JVC XV-NA70BK Instructions Manual

Jvc dvd audio/video player instructions
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    DVD AUDIO/VIDEO PLAYER XV-NA70BK/XV-NA77SL INSTRUCTIONS Before operation Preparations Basic operations Advanced operations VR format disc playback MP3/WMA disc playback JPEG disc playback Changing the initial settings Additional information For Customer Use: Enter below the Model No. and Serial No. which are located on the rear, bottom or side of the cabinet.
  • Page 2 Warnings, Cautions and Others Mises en garde, précautions et indications diverses CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK) NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated...
  • Page 3: Supplied Accessories

    Supplied accessories Check that you have all the following accessories supplied to you. If anything is missing, consult your dealer immediately. • Audio/video cable (Yellow/White/Red) (× 1) • Audio cable (White/Red) (× 2) • Remote control unit (× 1) • R6P(SUM-3)/AA(15F) battery (× 2) •...
  • Page 4: Before Operation

    Before operation About discs Playable disc types Discs with the following marks can be played back on the unit. DVD AUDIO DVD VIDEO A U D I O V I D E O Video CD Audio CD The DVD Logo is a trademark. The unit can also play back the following discs: •...
  • Page 5: Care And Handling Of Discs

    Care and handling of discs If a disc gets dirty, dusty, scratched or warped, playback sound and picture may be deteriorated. Take proper precautions when handling discs. Handling • Do not touch the surface of the disc. • Do not damage, stick paper to, or use any adhesive on either the label side or playback side.
  • Page 6: Preparations

    Preparations Connections Before using the unit, connect the unit to a TV and/or amplifier. Before making connections • Do not connect the AC power cord until all other connections have been made. • Connect VIDEO OUT of the unit directly to the video input of your TV.
  • Page 7 Progressive scanning mode. In such a case, use the Interlaced scanning mode. To check the compatibility of your TV set, contact your local JVC customer service center. • All JVC progressive TV and High-Definition TV sets are fully compatible with the unit (Example: AV-61S902). Preparations...
  • Page 8: Connecting To Optional Audio Equipment

    Preparations Connecting to optional audio equipment Connecting to a stereo audio amplifier/receiver Connect the unit’s AUDIO OUT (LEFT/RIGHT) jacks to any line- level inputs (such as AUX, DVD, CD, etc.) of an audio amplifier or receiver. Amplifier or receiver L E F A U D R IG The unit...
  • Page 9 Connecting to a digital audio device You can enjoy sound of enhanced quality by connecting the unit’s DIGITAL OUT (either OPTICAL or COAXIAL) jack to a digital input of an amplifier, etc., using an optical or coaxial digital cable. The digital audio signal on a disc will be transferred directly from the unit.
  • Page 10: Using The Remote Control Unit

    Preparations Connecting the power cord When all the audio/video connections have been made, connect the AC power plug to the wall outlet. Make sure that the plugs are inserted firmly. The STANDBY indicator lights in red. NOTE (only for PX model) Use the supplied AC power plug adaptor when inserting the larger plug to the wall outlet.
  • Page 11 To control the volume of a JVC’s amplifier or receiver Pressing the AMP VOL + button raises the audio volume of a 04, 11 JVC’s amplifier or receiver, while pressing the – button lowers the volume. 34, 38, 39 10, 17, 21...
  • Page 12: Basic Operations

    • Refer to pages 37 and 38 for detailed explanation of each item to be set in the following procedure. Press ENTER. The first page of the DVD PLAYER SET UP display appears. The pull-down menu of the [ON SCREEN LANGUAGE] is already open.
  • Page 13: Basic Playback

    The TV screen returns to the opening display. To bring up the DVD PLAYER SET UP display later Press CHOICE for a few seconds until the DVD PLAYER SET UP display appears. To change the brightness of the display window Press DIMMER on the remote control unit.
  • Page 14 Basic operations TOP MENU MENU ON SCREEN About PBC (Playback Control) Some SVCD/Video CD discs support the PBC function. The PBC function allows you to enjoy menu-driven operation and high-resolution still images which have a resolution four times greater than moving pictures. •...
  • Page 15: Resuming Playback

    Resuming playback The unit can memorize the position on a disc where you interrupt playback, and resume playback from that position later. There are three resume modes; ON, OFF and DISC RESUME. The mode is initially set to ON when you purchased the unit. •...
  • Page 16: Various Speed Playback

    Basic operations 4 ¢ ¢ ¡ Various speed playback To advance or reverse playback rapidly while monitoring During playback, press ¡ or 1 on the remote control unit. You can select from 1.5 times, 5 times, 20 times and 60 times normal speed.
  • Page 17: Locating The Beginning Of A Scene Or Song

