Safety Instructions - Black & Decker BDTF-4200R 120V AC 60HZ 55W Instruction Manual

42” tower fan with remote control
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Thank you for purchasing this fan. This product has passed through an extensive quality assurance
process. Every care has been taken to ensure that it reaches you in perfect condition.
Warning! When using electric tools, basic safety precautions should be followed to reduce the risk of
fire, electric shock and personal injury, including the following:
Read all of these instructions before attempting to operate this product.
Check the voltage indicated on the rating plate. This product is designed for a 120V-60Hz power
Do not use an extension cord with this fan.
Do not insert your fingers into the front case. Keep unsupervised children away from the fan.
Keep hair, tablecloths, clothes or curtains away from the openings of the fan. They could be
caught by the fan's blades, causing damage or injuries.
Do not use the fan if the cord or plug are damaged, or if the fan is not working properly.
Periodically check the fan's cord. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, a service agent or a similar qualified person in order to avoid hazards.
Do not use this fan outside.
Do not use this fan in a humid area such as the bathroom.
Do not use this fan in a window.
Do not use this fan with any semi-conductors speed control.
The fan should not operate without the base or lying on its side.
Do not place the power cord under a cover. Do not place any elements on the power cord. Place
the cord in an area where there is no risk of stumbling over it.
Do not operate the fan in an area where gasoline, paint or any such flammable liquids are used
or stocked.
Use this fan only as described in this manual.
Do not disassemble the fan. None of the parts may be repaired by the user.
No part of this fan must be replaced by the user.
The fan should not be opened by user.
Keep electrical appliances out of the reach of Children. Do not let them use the appliances
without supervision.




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