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Safety Precautions; Preparation; Insert The Batteries Into The Remote Control - JVC 0801-Ki-NV-JET Instruction Manual

Jvc colour television instruction manual
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Safety precautions

• To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the TV to rain or moisture.
• Operate only from the power source indicated on the rear of the TV.
• Avoid damaging the power cord and mains plug. When you unplug the TV, pull it
out by the mains plug. Do not pull on the power cord.
• Never block or cover the cabinet openings
for ventilation. Never install the TV where
good ventilation is unattainable. When
installing this TV, leave spaces for
ventilation around the TV more than the
minimum distances shown in the diagram.
• Do not allow objects or liquid into the
cabinet openings.
• In the event of a fault, unplug the TV and call a service technician. Do not attempt to
repair it by yourself or remove the rear cover.
• The surface of the TV screen is easily damaged. Be very careful with it when
handling the TV. Should the TV screen become soiled, wipe it with a soft dry cloth.
Never rub it forcefully. Never use any cleaner or detergent on it.
• When you don't use this TV for a long period of time, be sure to unplug it.


1 Insert the batteries into the remote control

Correctly insert two batteries, observing the , and . polarities and inserting the .
end first.
Follow the cautions printed on the batteries.
• Use AA/R6/UM-3 dry cell batteries.
• If the remote control does not work properly,
fit new batteries.
The supplied batteries are for testing, not
regular use.
10 cm
10 cm
15 cm
15 cm



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