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Differentiation Between The Input Electonics Right / Left; 5-Zone Input Electronics For Cooking Hobs With Radiant Heating - Electrolux COOKERS Service Manual

Cookers built-in hob


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Differentiation between the input electonics right / left

The hardware of the electronic is for the left and right interface the same. The difference is the
lasered on the top. The lasered ANCs is near the timer display. To make sure that the left and
the right interface in places correctely one illuminated field is lasered with "R" for tight display
and "L".

5-zone input electronics for cooking hobs with radiant heating

DGS-TDS-N 12.08 U. H. / A. B. © Electrolux
- 6 -
Kite Split
Silicone carrier
HOC 2010 230V
Power electronic
599 714 137 EN

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Table of Contents

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Cookers built-in hob

Table of Contents