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JVC TM-1011G Instructions Manual

Colour video monitor
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Thank you for purchasing this JVC Color Video Monitor. Before using it, read and follow all instructions carefully to take full advantage of the monitor’s capabilities. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS In order to prevent any fatal accidents caused by misoperation or mishandling of the monitor, be fully aware of all the following precautions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    POWER CONNECTION The power supply voltage rating of this product is AC 120 V (For U.S.A. and Canada only) and AC 220-240 V (For European countries or United Kingdom), the power cord attached conforms to the following power supply voltage and countries. Use only the power cord designated to ensure Safety and EMC regulations of each countries.
  • Page 4: Controls And Features

    Controls and Features 7 Front Panel 1 Tally lamp This lamp is controlled by the tally function of the MAKE/TRIGGER terminal. ☞ “How to Use the MAKE/TRIGGER Terminal” on pages 14 and 15 • You can set the lamp color to red or green. ☞...
  • Page 5 5 UNDER SCAN button Reduces the screen size so that the whole screen is displayed. 6 BLUE CHECK button Displays the blue video signal only. 7 COLOR OFF button Displays the luminance signal only. 8 INPUT SELECT buttons/lamps Select an input to display. A: Select the video and audio signals input to the VIDEO A and AUDIO A terminals.
  • Page 6: Rear Panel

    Controls and Features 7 Rear Panel w Power input connectors You can use either AC or DC power supply to operate the monitor. AC IN: Connect to an AC outlet with the provided AC power cord. (AC 120 V/ 220-240 V, 50 Hz/60Hz). DC IN 12 V: Connect the power cord from the DC power supply (12 V).
  • Page 7 e AC power switch Turns the AC power on and off. • I : on : off NOTE: • You need to turn on the stand-by button on the front panel to turn on the monitor after turning on the AC power switch.
  • Page 8: Basic Menu Operations

    Basic Menu Operations 7About the Menu Screens This monitor features MAIN MENU which contains the functions normally used and SET-UP MENU which contains the initial settings of the monitor. MAIN MENU Items Functions APERTURE CONTROL Compensates the frequency characteristics of the luminance signal of a video signal. sub menu SELECT Selects the positions and the contents of the sub-menu display.
  • Page 9: Displaying The Menu

    7Displaying the Menu Screens To display MAIN MENU Push in the MENU/VOLUME control on the front panel. To display SET-UP MENU Push in the CHROMA/PHASE button while moving the MENU/VOLUME control to NOTES: • To exit the menu, push in the MENU/VOLUME control several times.
  • Page 10: How To Use Main Menu

    How to Use MAIN MENU 7MAIN MENU Screens MAIN MENU Move the MENU/ VOLUME control to NOTE: • Some items do not appear on the menu depending on the signal currently input or if there is no signal input. Those items are not available to use.
  • Page 11: How To Use Set-Up Menu

    How to Use SET-UP MENU 7SET-UP MENU Screens SET-UP MENU Move the MENU/ VOLUME control to ☞ page 13 NOTE: • Some items do not appear on the menu depending on the signal currently input or if there is no signal input. Those items are not available to use.
  • Page 12 How to Use SET-UP MENU 7Functions and Adjustment Range of Items FUNCTION SETTING Sets the control systems for the COLOR SYSTEM, colors of the tally lamp, and MAKE/TRIGGER terminal. • Can be also used to check the amount of time that the monitor has been used.
  • Page 13 7 BLUE CUTOFF Adjusts the blue cut-off point. • MIN O MAX (in 155 grades) 7 RED CUTOFF Adjusts the red cut-off point. • MIN O MAX (in 155 grades) SIZE/POSI. ADJ. Adjusts the size and position of the picture. 7 H.
  • Page 14: How To Use The External Control

    How to Use the External Control 7About the External Control The Monitor has the MAKE/TRIGGER terminal, which allows you to control the monitor by the MAKE (make contact) or TRIG. (trigger) system selected in the function setting. MAKE (make contact) system: TRIG.
  • Page 15 Functions controlled by the MAKE/TRIGGER Terminal Display Functions to be controlled INP. A Changes the input to INPUT A INP. B Changes the input to INPUT B CO. OFF Turns on/off COLOR OFF ASPECT Changes ASPECT TALLY Controls the tally lamp TA.
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Solutions to common problems related to your monitor are described here. If none of the solutions presented here solve the problem, unplug the monitor and consult a JVC-authorized dealer or service center for assistance. Problems Points to be checked...
  • Page 17: Self-Check Indications

    Problems Points to be checked Wrong picture Has the picture position, size, position, wrong distortion, or tilt been changed? picture size Has the UNDER SCAN button been pressed? Some items do The items which are not available for not appear on the the current input or the current input menu signal do not appear on the menu.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    Specifications Model TM-1011G Type Color Video Monitor Picture Tube 10" measured diagonally Effective Screen Size Width: Height: Diagonal: Scanning Frequency 15 kHz 50 Hz/60 Hz Video Band 6 MHz (–3 dB) Horizontal Resolution 280 TV lines Input/Output Terminals Composite signal input/output terminals VIDEO A/VIDEO B: 2 lines, BNC connector x 4 (1 Vp-p, 75 Ω)
  • Page 19 7Dimensions Unit : mm (inch) Front View 222 (8 ") ") * 183 (7 164 (6 ") Asterisks (*) are used to indicate front panel dimensions. Side View 338.3 (1 3 307.8 (1 2 ") 63.5 ") ") ") ") ") ")
  • Page 20 © 2006 Victor Company of Japan, Limited 0306STH-MW-MT...

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