Emerson Copeland Scroll User Manual

Emerson Copeland Scroll User Manual

Zx condensing unit for refrigeration applications
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Copeland Scroll
ZX condensing unit for refrigeration applications
User Manual


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  • Page 1 Copeland Scroll ZX condensing unit for refrigeration applications User Manual...
  • Page 2 About Emerson Climate Technologies Emerson Climate Technologies, a business segment of Emerson, is the world’s leading provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications. The group combines best-in-class technology with proven engineering, design, distribution, educational and monitoring services to provide customized, integrated climate- control solutions for customers worldwide.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Disclaimer Features and Benefits Nomenclature Bill of Material Physical Layout of the Unit Product Specification Qualifi ed Refrigerants And Oils E2 Control Board - Rotary Switch And Dip Switch Setting (ZX-MT, ZXB-MT & ZXL-LT) Defrost Module Function Set Digital Scroll Controller (ZXD) ZX CDU Intelligent Store Solution Module Installation...
  • Page 4: Disclaimer

    Disclaimer Thank you for purchasing the ZX platform condensing unit from Emerson Climate Technologies. ZX platform CDUs are the best in class within the capacity and operating range available in the market. ZX CDU is designed to operate reliably and to deliver high operating efficiencies in medium and low temperature refrigeration applications.
  • Page 5: Nomenclature

    • Internal Thermal Sensor Failure • Intelligent Store Solution: Communication and Retail Store Monitoring Oversized Condenser Copeland Scroll Compressor Technology – Coil for Maximum Heat High Effi ciency, Ultra Quiet, High Reliability Transfer Figure 1. ZX Platform CDU Features Nomenclature...
  • Page 6: Physical Layout Of The Unit

    Physical Layout of the Unit The following figures give an introduction to the physical layout of the ZX Platform CDU ZX-MT, ZXB-MT & ZXL-LT E2 Controller ZXD Digital Scroll Controller Scroll Compressor See Fig. 5 for LED and keypad Figure 2. Identifies the Electronic controller assembly on a ZX platform CDU. Accumulator Oil Separator (Optional In MT CDU)
  • Page 7: Product Specification

    Suction pressure Suction temperature display Program Mode: browses parameter codes or increase value Enter Alarm Hot Key Insert : Hot key programming procedure INFO Menu: Press and release it to access Manual Restart INFO Menu Program Mode: below parameter codes or Setup Menu decrease value Maintenance /Clock...
  • Page 8: E2 Control Board - Rotary Switch And Dip Switch Setting (Zx-Mt, Zxb-Mt & Zxl-Lt)

    E2 Control Board Dip Switch Setting (ZX-MT, ZXB-MT & ZXL-LT) ZX Model Related Software Related Software Version With Fan Speed Control Version With Fan Speed Control 300-0043-02 V2.2 300-0043-00 V2.2 Rotary S3 Bit1/ Rotary S3 Bit1/ Model S2 Bit 3 Model S2 Bit 3 Switch...
  • Page 9: Defrost Module Function Set

    For ZX-MT Unit: OFF: Evaporator ON/OFF logic is same as compressor and this is the factory default setting ON: Evaporator fan will be ON for all time irrespective of whether the 1 2 3 compressor is turned ON or OFF For ZXL-LT &...
  • Page 10: Zx Cdu Intelligent Store Solution Module

    ZX CDU Intelligent Store Solution Module ZX CDU address is determined using dip switches on the Intelligent Store Solution Module. Switch numbers 1 to 6 set the slave address. Switch number 7 will set the Baud rate and switch number 8 will set the parity. The range of allowable addresses is 1 through 63.
  • Page 11 Set Address Address Address=10 Address=11 Address=12 Address=13 Address=14 Address=15 Address=16 Address=17 Address=18 Address=19 Address=20 Address=21 Address=22 Address=23 Address=24 Address=25 Address=26 Address=27 Address=28 Address=29 Address=30 Address=31 Address=32 Address=33 Address=34 Address=35 Address=36 Address=37 Address=38 Address=39 Address=40 Address=41 Address=42 Address=43 Address=44 Address=45 Address=46 Address=47 Address=48 Address=49...
  • Page 12 Set Address Address Address=58 Address=59 Address=60 Address=61 Address=62 Address=63 Set Baud Rate Baud Rate 9.6Kbps 19.2Kbps Set Parity Parity Even Parity No Parity Network Wiring Dixell XWEB300D Serial Address • Connect to the ModBUS network using cable with 2 or 3 shielded wires, minimum section 0.5mm (e.g.
  • Page 13 Termination Resistor for XWEB300D If XWEB300D is placed at the beginning or at the end of the line, please install its termination resistor by adding a jumper in position 2 (JMP2 on the back side of the unit). Do not add the jumper if XWEB300D is placed in the middle of the RS485 line.
  • Page 14: Installation

    Installation Copeland ZX condensing units are delivered with a holding charge of neutral gas. The condensing unit should be located in such a place to prevent any dirt, plastic bag, leaves or papers from covering the condenser and its fins. The unit must be installed without restricting the airflow.
  • Page 15: Refrigeration Piping Installation

    Refrigeration Piping Installation All interconnecting pipes should be of refrigeration grade, clean, dehydrated and must remain capped at both ends until installation. Even during installation, if the system is left for any reasonable period of time (say two hours), pipes should be re- capped to prevent moisture and contaminants from entering the system.
  • Page 16: Expansion Valve Selection For Low Ambient Application

    Expansion Valve Selection for Low Ambient Application For systems expected to operate in varying ambient conditions – namely summer and winter temperatures – the expansion valve (TXV or EXV) sizing should take into consideration the maximum expected saturated condensing temperature at high ambient conditions (summer) and the minimum expected saturated condensing temperature, set at -25°C, during low ambient conditions (winter).
  • Page 17: Start Up And Operation

    Oil charging procedure Emerson ZX condensing units are supplied only with a compressor oil charge. After commissioning, the oil level should be checked and topped up if necessary. The oil level should be approximately halfway up the sight glass (ZXL/ZXD units). Oil can be charged through the Schraeder valve on suction valve.
  • Page 18: Diagnostic Messaging - Led Definition (Zx-Mt, Zxb-Mt & Zxl-Lt)

    Diagnostic Messaging - LED Definition (ZX-MT, ZXB-MT and ZXL-LT) Controller LED1-Unit Status LED2-Error/Warning Code Controller Pause Unit Display Warning Signal Lock Unit Automatic Display Status Display Error/Warning Manual Reset Reset Idle (Stop When No error/warning Reach To Set-point) Compressor Phase Error (Wrong Phase Sequence/Loss of Every Protec- Every Protection Action Phase)
  • Page 27: General Information

    Products, specifications, and data in this literature are subject to change without notice. The information given herein is based on data and tests which Emerson Climate Technologies believes to be reliable and which are in accordance with today’s technical knowledge. It is intended for use by persons having the appropriate technical knowledge and skill, at their own discretion and risk.
  • Page 28: Contact Lists

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