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Hdmi Linked Operation With A Tv - JVC CU-VS100U Instructions Manual

Jvc hd media player instruction manual
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HDMI Linked Operation with a TV

Using an HDMI cable to connect the player to TV that supports HDMI CEC-compliant linked operation allows you to use the
convenient functions outlined below.
• Connect the player to the TV using an HDMI cable (P.6).
• Turn on the TV and set "HDMI control" in the Setup menu to "On" (actual
menu and item names diff er depending on the TV used).
• Turn on the player and set "HDMI control" in "General" in the SETUP menu to
"On" (P.13).
Procedure 1
• Insert an SD card
(Turn the player on beforehand.)
Procedure 2
• The player automatically turns off .
• Depending on the connected TV, turning on the player may automatically turn on the TV and switch it to HDMI
• If a device such as an amplifi er or selector is connected, it may malfunction. Set "HDMI control" to "Off ".
• HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is an industry standard that allows interlinked operation between
compatible devices when they are connected via an HDMI cable.
• Not all HDMI-compatible devices are compliant with the HDMI CEC standard. If the connected device is not
HDMI CEC-compliant, the HDMI control function on the player will not work.
• The player is not guaranteed to work with all HDMI CEC-compliant devices.
• Even among HDMI CEC-compliant devices, the functionality provided diff ers depending on the specifi cations
of the particular device. Accordingly, some of the functions linked with this device may not work. (Refer to the
instruction manual provided with your TV.)
• With some connected devices, the interlinked functions may not operate as intended. If this occurs, set "HDMI
control" to "Off ".
• Once the power cable has been disconnected, the player will not operate even if "HDMI control" is set to "On".
Turn the player back on by pressing the power button.
HDMI cable (optional)
• The TV input automatically switches to HDMI input.
(Turn the TV on beforehand.)
• Turn off the TV.
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HDMI control
: On
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