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* GR-SXM46/SXM26/SX41/SX21 only
Basic Recording .......................... 16
Basic Features ........................... 18
Advanced Features ...................... 22
Basic Playback ........................... 33
Features .................................. 34
Connections ............................... 36
Animation And Time-Lapse ............. 40
Playback Zoom .......................... 41
Insert Editing ............................. 42
Audio Dubbing ........................... 43
Random Assemble Editing .............. 44
Indications ................................ 52
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   Summary of Contents for JVC GR-FX11

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing the JVC Compact VHS camcorder. Before use, please read the safety information and precautions contained in the following pages to ensure safe use of this product. Using This Instruction Manual •All major sections and subsections are listed in the Table Of Contents on the cover.
  • Page 3 This camcorder is designed to be used with PAL- type colour television signals. It cannot be used for playback with a television of a different standard. However, live recording and LCD monitor*/viewfinder playback are possible anywhere. Use the BN-V11U/V12U/V20U battery packs and, to recharge them, the provided multi-voltage AC Power Adapter/ Charger.
  • Page 4: Major Features

    If the Power Zoom Lever is not moved for more than 1 minute after that, the demonstration will resume. ”DEMO MODE” remains ”ON” even if the camcorder power is turned off. To cancel Automatic Demonstration, set the Power Switch to “PRO.”...
  • Page 5: Provided Accessories

    •Battery Pack BN-V11U •Lithium Battery CR2025 (for clock operation) •Core Filter (for provided Audio/Video cable) •DC Cord (GR-SXM46/SX41 only) Close the Core Filter until it clicks shut. Connect the end of the cable with the Core Filter to the camcorder.
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    To avoid interference with reception, do not use the AC Power Adapter/Charger near a radio. If you connect the camcorder’s DC cord to the adapter during battery charging, power is supplied to the camcorder and charging stops.
  • Page 7: Using The Battery Pack

    Hook on. Push in. BATTERY RELEASE Switch ATTENTION: Before detaching the power source, make sure that the camcorder’s power is turned off. Failure to do so can result in a camcorder malfunction. INFORMATION: VU-V856KIT is a set composed of the BN-V856U battery pack and AA-V80EG AC Power Adapter/Charger.
  • Page 8: Slot Clock (lithium) Battery Insertion/removal

    See “SAFETY PRECAUTIONS” ( on safe handling of lithium batteries. To avoid losing the battery and/or battery holder, place the camcorder with the grip side up as shown in the illustration when inserting/removing the battery. (cont.) pg. 2) for information...
  • Page 9: Date/time Settings

    “EXIT”, and press it. The Menu Screen reappears with the highlight bar on “RETURN”. Press the Select Wheel to close the Menu Screen. NOTE: To display the date and time in the camcorder’s display and on a connected TV, see “Date/Time Insert” pg. 27).
  • Page 10: Tape Length Setting

    Select Wheel Power Switch MENU Button Viewfinder Tape length indicator T 3 0 Display Menu Screen TAPE LENGTH TAPE LENGTH Setting Menu GETTING STARTED Tape Length Setting Set the tape length according to the length of the tape used. Set the Power Switch to “PRO.”, then press MENU. Rotate the Select Wheel to move the highlight bar to “TAPE LENGTH”, then press it.
  • Page 11: Loading/unloading A Cassette

    Make sure the Erase Protection tab is in the position that allows recording. If not, slide the tab. Some cassettes have removable tabs. If the tab has been removed, cover the hole with adhesive tape. The cassette holder cannot be opened while the camcorder is in the record mode.
  • Page 12: Recording Format Setting

    Select Wheel Power Switch MENU Button Display: when a VHS cassette is loaded. Menu Screen – When an S-VHS cassette is loaded: S-VHS S – VHS ET Setting Menu Menu Screen Normal Screen GETTING STARTED Recording Format Setting (GR-SXM46/ SXM26/SX41/SX21 only) Set the recording format according to the format of the tape used or type of recording you wish to perform.
  • Page 13: Recording

    Super VHS VCR. — Tapes recorded in S-VHS ET mode cannot be played back on some VCRs, including some JVC VCRs. Tapes recorded in S-VHS or S-VHS ET mode cannot be played back correctly on a normal VHS VCR.
  • Page 14 “RETURN”. Press the Select Wheel to close the Menu Screen. NOTE: Recordings are made in PAL with this camcorder. If you wish to play back recorded tapes on a VCR or camcorder other than this unit, be sure to use a PAL VCR or camcorder. (cont.)
  • Page 15: Grip Adjustment