    Locating the beginning of a scene or song For DVD AUDIO: During playback or while in stop mode, you can skip a group or track. For DVD VIDEO: During playback, you can skip a chapter or title, depending on the disc configuration. For SVCD/Video CD: During playback without PBC function, you can skip a track.
  • Page 18: Advanced Operations

    Advanced operations Numeric buttons PAGE RETURN TITLE/GROUP TOP MENU MENU 5/∞/2/3 ENTER ON SCREEN ¢ NOTE Make sure that the TV - DVD switch on the remote control unit is set to “DVD” when using the 5/∞/2/3, numeric and TV/ VIDEO - CANCEL buttons for controlling the unit.
  • Page 19: Selecting A Still Picture On A Dvd Audio Disc (Page)

    Locating a desired position in the current title, group or track (Time search) You can play a disc from the desired position by specifying the time from the beginning of the current group (for DVD AUDIO), the current title (for DVD VIDEO) or the disc (for SVCD/Video CD/ Audio CD).
  • Page 20: Playing Back A Bonus Group Of A Dvd Audio Disc

    Advanced operations Numeric buttons TV/VIDEO-CANCEL 5/∞/2/3 ON SCREEN ENTER Playing back a bonus group of a DVD AUDIO disc Some DVD AUDIO discs contain a special group called “bonus group” whose contents are not opened to the public. The bonus group is assigned to the last group of a disc.
  • Page 21 Press 3 to start program playback. With an Audio CD disc, the program table remains on the TV screen during program playback. (Pressing ON SCREEN brings up the status bar.) When all of the programmed tracks have finished playback, the unit stops and the program table appears again. Note that the program remains.
  • Page 22: Repeat Playback

    Advanced operations 5/∞/2/3 ON SCREEN ENTER ANGLE AUDIO - fs/Rate REPEAT SUB TITLE Repeat playback To repeat the current selection or all tracks For DVD AUDIO/DVD VIDEO: During playback For SVCD/Video CD/Audio CD: In any condition except SVCD/ Video CD playback with PBC Press REPEAT.
  • Page 23: Changing The Language, Sound And Scene Angle

    Changing the language, sound and scene angle To select the subtitle language (SUBTITLE) Some DVD VIDEO and SVCD discs contain more than one subtitle language. You can choose a desired one from them. Hint At the beginning of the part where the subtitles are recorded, appears on the TV screen (except when the [ON SCREEN GUIDE] preference is set to [OFF]).
  • Page 24: Special Picture/Sound Effect

    Advanced operations 5/∞/2/3 ENTER VFP-PROGRESSIVE 3D PHONIC SCAN ZOOM AUDIO - fs/Rate Special picture/sound effect To zoom in pictures During playback or while paused, press ZOOM. Pressing ZOOM causes the unit to zoom in on the image. At the top left of the screen, the information for the current magnification appears for about 5 seconds.
  • Page 25: Checking The Sampling Frequency And Quantization Bit Length

    To dismiss the VFP mode selection window Press VFP - PROGRESSIVE SCAN. NOTES • The window for VFP mode selection and parameter setting disappear if no operation is made for about 10 seconds. • Simply press the VFP - PROGRESSIVE SCAN button, and do not hold it down for a few seconds;...
  • Page 26: Menu Bar Functions

    Advanced operations ENTER ON SCREEN Menu bar functions To bring up the menu bar When a disc is inserted, press ON SCREEN. A status bar for the type of disc inserted will appear on the TV screen. See page 12 for details about the status bar. Press ON SCREEN again.
  • Page 27: Menu Bar Functions For Dvd Audio

    Menu bar functions for DVD AUDIO Time mode selection During playback, selects the time mode shown in the display window and in the status bar. Press ENTER to select the time mode from the following. • TIME: Current track elapsed time •...
  • Page 28 Advanced operations Menu bar functions for SVCD/Video CD/ Audio CD Time mode selection Selects the time mode shown in the display window and in the status bar. Press ENTER to select the time mode from the following. • TIME: Current track elapsed time •...
  • Page 29: Vr Format Disc Playback

    VR format disc playback Numeric buttons ¢ 3(SELECT) NOTE Make sure that the TV - DVD switch on the remote control unit is set to “DVD” when using the 5/∞/2/3 and numeric buttons for controlling the unit. About VR format discs The unit can play back DVD-RAM and DVD-RW discs written in the VR format.
  • Page 30 VR format disc playback Numeric buttons MENU TOP MENU 5/∞/2/3 ENTER ON SCREEN ¢ 3(SELECT) REPEAT To call up the ORIGINAL PROGRAM display During playback, press TOP MENU. The ORIGINAL PROGRAM display appears on the TV screen. ORIGINAL PROGRAM REC. DATE 2003/01/23 2003/01/23 2003/01/23...
  • Page 31: Repeat Playback

