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Heater Placement And Clearances - Bosch 940 ESO Installation Manual

For outdoor installations only temperature modulated with electronic ignition suitable for heating potable water and space heating (intended for variable flow applications)
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Installation using the Recess Box (7 736 500 043)
Installation using the Recess
Box (7 736 500 043)

Heater placement and clearances

Warning: The water heater with recess
box accessory is intended for an out-
door installation only.
The water heater is approved for installation on a
combustible wall (see chapter 4.4 Mounting
installation) provided the floor covering below
the heater is noncombustible. For installations in an
alcove or closet, maintain the minimum clearances to
combustible and non-combustible materials. See
chapter 2.5, page 8.
Do not install the Recess box:
• Under a deck or patio.
• Side of the building with prevailing winter winds.
• Close to plants or trees.
• In areas where people or animals can accidentally
touch louvered exhaust openings.
• Maintain a clean area in front of the appliance of 4
feet (1,2m).
The Recess box should be installed so the discharge
vent maintains the minimum allowable clearances as
required by the local authority. Where no local require-
ment exists, maintain the following minimum suggested
clearances from builing openings as shown in Fig. 15.
Fig. 15 Discharge vent clearances
Top, front, and side clearances noted on
the front cover of the water heater are not
applicable when installed in a Recess box.
Warning: Improper installation!
This recess box has been designed to be
mounted in a wall cavity with exhaust vent
discharging to the outdoors. Do not install
the recess box in another configuration.
Damages resulting from an improper instal-
lation will not be covered by Bosch limited
Wall cavity
Dimensions of Recess Box
When building the wall cavity for the recess box, make
preparations for the water and gas lines and electrical
wires as well.
Fig. 16 Recess box dimensions in inches (mm)
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