    Then tighten the screw. CAUTION: When using a tripod, be sure to open and extend its legs fully to Stabilize the camcorder. To prevent damage to the unit caused by falling over, do not use a small-sized tripod. , making sure...
  • Page 16: Basic Recording

    Make sure the LCD monitor is closed and locked (GR-SXM46/SXM26/FXM16/FXM161 only). Turn the LENS COVER Open/Close Ring to open the lens cover. Set the Power Switch to “CAMERA” (“AUTO” or “PRO.”). The power lamp lights and the camcorder enters the Record-Standby mode. “PAUSE” is Tape remaining time indicator displayed in the viewfinder.
  • Page 17 5 minutes. “TAPE END” also appears when a cassette whose tape is already at its end is loaded. If the Record-Standby mode continues for 5 minutes without performing Zoom or any other operations, the camcorder’s power shuts off automatically. Set the Power Switch to “OFF”, and then back to “CAMERA” to turn the camcorder on again.
  • Page 18: Basic Features

    • When shooting scenes with movement in various directions. • When shooting scenes with low-contrast backgrounds. Switch off the Picture Stabilizer when recording with the camcorder on a tripod. The “ ” indicator appears blinking if the Stabilizer cannot be used.
  • Page 19 FEATURE: PURPOSE: To re-record certain segments. OPERATION: 1) Make sure the camcorder is in the Record–Standby mode. 2) Press and hold either RETAKE to reach the start point for new recording. Pressing 3 forwards the tape and pressing 2 reverses it.
  • Page 20 30 cm between the video light and people or objects. Do not use near flammable or explosive materials. It is recommended that you consult your nearest JVC dealer for replacing the video light. RECORDING Basic Features (cont.) Video Light (GR-SXM46/...
  • Page 21 Power Switch SNAPSHOT Display Snapshot (GR-SXM46/SX41 only) Use your camcorder like a regular camera and take a snapshot, or several of them in succession. Set the Power Switch to “AUTO” or “PRO.”. Press SNAPSHOT. If you press during Record-Standby . . .
  • Page 22: Advanced Features

    EFFECT Button Recording Start/Stop Button NOTES: Pressing and holding the Recording Start/Stop Button allows you to vary the length for the image during fade in/out or wipe in/out. The screen becomes slightly reddish when the Fade/Wipe is used with Sepia ( RECORDING Fade/Wipe Effects These effects let you make pro-style scene transitions.
  • Page 23 P.AE Button Power Switch SEPIA The scene being shot is recorded in sepia-tinted (reddish-brown) monochrome, giving the effect of an older movie. Use together with Wide ( for the authentic look of a classic Hollywood movie. SPORTS High shutter speed clearly captures fast-moving action.
  • Page 24: Using Menus For Detailed Adjustment

    Normal Screen GR-SXM46/SXM26/SX41/SX21 only. RECORDING Using Menus For Detailed Adjustment This camcorder is equipped with an easy-to-use, on-screen menu system that simplifies many of the more detailed camcorder settings. Set the Power Switch to “PRO.”. Menu access depends on the function you select.
  • Page 25 FXM161/FX11 only) NORMAL Allows you to superimpose one of eight preset titles ( TITLE Makes the date/time settings appear in the camcorder or on a connected monitor DATE/TIME pg. 27). DISP. Menu Screen Available Using The MENU Button This Menu Screen cannot be accessed while recording.
  • Page 26 Allows you to set the current date and time ( DATE/TIME This number is necessary when connecting the camcorder to a device such as a computer JLIP ID NO. using the J terminal (JLIP). The numbers range from 01 to 99. Factory setting is 06.
  • Page 27: Instant Titles

    If you do not want to record the display, select the OFF mode before shooting. AUTO DATE Your camcorder automatically records the date for about 5 seconds after recording is initiated in the following situations: • After changing the date.
  • Page 28 NOTES: Before performing the following steps, make sure that: The Power Switch is set to “PRO.”. The camcorder is in the Record-Standby mode. Press MENU. The Menu Screen appears. Rotate the Select Wheel to move the highlight bar to “NEXT” in Menu Screen 1 and press it to display Menu Screen 2.
  • Page 29 INT. TIME and REC TIME indications on the normal screen Time-Lapse You can record sequentially at preset time spans. Leaving the camcorder aimed at a specific subject, you can record subtle changes over an extended period of time. NOTES: Before performing the following steps, make sure that: The Power Switch is set to “PRO.”.
  • Page 30: Exposure Control