    To select the next or previous chapter/play list during playback Press ¢ to skip to the next chapter (if a play list is divided into chapters) or to the next play list. Press 4 to return to the beginning of the current chapter/play list.
  • Page 32: Changing The Sound

    VR format disc playback 5/∞ ENTER AUDIO - fs/Rate SUBTITLE Changing the sound The audio selection setting allows you to change the audio track(s) to be played back from among stereo, L (left channel) and R (right channel). During playback, press AUDIO - fs/Rate. The audio selection window appears on the TV screen.
  • Page 33: Mp3/Wma Disc Playback

    MP3/WMA disc playback Numeric buttons 5/∞ ¢ 3(SELECT) NOTE Make sure that the TV - DVD switch on the remote control unit is set to “DVD” when using the 5/∞/2/3 and numeric buttons for controlling the unit. Operations The unit can play back MP3 files and WMA files on a home recorded CD-R/RW disc or commercially available CD.
  • Page 34: Direct Selection

    MP3/WMA disc playback Numeric buttons 5/∞ REPEAT (continued) Current track elapsed time MP3/WMA CONTROL Time : 00:03:08 Group : 01 / 10 Track : 01 / 06 (Total 28) spring begonia.mp3 summer german chamomile.mp3 fall kiwi fruit.mp3 winter orchard grass.mp3 petunia.mp3 mountain north pole.mp3...
  • Page 35: Jpeg Disc Playback

    JPEG disc playback MENU 5/∞/2/3 ENTER ¢ NOTE Make sure that the TV - DVD switch on the remote control unit is set to “DVD” when using the 5/∞/2/3 and numeric buttons for controlling the unit. The unit can play back JPEG files on a home recorded CD-R/RW disc.
  • Page 36: Viewing Pictures Continuously (Slide Show Mode)

    JPEG disc playback Numeric buttons TITLE/GROUP MENU 5/∞/2/3 ENTER ¢ (SELECT) ZOOM REPEAT NOTES • The unit supports the baseline JPEG format. • The unit does not support “packet writing (UDF format)” discs. • The unit supports discs recorded with multiple sessions. •...
  • Page 37: Repeat Function

    Repeat function In the slide show mode, you can repeat playback of JPEG files in a group or on the disc. While the JPEG CONTROL display is shown, press REPEAT. Pressing REPEAT switches the repeat mode. When the repeat mode is turned on, the [ in the display window.
  • Page 38: Changing The Initial Settings

    Changing the initial settings 5/∞/2/3 CHOICE ENTER NOTE Make sure that the TV - DVD switch on the remote control unit is set to “DVD” when using the 5/∞/2/3 and numeric buttons for controlling the unit. Selecting preferences This section refers to the settings which are already made when you purchase the unit.
  • Page 39: Language Menu

    LANGUAGE menu MENU LANGUAGE You can select the default menu language to be displayed if it is contained on a DVD AUDIO/DVD VIDEO disc. Setting options ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, CHINESE, GERMAN, ITALIAN, JAPANESE, language code from AA to ZU • If the disc does not have a menu in the selected language, the disc’s default language will be used.
  • Page 40: Audio Menu

    Changing the initial settings MP3&WMA/JPEG The unit can play MP3/WMA and JPEG files recorded on a CD- R/CD-RW disc. However, if a disc contains both MP3/WMA and JPEG files, you can only play files of the type selected in this menu item.
  • Page 41: Others Menu

    OTHERS menu RESUME You can select the resume playback mode. See page 13 for details about the resume playback function. Setting options ON, OFF, DISC RESUME [ON]: when selected, the unit can resume playback of the disc from the position where playback was last interrupted, if the disc is still in the disc tray.
  • Page 42: Making Fine Tuning For Your Speakers

    Changing the initial settings 5/∞ ENTER Making fine tuning for your speakers You can make fine tuning to match your speaker system. Preparation Set [ANALOG OUT] in the [AUDIO] preference display to [MULTI CHANNEL] and [MODE] in the [SPK.SETTING] preference display to [EXPERT]. Setting the speaker sizes and the BASS REDIRECT function Bring up the SPK.SETTING menu.
  • Page 43: Setting The Delay Time

    Setting the delay time When playing in multi-channel mode and the speakers cannot all be located an equal distandce from the listener, this setting can compensate for the difference between the distance from the front speakers (left, right) to the listener, and the distance from the center speaker and the surround speakers to the listener.
  • Page 44: Limiting Playback By Children

