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Remote Control Instructions; Operating Instructions - Black & Decker BDTF-4200R 120V AC 60HZ 55W Instruction Manual

42” tower fan with remote control


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Carefully remove your fan from the box (please keep the box for off-season storage).
For shipping purposes, the fan is packed unassembled.
Make sure the unit is in the OFF position before plugging it into the outlet.
Carefully remove your fan from the box (please keep the box for off-season storage).
Figure 1 shows you how the fan is assembled.
Place the power cord inside the cord groove of column supports #2a and #2b. Snap column
supports #2a and #2b together firmly. (figure 1)
Attach column support assembly #2 to motor base #3 and secure it with four 1/2‫ ״‬long M5 screws.
(figure 1)
Assemble base #1 by interlocking the basses of #1A and #1B together. Thread the power cord
through the large hole in the center. (figure 2)
Attach base #1 with column support #2 and secure with four 1" M5 screws. Please note that the
power cord on the bottom of base #1 should face toward to the back of the fan. Gently pull any
slack from the power cord outward. (figure 3)
Align the power cord inside the groove of the base as shown in figure 3 .


Remote Control Instructions:

Place two AAA batteries (included) in the remote control hand unit.
Plug the power cord into any standard 120V AC, 60 HZ outlet.
Apply power to the fan by pushing the Fan Speed button. This will activate your fan speed.
Speed Selection-
You may now choose the desired fan speed by pressing the ON/OFF button. The fan
speed will rotate between low (1), medium (2) and high (3) speeds by continually pressing the SPEED
button. Press the ON/OFF button to stop the fan.
Oscillation Feature-
Turn on the fan's oscillation feature
start or stop the oscillation feature. By gently turning the head and from side to side you may also
position the desired fan angle. This fan has 5 mechanism angle positions.
Timer Function-
This fan is equipped with a timer that allows you to set the operating time from 1
hour to 12 hours. Each press of the TIMER+ button increases the length of operation by 1 hour, with a
maximum of 12 hours. Each press of the TIMER- button decreases the length of operation by 1 hour,
down to a 1 hour minimum.
Breeze Control-
This fan is also equipped with a feature that enables you to choose from three types
of breeze speeds: Continuous, Natural or Sleep. Every time you turn the fan on, it operates in
continuous mode. You may press the MODE button to select the desired breeze speed. In Natural or
Sleep mode, the fan breeze will vary by switching from high to low speed automatically. Set your fan
speed on Low for a lighter breeze and Medium or High for a stronger breeze.
by pressing the OSC button. This button will


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