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JVC 2006 Brochure & Specs

JVC 2006 Brochure & Specs

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Summary of Contents for JVC 2006

  • Page 1: Digital Video

    DIGITAL VIDEO STORAGE 2006 DVD Recorders / DVD Players D-VHS Recorders / Video Decks Recording Media...
  • Page 2 The Total Recording Solution Large storage capacity, high-speed signal processing, and flexibility — JVC’s extensive background in video technologies ensures the superior performance of our DVD recorders. Enjoy digital video storage from wider sources — with superb picture quality, versatile dubbing/editing functions, and a number of other exclusive advantages.
  • Page 3: Dvd Recorders

    Most DVD recorders handle this by reducing the overall bit rate. JVC’s innovative Bit-Rate Optimizer, based on the Intelligent Dual-Pass Encode Dubbing System, analyzes the content as it is Notice: It should be noted that it may be unlawful to re-record pre-recorded tapes, records, or discs without the consent of the owner of copyright in the sound or video recording, broadcast or cable program and in any literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic work embodied therein.
  • Page 4 DVD Video Recorder & VHS Hi-Fi Stereo Video Recorder Combo DR-MV7S DVD+VHS Recorder with Versatile Compatible Formats including DivX, featuring HDMI Digital Output with 1080i/720p Up-Conversion (DVD/VHS) • Playable Formats: VHS Hi-Fi, DVD-Video, DVD-RW, DVD-R, +RW, +R, CD, SVCD/VCD, CD-R/RW, WMA/MP3/JPEG Digital Still/ DivX (CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, +R/+RW) •...
  • Page 5 JVC DVD players when you can't with other players. Track Adjust — For Noise-Free Playback of Privately-Created Discs Track Adjust is a JVC software innovation for noise-free* playback of difficult discs. It applies special signal processing to improve tracking accuracy to playback uncentered, scratched, or poorly-recorded discs —...
  • Page 6 *** The DVI-D cable does not carry audio signals. Full Spec HDTV Compatible When it comes to HDTV recording, nothing compares to JVC’s D-VHS. With a 28.2 Mbps HS mode that exceeds the 19 Mbps specification of ATSC MPEG-2 HD...
  • Page 7 480i D-Theater™ Software Compatible With JVC’s D-VHS recorders, you can now enjoy more than 100 high-definition titles including D-Theater™ movies released by major motion picture studios such as Lions Gate Entertainment*, Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and DreamWorks Home Entertainment.
  • Page 8 D-VHS HDTV Recorder with Built-in ATSC Digital Tuner HM-DT100 D-VHS HDTV Recorder with Built-in ATSC Digital Tuner gives you full access to ATSC digital terrestrial broadcasts and records full HDTV images with no quality loss • Playable Formats: D-VHS, D-Theater, S-VHS, VHS Hi-Fi •...
  • Page 9 * Only SP mode recording and playback is available for Super VHS ET. ** JVC’s EHG (Extra High Grade) tapes recommended. There are some S-VHS VCR models by JVC and other manufacturers with which playback of an S-VHS ET recorded tape is not possible.
  • Page 10 • 10-bit/54MHz Video D/A Converter (Progressive) Video Decks HR-XVC39S HR-XVC17S DVD Player VHS Recorder • 14-bit/108MHz Video D/A Converter • 96kHz/24-bit Audio D/A Converter • New, slim design saves space * Not possible with copy-protected DVD content.
  • Page 11 MiniDV/Super VHS Hi-Fi Stereo Video Cassette Recorder HR-DVS3 MiniDV and VCR Combo Deck allows easy playback of MiniDV, editing from MiniDV to S-VHS/VHS and connectivity with Non-Linear Editing systems • Playable Formats: MiniDV, S-VHS, VHS Hi-Fi • Super VHS High Resolution plus Super VHS ET Recording •...
  • Page 12 Super VHS Hi-Fi Stereo Video Cassette Recorder HR-S3912 HR-S3902 Super VHS Hi-Fi VCR with multi-functional Advanced Jog Dial • Playable Formats: S-VHS, VHS Hi-Fi • Super VHS High Resolution plus Super VHS ET Recording • VHS Hi-Fi Stereo with MTS Decoder Super VHS Hi-Fi Stereo Video Cassette Recorder HR-S2902 Super VHS Hi-Fi VCR with +60% sharper pictures that are ideal for viewing...
  • Page 13 JVC is introducing an exciting new lifestyle packaging concept to showcase the full range of high-quality blank media products that we provide to the world. In addition to the DVD models listed below, JVC also offers DVD+R and DVD+RW models.
  • Page 14: Specifications

    HDD/DVD/MiniDV Video Recorder Combo DR-DX5SUS MiniDV MECHANISM/SERVO Playable Formats DVD-Video DVD-RAM/-RW G/G/G (VR & Video)/-R (Video) CD-DA CD-R/RW SVCD/VCD MP3 (CD-R/RW) WMA (CD-R/RW) JPEG Digital Still (CD-R/RW) Recordable Formats DVD-RAM/-RW G/G/G (VR & Video)/-R (Video) HDD Capacity 250GB PAL Playback on NTSC TV AUDIO Output Level 2.0V RMS...
  • Page 15 ‘Dolby’, the double-D symbol, ‘Dolby Digital’ and ‘Dolby Digital EX’ are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. ‘DTS’ and ‘DTS-ES’ are trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc. is a trademark of Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC) The MPEG logo is a registered trademark of Philips Electronics N.V.
  • Page 16 — festivals such as the renowned Newport Jazz Festival, with more than 50 years of history, and the JVC Jazz Festival in New York, which began over 20 years ago. It is our continuing goal to help keep strong the passion of live jazz, now and in the future.