    Select Wheel Power Switch To brighten the image – – RECORDING Exposure Control This feature automatically adjusts the iris for the best available picture quality, but you can override it and make the adjustment manually. Manual exposure adjustment is recommended in the following situations: •...
  • Page 31: Auto Focus

    When the focus level cannot be adjusted any farther or closer, “ ” or “ Focusing AUTO FOCUS The camcorder’s Full Range AF system offers continuous shooting ability from close-up to infinity. However, correct focus may not be obtainable in the situations listed below (in these cases use manual focusing): •When two subjects overlap in the same scene.
  • Page 32 If the white balance is correct, all other colors will be accurately reproduced. The white balance is usually adjusted automatically. However, more advanced camcorder operators control this function manually to achieve a more professional colour/tint reproduction. Set the Power Switch to “PRO.”.
  • Page 33: Playback

    •Press 2 to rewind, or 3 to fast-forward the tape during Stop mode. NOTES: The camcorder shuts off automatically after about 5 minutes in Stop mode. To turn on again, set the Power Switch to “OFF”, then to “PLAY”. When the Power Switch is set to “PLAY” and the LCD Set to “PLAY”.
  • Page 34: Features

    To return to Auto Tracking, press P.AE and EFFECT simultaneously. “AT” blinks. When Auto Tracking finishes, the indication disappears. When noise bars appear during playback, the camcorder enters the Auto Tracking mode and “AT” is displayed. Manual Tracking may not work with tapes recorded on Set to “PLAY”.
  • Page 35: Using The Cassette Adapter

    Recording safety hole Cassette Adapter (optional) Use this to play back an S-VHS-C/VHS-C video cassette recorded with this camcorder on a VHS VCR. It is fully compatible with any S-VHS/VHS video cassette recorder. The C-P7U (optional) adapter is battery powered and automatically performs tape loading and unloading.
  • Page 36: Connections

    These are some basic types of connections. When making the connections, refer also to your VCR and TV instruction manuals. A. Connection to a TV or VCR equipped with a SCART connector compatible only with regular video signal Use the provided Audio/Video (A/V) cable. Yellow to Video Output White to Audio Output...
  • Page 37: Basic Connections

    Basic Connections Make sure all units are turned off. Connect the camcorder to a TV or VCR as shown in the illustration ( If using a VCR . . . go to step 3. If not . . . go to step 4.
  • Page 38: Using The Remote Control Unit

    The Full-Function Remote Control Unit can operate this camcorder from a distance as well as the basic operations (Playback, Stop, Pause, Fast-Forward and Rewind) of your VCR. Buttons Infrared beam transmitting window ZOOM (T/W) Buttons PLAY Button REW Button STOP Button...
  • Page 39: Installing The Battery

    Lock hole Knob Transmitted beam effective area Remote sensor Installing The Batteries (RM-V715U, provided with GR-SXM46/SX41 only) The remote control uses two ”R03 (AAA)” size batteries. See “General Battery Precautions” pg. 54). Open the battery compartment cover as illustrated. Insert two ”R03 (AAA)” size batteries in the correct direction.
  • Page 40: Animation And Time-lapse

    USING THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT Remote sensor START/STOP INT. TIME REC. TIME RM-V715U (provided with GR-SXM46/ SX41 only) FEATURE: Interval time PURPOSE: indicator The remote control lets you set/release Interval Time and Recording Time without using the Menu Screen. Recording time OPERATION: indicator Animation...
  • Page 41: Playback Zoom

    Press the ZOOM Buttons (T/W) on the remote control. Make sure the remote control is pointed at the camcorder’s remote sensor. Pressing T zooms in. To End Zoom and hold W until magnification returns to normal.
  • Page 42: Insert Editing

    Play back the tape, locate the Edit-Out point and press PAUSE. Press and hold COUNTER R/M on the camcorder for more than 1 second to reset the tape counter, then press it again for less than 1 second so that “M”...
  • Page 43: Audio Dubbing

