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Troubleshooting Guide; After Sales Service - Whirlpool HOB Instructions For Use Manual

Glass ceramic hob
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Clean the cooktop, when it is cool, after each use. This will
prevent the build-up of dirt and make cleaning easier.
Important: avoid the use of high pressure water or steam cleaning
• Use a clean cloth, absorbent kitchen wipes and washing up
liquid or a specific glass ceramic cleaner.
• Remove baked-on dirt with the special scraper tool
(if provided) and specific cleaning products.
• Food spills should be cleaned off before they bake onto the
glass ceramic surface.
• Foods with high sugar content (toffee, fruit juice, jam, etc.)
that boil over while cooking, or spattered sugar stains must be
immediately removed using a scraper.
• Do not use abrasive products, bleach, oven-cleaner spray or
pan scourers.
The cooktop should be treated periodically with a proprietary
brand of protective wax for glass-ceramic hobs.


Cooktop not working
When pressing the control buttons, did you follow
the instructions in the section "Using the hob" in
the enclosed "Product Description Sheet"?
Is there perhaps a power failure?
Did you dry the hob carefully after cleaning it?
If a cooking zone has been selected and an "F" or an
"ER" appear on the display followed by a number,
contact the After Sales Service and inform them.
- With the exception of the message "F03" or


Before contacting After Sales Service
1. Try to solve the problem (see "Troubleshooting
2. Turn off the appliance and restart it to see if the
fault is repeated.
If after the above checks the fault still occurs, get in
touch with the nearest After Sales Service.
Please give: a short description of the fault,
• the precise type and model of the appliances,
• the service number (the number after the word
"Service" on the data plate), located under the hob or
on the Product Description Sheet.
• your complete address and phone number.
"ER03" that identifies the incorrect cleaning of
the controls area.
- To solve the problem follow the instruction in
the "Cleaning and maintenance of the glass-
ceramic hob" paragraph.
If the hob does not work following intensive use,
the hob internal temperature is too high. Wait a
few minutes until the hob cools down.
If any repairs are required, please contact an
authorized After-sales Service as indicated in the
In the unlikely event that an operation or repair is
carried out by an unauthorised technician, always
request a certification of the job carried out and insist
on the use of original spare parts.
Failure to comply with these instructions may
compromise the safety and quality of the product.

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