a short time.
Wall mounting:
Wall mounting:
• The minimum distances must be observed (Figs. 2 and
• For wall mounting, care must be taken not to damage
concealed cables. For this reason, no holes must be
made above or below wall power sockets. Only switch on
the appliance when installation is complete.
Indicator light:
The indicator lights during heating.
- 8 -

Installation and Operating instructions

Frost protection:
Frost protection:
• Position the thermostat control T on the marking
(Fig. 7).
• When the temperature falls below +5 °C...+8 °C, the
appliance switches on automatically.
• If necessary the thermostat should be set higher.
Overheat protection:
Overheat protection:
The built-in overheat protection automatically switches off
the appliance in the event of a fault! In this case, the plug
must be disconnected from the socket and the controls set
to "OFF/0"! After a short cooling phase, the appliance is
ready to use again! If the fault should reoccur, contact your
authorised retailer!
• First switch off the appliance and disconnect the plug
from the socket! Do not use any abrasive or caustic
cleaning agents!
• Clean the housing with a moist cloth, vacuum cleaner or
• Never immerse the appliance in water! Danger to life!
• If the appliance is not going to be used for some time, it
should be protected against excessive dust and dirt.
Old appliances must be disposed of in a proper manner!
• All repairs must be referred to authorised personnel!
Refer all repairs to an authorised retailer! Important! Any
tampering with the appliance will invalidate the warranty.
• Repairs carried out improperly and by unqualified
persons may have serious consequences for the user!
Technical data:
Rated voltage:
Rated output:
Dimensions (HxWxD):
Switch-on temperature:
suppressed according to:
Class of protection:
Frost guard:
Indicator light:
2 Year Limited Warranty
2 Year Limited Warranty
• This warranty applies to repair or replacement of product
found to be defective in material or workmanship.
This warranty does not apply to damage resulting
from commercial, abuseable or unreasonable use or
supplemental damage. Dimplex AS is not liable for
incidental or consequential damages of any nature. The
warranty only applies to the original purchase of this
• At its option Dimplex AS will repair or replace this
product if it is found to be defective in material or
workmanship. Defective product should be returned
directly to Dimplex AS.
• This warranty does not cover damage resulting from any
unauthorised attempts to repair or from any use not in
accordance with the manual.
• Return defective product with a brief description of the
problem.You must prepay postal charges. Please include
your name, address and a daytime telephone number, in
case we need to contact you.
Mark package: "Attention: repair department" .
In the interests of further development, the appliance may
be subject to constructional or design changes without
prior notice.
UK Helpline No. 0870 / 727 0101
Attention! The appliance may only be used for normal
domestic use and not for industrial purposes.
230V...240V ~
300 W
24 x 26 x 10 cm
EN 55104,
EN 55014,
EN 60555, CE
1,2 kg
2 years

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