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Sony Dualshock 3 User Manual

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  • Page 3: Product View

    Congratulations on purchasing the World’s Fastest Rapid Fire, Fact! We are sure you will love all the Arbiter 3 has to offer, and we are always welcome of suggestions on improvements and extra features if you find anything is missing, so don’t hesitate to get it touch. Getting to know your controller At first you may be wondering how on earth the A3 works when there appears to be no extra buttons, holes, or anything out of the ordinary from the outside.
  • Page 4: Activating

    ! IMPORTANT ! When turning on controller do not press any buttons while the Player 3 indicator is flashing. The chip initializes when the controller is first turned on and needs all triggers to be released. Activating Before the chip is ready to respond to any command, you must tell it to “activate” and become ready to receive a command.
  • Page 5 LiTE Modes 1. Ultra Fire 2. Rapid Fire 3. Rapid Fire (3 Burst) 4. Ultra Fire + Drop Shot (LT Cancellation) 5. Drop Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 6. Rapid Fire + Drop Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 7. Ultra Fire + Jump Shot (LT Cancellation) 8.
  • Page 6 Elite Modes r+l+X RAPID FIRES ( JUMP SHOTS + AIM ( 1. Rapid Fire 41. Jump Shot + Aim 2. Rapid Fire Alternate 42. Rapid Fire + Jump Shot + Aim 3. Rapid Fire GTA + Aim 43. Jump Shot + Aim (LT Cancellation) 4.
  • Page 7 Chip Modes: Selecting the list of modes This step is optional and only needs to be done each time you want to change the list of modes. As standard the chip comes in LiTE mode. If at this stage you want to swap your list of modes (Lite, Full, A2 etc…) then do the following after activating the chip.
  • Page 8 Tactile Layout / Battlefield 3 Some users like to use alternate button layouts for the games. For Call of Duty the popular alternative is Tactile Layout, which swaps the Drop button and Knifing button ( and right thumbstick) around, so will knife and the right thumb will drop.
  • Page 9 Auto-Stand In Drop-Shot modes, after dropping you to the floor and releasing the chip automatically stands you back up. If you would prefer it to leave you down after releasing then you can toggle the feature on/off. To turn on/off Auto-Stand, activate the chip ( ) and then hold down and tap When you do this the Player 3 LED will flash twice to say it is turned on, or once to say it is...
  • Page 10 Adjusting Speed One of the best things about the Arbiter 3 is every single mode that uses Rapid Fire or timings can have its speed completely customized for future proof games. As default the speed of rapid fire is what we call Speed Mode 9. The slowest speed is Speed Mode 50, and fastest is Speed Mode 1.
  • Page 11 Tap Shot Timing Adjust As well as the rapid fire speed, the timing of the Quick Scope Tap Shot can be fully adjusted. To enter the “user programmable” mode for adjusting tap shot timings, you enter Tap Shot mode as you normally would (you must be in Full chip mode) except as well as the normal r+l+S buttons of , you also hold down the...
  • Page 12 The best bit is all of these can be enabled in combination meaning any of the 4 buttons can be mapped to any other button and for any rapid fire or aiming function. To cycle between R remapping modes first activate the chip ( ) then hold and tap .
  • Page 13 To swap the left buttons to match so that aims and throws grenades do the following. Remember if you have already enabled Trigger Swapping for R buttons like above, then you need to hold instead of to activate. Activate the chip ( ) then hold and tap until the light flashes 3 times...
  • Page 14 Features Explained Rapid Fire Aim & Auto Aim Any modes that have ‘Aim’ activated mean that by Rapid fire is when you press the trigger to fire pulling to fire, it will automatically pull your weapon and the chip rapidly fires the trigger for you so you don’t have to manually aim down simulating you pressing the trigger over and...

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