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Toshiba TOSVERT VF-FS1 series Function Manual

Bacnet option unit - communication function manual.
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Communication Function Manual
1. Make sure that this function manual is delivered to the end user of BACnet
2. Read this manual before installing or operating the BACnet
safe place for reference.
3. All information contained in this manual are subject to change without notice. Please
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option unit
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Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Toshiba TOSVERT VF-FS1 series

  • Page 1 E6581404 TOSVERT VF-FS1 series ® BACnet option unit Communication Function Manual NOTICE ® 1. Make sure that this function manual is delivered to the end user of BACnet option unit. ® 2. Read this manual before installing or operating the BACnet option unit.
  • Page 2 E6581404 Introduction ® Thank you for purchasing the “BACnet option unit” for TOSVERT VF-FS1 series Inverter. ® Before using BACnet option unit, carefully read this function manual in order to completely and correctly utilize its excellent performance. After reading this function manual, please keep it handy for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    E6581404 Table of Contents 1. Scope ..............................3 1.1. Overview ............................3 2. Names and functions of main parts.....................3 2.1. Name of main parts........................3 2.2. Use of RS485 communication port ....................4 2.3. LED indicator..........................4 2.4. Command & Setpoint selection (Local/Remote)................5 2.5. Description of terminals ......................6 2.6.
  • Page 4: Scope

    E6581404 1. Scope 1.1. Overview Thank you for purchasing a “BACnet communication Option (BCN002Z)” for TOSVERT VF-FS1 inverter. This option can connect with open field network BACnet MS/TP network and data communications with the network through installing this option in the VF-FS1 and using it. BACnet MS/TP supports a maximum of 32 nodes for one segment.
  • Page 5: Use Of Rs485 Communication Port

    RS485 then the communication via BACnet network is disabled and the data can not be refreshed. In this case, communication error trip time (f803) is also active. Use RS485 serial communication option specified by Toshiba. 2.3. LED indicator The option has two LEDs.
  • Page 6: Command & Setpoint Selection (local/remote)

    E6581404 2.4. Command & Setpoint selection (Local/Remote) Indication to display Local/Remote mode is on the inverter unit (Refer to the inverter instruction manual for details). BACnet option command and setpoint are activated on Remote mode Inverters have some switches to select the command and setpoint location. Following figure shows the diagram.
  • Page 7: Description Of Terminals

    E6581404 2.5. Description of terminals <Control terminals specification> Terminal Function Electrical specifications Internal circuits symbol Communication signal (+) 4.7k Communication signal (-) Signal common 4.7k BACnet communication signal EIA-485 Shield terminal. TERM Connect to network ground Multifunctional programmable SINK SOURCE No voltage contact input contact input.
  • Page 8: Network Cable Connection

    E6581404 2.6. Network cable connection Connect the BACnet network cable to communication option as follows. Title Description Wire type Shielded twisted cable Characteristic impedance Between 100 and 130 ohm Distributed impedance between Less than 100pF per meter conductors Distributed impedance between Less than 200pF per meter conductors and shield Foil or braided shields are acceptable.
  • Page 9: Wiring Of A Control Terminal

    E6581404 2.8. Wiring of a control terminal Observe the following when wiring. - Use 0.3 to 1.5mm solid/stranded wire (AWG 22 to 16) for control cables. - Remove the sheath of a cable about 7mm (6mm for FLA, FLB, FLC and G/E) from the end of cable. - Use a flat-headed screwdriver with its blade 0.6mm in thickness and 3.5mm in width.
  • Page 10: Parameters

    E6581404 3. Parameters 3.1. Communication parameters Set up the inverter parameters as follows. To update, reset the power of inverter. If these parameters are set to correct value, this unit can not work normally. Shipment Title Function Description BACnet setting 0: Terminal board cmod Command mode selection...
  • Page 11: Communication Setting Between Option Board

    E6581404 3.2. Communication setting between option board Do not change communication rate (f800), parity (f801) and communication waiting time (f805) from shipment setting. If change the setting, the option board does not work properly. 3.3. Communication error detection between inverter and option board Set the communication loss action time to f803 between the inverter and the option board.
  • Page 12: Use The Communication Option

    Serial communication (2-wire RS485) option can be used. However, while it is connected, the internal communication line is switched to RS485 then the communication via BACnet network is disabled. In this case, communication error trip time (f803) is also active. Use RS485 serial communication option specified by Toshiba - 11 -...
  • Page 13: Functions

    E6581404 4. Functions This option board is based on BACnet “Application Specific Controller” (B-ASC). 4.1. Object / Property support Matrix This option board supports below table objects and properties. Object Type Property Binary Binary Binary Analog Analog Analog Device Input Output Value Input...
  • Page 14: Drive I/o Objects

    E6581404 4.2. Drive I/O Objects 4.2.1. Binary Input Object Instance The output terminals and the input terminals can be monitored. Binary Input Active / Instance ID Object Name VFFS1 Description Access Inactive Binary input #0 RO 1 ACT Output terminal monitor ON / OFF Binary input #1 RO 2 ACT...
  • Page 15: Control Objects

    E6581404 4.3. Control objects 4.3.1. Binary Value Objects Instance Binary Value Object Instance Binary Active/ Object Name Description Access Value ID Inactive Text RUN/STOP ACT Indicates the drive status RUNS/ READY FWD/REV ACT Indicates the motor rotation’s direction REV/ FWD FAULT ACT Indicates the drive’s fault status FAULTED/NONE...
  • Page 16: Analog Value Objects Instance

    R = Read-only, W=Writable, C=Commandable. Commandable values support the priority arrays and relinquish defaults. *1: The value are hold when the inverter trip. 4.4. Device Objects Object Name “VF-FS1” Object Type “8” (device) Vendor Name “TOSHIBA” Model Name “VFFS1-2007PM” Firmware Revision “V1.02” Application Software Version “V1.08” (VSD software version) Protocol Version “1”...
  • Page 17: Parameter Access

    E6581404 4.5. Parameter access Using below objects, inverter parameters can be read and written. Object ID Object Name Description Parameter No. Set the parameter number Analog value MBOX PARAM (hexadecimal) to decimal value number. Parameter value. The data unit is depend on the parameter specification.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    E6581404 5. Specifications < Environmental specification > Item Specification Service environment Conforms to VF-FS1 Operation temperature Conforms to VF-FS1 Storage temperature -25 to +65℃ Relative humidity 20 to 93% (free from condensation and vapor) Vibration 5.9m/s (0.6G) or less (10 to 55 Hz) (To be complied with JIS C0040.) <...
  • Page 19: Bacnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement

    E6581404 5.1. BACnet Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement Date Oct. 2006 Vendor Name Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation Product Name Low Voltage AC Motor Drive Product Model Number VF-FS1 V1.08 (VSD software version) Applications Software Version Firmware Revision V1.02 BACnet Protocol Revision Product Description BACnet Option board is designed for VF-FS1 series.
  • Page 20 E6581404 ■ ANSI X3.4 □ IBM™/Microsoft™ DBCS Character Sets Supported: Indicating support for multiple character sets □ ISO 8859-1 □ ISO 10646 (UCS-2) does not imply that they can all be supported simultaneously. □ ISO 10646 (UCS-4) □ JIS C 6226 If this product is a communication gateway, describe the types of non-BACnet equipment/networks(s) that...

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