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Philips SimplyGo Quick Start Manual

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Printed in the United States 04/12
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ready for a stroll
Quick start guide
Why SimplyGo?
Hello, my name is
I am suffering from COPD
My physician has prescribed for me
long-term oxygen therapy that requires
the regular use of high concentrations
of oxygen. My SimplyGo portable oxygen
concentrator provides me with this
reliable supply of oxygen. It is important for me to use
oxygen therapy
during both my daily activities and at
night. My SimplyGo stays with me wherever I go and
helps me get the exercise I need. I can walk, stand,
move about, and basically enjoy my day while I receive
my daily oxygen therapy.
It can improve the quality of my life.
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) refers to a group of lung diseases, such as emphysema and
chronic bronchitis, that obstruct air from easily entering and exiting the lungs, thus preventing the proper
elimination of carbon dioxide.
Portable oxygen therapy: use and benefit in hypoxaemic COPD patients on long-term oxygen therapy –
J.Vergeret, C. Brambilla, L. Mounier – ERJ 1989



Summary of Contents for Philips SimplyGo

  • Page 1 I receive Patient my daily oxygen therapy. Respironics and SimplyGo are trademarks of Respironics, Inc. and its affiliates. Physician All rights reserved. It can improve the quality of my life.
  • Page 2 Select the mode you’ve been prescribed start guide. Pulse mode SimplyGo detects each breath intake and delivers the oxygen Verify that your SimplyGo batteries are fully charged and that you have delivery accordingly. your oxygen cannula with you. Continuous-flow mode Continuous oxygen delivery from 0.5 to 2 LPM.

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