Troubleshooting - Enviro Empress Technical Manual

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● Service the stove with wet hands. The stove is an electrical appliance, which may pose a shock hazard
if handled improperly. Only qualified technicians should deal with possible internal electrical failures.
● Do not remove from the firebox any screws without penetrating oil lubrication.
● Hold the ON / OFF BUTTON down. This is a momentary contact switch and can be damaged if held
down too long.
1. The stove will not start.
2. The stove will not operate when hot.
3. The exhaust blower will not function normally.
4. Light # 2 on Heat output bar flashing.
5. The auger motor will not function normally.
6. The 200 °F (93 °C) high limit temperature sensor has tripped.
7. The convection blower will not function normally.
8. Ignitor- the pellets will not light.
9. Control settings (Heat Level) has no effect on the fire.
10. The stove keeps going out.
*NOTE: All troubleshooting procedures should be carried out by qualified technicians or
1. The stove will not start.
üMake sure the stove is plugged in and the wall outlet is supplying power.
üPush the ON /OFF button. You may need to wait approximately 30 seconds for circuit board to initiate
the stove is on.
üIf the control board has been placed in the on/off thermostat mode, then turn the thermostat up to
call for heat.
üCheck the heat level indicator. - If the # 2 light is flashing refer to "4. Light # 2 on Heat output bar
üCheck the fuse on the circuit board.
üIf the unit still does not start, contact your local service dealer for service.
2. The stove will not operate when hot.
üCheck the heat level indicator if a fire is not detected, or if the fire has gone out the #3 light will
flash because the exhaust temperature sensor's contacts have opened.
üCheck the hopper for fuel.
üIncorrect air damper setting. - Excessive air may consume the fire too quickly before the next drop of
fuel, leaving completely unburned fuel in the burn pot liner. - Insufficient air will cause build up, further
restricting the air flow through the burn pot liner. This in turn will cause the fuel to burn cold and very
slowly. Fuel may build up and smother the fire. In this case clean the burn pot. (Note: the unit may
require a change to the vent system or installation of fresh air to correct air to fuel ratio
üCombustion blower failure. - The combustion blower is not turning fast enough to generate the proper
vacuum in the fire box. Visual check – is the blower motor turning.
üCheck the exhaust blower voltage across the blower wires (>=114V on #5 setting and >= 82V on #1
setting). – Replace the Circuit Board if the Voltage reading is less than 82V. with a line voltage >115V



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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents