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Muting Button; Display Button; Off Timer Button - JVC 0801-Ki-NV-JET Instruction Manual

Jvc colour television instruction manual
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Remote control buttons and functions
You can select a sound setting for stereo
broadcast programmes and bilingual
Press this button to select a sound
: Stereo sound
: Bilingual I (sub I) sound
: Bilingual II (sub II) sound
: Monaural sound
MONO : Cancels the multi-sound function,
and the sound becomes monaural.
• If you have poor reception of a stereo broad-
cast, you can change from stereo sound (
to monaural sound (
the broadcast more clearly and easily.
• If the multi-sound function cannot work nor-
mally due to poor signal quality, noise may be
included in the sound, or the sound may change
many times. If this happens, change the sound
setting to MONO mode to cancel the multi-sound
) so that you can hear

MUTING button

You can turn the sound off instantly.
Press this button.
To turn the sound on, press this button

DISPLAY button

You can continuously display the current
channel number or VIDEO mode on the
Press this button.
To turn the display off, press this button
• When selecting a VIDEO mode with no signal,
indication of the VIDEO mode becomes fixed
on the screen.

OFF TIMER button

You can set the TV to automatically turn off
after a set time.
Press this button to select the period of
• You can set the period of time to a maximum of
120 minutes in 10 minute increments.
• 1 minute before the OFF TIMER function turns
off the TV, "GOOD NIGHT!" appears.
To display the remaining time, press this
button once.
To cancel the OFF TIMER function, press
this button to set the period of time to 0.
• The OFF TIMER function will not turn off the
TV's main power.



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