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Features - JVC LST0450-001B Instructions Manual

Color video camera
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Thank you for purchasing this product.
(These instructions are for TK-C925U/TK-C925E/TK-C926EG.)
Before beginning to operate this unit, please read the instruction manual
carefully in order to make sure that the best possible performance is obtained.


Realizing a High Picture Quality
This camera realizes 540 TV lines (standard) and S/N50 dB (standard) by
employing a highly sensitive CCD with 380,000 pixels (TK-C925U) or 440,000
pixels (TK-C925E/TK-C926EG) and a high-resolution video processing circuit.
Day/Night surveillance
When the light is low, the camera automatically switches to high-sensitive
mode (B&W mode) to allow for day/night surveillance.
CRT/LCD monitor compatible
This camera is compatible for both CRT/LCD monitors. You can make settings
that are easier to view according to the type of monitor used.
How to read this manual
Conventions and symbols
: Indicates operating precautions.
: Indicates reference data regarding limitations on functions,
usage and the like.
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● JVC holds the copyright to this manual. Any part or all of this manual may
not be reproduced without prior consent from the company.
● Product names of other companies described in this manual are
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Symbols such as
● Design, specifications and other contents described in this manual are
subject to change for improvements without prior notice.
Before starting an important recording, be sure to perform a test recording
in order to confirm that a normal recording is possible.
We do not accept liability for the loss of a recording when recording is not
properly performed due to a problem in the video camera, VTR or video
We do not accept liability for any damage to the camera in cases where it is
dropped because of bad installation due to failure to observe the installation
instructions correctly. Please be careful when installing the camera.
are omitted in this manual.



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