    Changing the initial settings Numeric buttons 5/∞ Limiting playback by children This function restricts playback of DVD VIDEO discs which contain violent (and other) scenes according to the level set by the user. For example, if a movie which includes violent scenes supports the parental lock feature, such scenes which you do not want to let children view can be cut or replaced with other scenes.
  • Page 45: To Temporarily Release The Parental Lock

    To change the settings You can change the parental lock settings later. Bring up the OTHERS menu. Press 5/∞ to move to select [PARENTAL LOCK] and press ENTER. The parental lock on-screen display appears on the TV screen. While is pointing to [PASSWORD], press the numeric buttons to enter your current 4- digit password then press ENTER.
  • Page 46: Additional Information

    Additional information Names of parts and controls Front panel button (10) 2 STANDBY/ON indicator (10) 3 Disc tray (11) 4 0 button (11) 5 4 button (14, 15) 6 ¢ button (14, 15) 7 7 button (12, 13) Display window 1 Audio format indicators 2 Disc indicator 3 Group/title/track/chapter indicators...
  • Page 47 Remote control unit 1 OPEN/CLOSE button (11) 2 Numeric buttons 3 PAGE button (17) 4 RETURN button (16) 5 TOP MENU button (16, 28) 6 Cursor selection (5 Up, ∞ Down) - CH (+/–) buttons 7 Cursor selection (2 Left, 3 Right) - VOL (+/–) buttons 8 CHOICE button (11, 36) 9 4/PREVIOUS button (14, 15, 27, 28, 29, 31, 33, 34) 0 7/CLEAR button (12, 19, 20, 28, 31, 33)
  • Page 48: Av Compu Link Remote Control System

    AV COMPU LINK remote control system The JVC AV COMPU LINK system allows you to enjoy video or audio with the simplest operation. If your video/audio unit (such as a DVD unit, CD unit and VCR) and television or/and amplifier/...
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Power Power does not come on. \ Power plug is not inserted securely. Plug in securely. Operation “REGION CODE ERROR!” is shown on the TV screen. \ Region code of the inserted disc does not match the unit. Check the region code of the disc printed on the disc jacket. Operation is not possible.
  • Page 50: Specifications

    Additional information Specifications Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice. General Readable discs DVD AUDIO, DVD VIDEO, DVD-R (Video format), DVD-RW (Video format/VR format), DVD-RAM (VR format), SVCD, Video CD, Audio CD (CD-DA), MP3/WMA format, JPEG, CD-R/RW (CD-DA, SVCD, Video CD, MP3/WMA format, JPEG) Video format REMOTE, 480i (Interlaced scan)/480p...
  • Page 51: Appendix A: Country/Area Code List For Parental Lock

    Appendix A: Country/Area code list for Parental Lock Spain Andorra Ethiopia United Arab Emirates Finland Afghanistan Fiji Antigua and Barbuda Falkland Islands Anguilla Micronesia (Federated Albania States of) Armenia Faroe Islands Netherlands Antilles France Angola France, Metropolitan Antarctica Gabon Argentina United Kingdom American Samoa Grenada...
  • Page 52: Appendix B: Table Of Languages And Their Abbreviations

    Additional information Appendix B: Table of languages and their abbreviations Afar Persian Abkhazian Finnish Afrikaans Fiji Ameharic Faroese Arabic Frisian Assamese Irish Aymara Scots Gaelic Azerbaijani Galician Bashkir Guarani Byelorussian Gujarati Bulgarian Hausa Bihari Hindi Bislama Croatian Bengali, Bangla Hungarian Tibetan Armenian Breton...
  • Page 53: Appendix D: Glossary

    Appendix D: Glossary 480i/480p Indicates the number of scanning lines and scanning format of an image signal. 480i indicates 480 scanning lines with interlace format, and 480p indicates 480 scanning lines with progressive format. Aspect ratio A ratio which defines the shape of the rectangular picture in a TV. It is the width of the picture relative to the height.
  • Page 54 If service is not available locally, box the product carefully, preferably in the original carton, and ship, insured, with a copy of your bill of sale plus a letter of explanation of the problem to the nearest JVC Factory Service Center, the name and location of which will be given to you by the toll-free number.
  • Page 55: How To Locate Your Jvc Service Center

    To prevent electrical shock,do not open the cabinet.There are no user serviceable parts inside.Please refer to qualified service personnel for repairs. Accessories To purchase accessories for your JVC product,please call toll free:1 (800)882-2345 or on the web at www.JVC.com BT-51005-5...

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