    A. DUB, press and release PAUSE. The Audio Dub- Standby mode is engaged. To begin Audio Dubbing, press PLAY. When the counter reaches “0:00:00”, Audio Dubbing stops automatically and the camcorder enters the Audio Dub-Standby mode. To end Audio Dubbing, press STOP. NOTES: Do not press FF or REW during Audio Dub-Standby, or the edit points will not be accurate.
  • Page 44: Random Assemble Editing

    VCR CTL VCR BRAND BUTTONS (A) (B) NAME PHILIPS IMPORTANT Although the MBR is compatible with JVC VCRs and those of many other makers, it may not work with yours or may offer limited functions. NOTES: SANYO SELECO, SHARP SONY...
  • Page 45: Make Connections

    JVC VCR EQUIPPED WITH REMOTE PAUSE TERMINAL Connect the editing cable to the Remote PAUSE Open the terminal. cover. JVC VCR NOT EQUIPPED WITH REMOTE PAUSE TERMINAL BUT EQUIPPED WITH R.A. EDIT CONNECTOR To S-Video Connect the editing cable to the R.A.EDIT output connector.
  • Page 46 (optional) : 2 5 SELECT SCENES Point the remote control at the camcorder’s remote sensor. Press PLAY, then press ON/OFF on the remote control. The R.A. Edit counter display appears. Press REW or FF to locate the beginning of the scene you want, then press IN/OUT to register that point.
  • Page 47: Automatic Editing To Vcr

    VCR REC STBY ON/OFF AUTOMATIC EDITING TO VCR Rewind the tape in the camcorder to the beginning of the scene you want to edit and press PAUSE. Point the remote control towards the VCR’s infrared sensor and press VCR REC STBY, or manually engage the VCR’s Record-Pause mode.
  • Page 48: Troubleshooting

    If, after following the steps in the chart below, the problem still exists, please consult your JVC dealer. The camcorder is a microcomputer-controlled device. External noise and interference (from a TV, a radio, etc.) might prevent it from functioning properly. In such cases, first disconnect its power supply unit (battery pack, AC Power Adapter/Battery Charger, etc.) and clock battery;...
  • Page 49 The scene being shot is adversely affecting the operation of Auto Focus ( pg. 31). If you remove the power source from the camcorder while the power is on, all settings and selections are erased. Make sure to turn the camcorder’s power off before disconnecting the power source.
  • Page 50: Index

    INDEX Controls, Connectors And Indicators 3 4 5 6 &...
  • Page 51: Other Parts

    Tripod Mounting Socket ... are located beneath the Random Assemble Editing ( such as a personal computer. For further details consult your nearest JVC dealer. is not possible if the VCR is not equipped with a J terminal. Be careful not to cover this area; a sensor necessary for shooting is built-in here.
  • Page 52: Indications

    Indications During Recording Tape Remaining Time ... Blinks when a tape is about to reach its end. Program AE Indicator ... Displayed at for approx. 2 seconds when Program AE with special effects is switched from one mode to another by pressing P.AE., then only the indicator remains at Fade/Wipe-Standby Indicator ...
  • Page 53: Indications During Playback

    Appears when the tape ends during recording, playback or fast-forward. TAPE END Blinks for approx. 5 seconds when the camcorder is turned on with the lens cover closed. LENS COVER These 2 warnings appear alternately every 3 seconds if condensation occurs. In this case, all functions except tape eject and power on/off are disabled.
  • Page 54: Cautions

    •Do not use near flammable or explosive materials. •It is recommended that you consult your nearest JVC dealer for replacing the video light. General Battery Precautions If the remote control or cassette adapter is not functioning even if it is being operated correctly, the batteries are exhausted.
  • Page 55: Main Unit

    ... vertically, in their original cases. Main Unit 1. For safety, DO NOT the camcorder’s chassis..disassemble or modify the unit..short-circuit the terminals of the battery pack. Keep it away from metallic objects when not in use.
  • Page 56: Cautions

    Serious malfunctioning If malfunctioning occurs, stop using the unit immediately and consult your local JVC dealer. CAUTIONS For Your Maintenance 1. After Use Set the Power Switch to “OFF” to turn off the camcorder.
  • Page 57: Specifications

    •Remote Control Unit RM-V700U •Active Carrying Bag CB-V7U •Cassette Adapter C-P7U Some accessories are not available in some areas. Please consult your nearest JVC dealer for details on accessories and their availability. E & O.E. Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Page 58 MEMO...
  • Page 59 MEMO...

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