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Huawei Ascend Mate7 User Manual

Huawei ascend mate7 mobile phone user guide.
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User Guide


   Summary of Contents for Huawei Ascend Mate7

  • Page 1 User Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Gallery Music Playing a video Transferring data Bluetooth Wi-Fi Direct Multi-screen display Huawei Beam Connecting your phone to a computer Connecting your phone to a USB storage device Managing your phone Managing applications File Manager Phone Manager Backup, restoration, and update...
  • Page 3 Mirror...
  • Page 4: New Features

    New features New features Read before use This guide only applies to phones that run EMUI 3.0. Features in this guide are for your reference only. Some features may not be supported by all phones. Unlocking with fingerprint Enrolling your fingerprint You can unlock the screen or access encrypted data with your fingerprint.
  • Page 5 New features Unlocking the Safe with your fingerprint After enabling Safe File Manager and setting your password, you will be prompted to enable fingerprint unlocking. Touch Associate to access the Safe and associate your fingerprint. If you skip this step, you can also enable this feature as follows: Open Settings.
  • Page 6: Safe

    New features Safe Encrypt important and private files to prevent others from viewing them. Enabling the Safe Open File Manager. Touch Safe. If your phone supports and has a microSD card inserted, you can choose to create the Safe in SD card or Internal.
  • Page 7: Taking Photos From The Timeline Album Screen

    New features Taking photos from the timeline album screen You can take photos directly from Gallery. Open Gallery. Touch the view switching button at the bottom of the screen to switch to the timeline album view. On the timeline album screen, drag down on a blank area to launch the camera in half-screen mode.
  • Page 8: Scanning A Qr Code

    New features Drag the viewfinder further down to enter full-screen capture mode. When you are done, touch Return to return to the timeline album screen. Scanning a QR code Scanning a QR code using Gallery Open Gallery. Choose a QR code photo. Gallery will automatically scan the QR code.
  • Page 9: Protecting Your Privacy

    New features Protecting your privacy What's Privacy protection? If you have content on your phone that you want to keep private, you can set two different unlock passwords, one for yourself, and the other for visitors. If your phone is unlocked using the visitor password, all your private content will be hidden.
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting started Getting started Basic screen features Magazine screen unlock Flick up from the bottom of the screen to display the magazine unlock control panel. Magazine control area: Stop shuffling magazine covers, go to the next page, add the current cover to favorites, and more. Shortcut buttons: Access common tools, such as Calendar, Calculator, and Flashlight.
  • Page 11: Notification Panel

    Getting started Adding a widget Touch and hold a blank area on the home screen. Touch Widgets. Choose a widget and drag it to the home screen. Creating a folder On the home screen, drag one application on top of another to create a folder containing both of them.
  • Page 12: Taking A Screenshot

    Getting started View detailed information about push notifications. Flick left or right across a notification to dismiss it. Clear all push notifications. Expand or collapse the shortcut switches. (This feature may not be supported by all models.) Adjust the screen brightness. Turn on or turn off common functions.
  • Page 13: Personalizing Your Phone

    Getting started Touch the suspend button to expand the suspend button menu for the following actions: • Touch to return to the previous screen. • Touch to go to the home screen. • Touch to view the list of recently used applications. •...
  • Page 14: Basic Operations

    Getting started Setting notification tones Open the notification panel and go to the Shortcuts tab. Touch and hold from the shortcut switches to enter the tone settings screen. Set your notification tones, such as the ringtone. Changing the font size Open Settings.
  • Page 15: Calling, Contacts And Messaging

    Getting started • Touch where you want to insert the text and drag to move the insertion point. You can then paste the text you copied or cut. Calling, contacts and messaging Placing a call Placing a call Open Dialer. •...
  • Page 16: Creating A Contact

    Getting started Answering a call • Drag right to answer the call. • Drag left to reject the call. • Drag up to reject the call and send the caller a message. To edit the message that will be sent, touch >...
  • Page 17: Email

    Getting started Open Contacts. In the contacts list, touch > Import/Export. You can then: • Choose a method to import contacts. • Export contacts to a storage device or SIM card. • Share your contacts. Messaging Open Messaging. On the message thread screen, touch Touch to choose a contact.
  • Page 18: Internet Connection

    Getting started When you are done, touch to send the email. Internet connection Turning on the mobile network To quickly turn on or turn off your mobile network, open the notification panel, go to the Shortcuts tab, and touch When you don't need to access the Internet, turn off the mobile network to save battery power and reduce mobile data usage.
  • Page 19: Entertainment

    Entertainment Entertainment Camera Capture screen Turn on the flash. Flick left or right to switch between common capture modes. View photos and videos in Gallery. Take a photo or shoot a video. Apply a special effect.
  • Page 20: Taking A Photo

    Entertainment Switch between the rear and front cameras. Choose a capture mode and set the camera parameters. Taking a photo Open Camera. Frame the scene you want to capture. Let your camera focus automatically or touch the screen to focus the camera. Touch to take a single photo, or touch and hold to take several...
  • Page 21: Gallery

    Entertainment Flick left or right to switch to video mode. Frame the scene you want to record. Touch to start recording. Setting the preferred save location for photos and videos This section only applies to phones that support microSD cards. After a microSD card is properly inserted into your phone, you can change the preferred save location for photos and videos.
  • Page 22: Music

    Entertainment Sharing a photo or video Open Gallery. Touch the photo or video you want to share. Flick up on the photo or video, and touch START to turn on Transfer. Your phone then automatically enables Bluetooth and searches for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • Page 23 Entertainment Touch the video you want to play. Touch the onscreen control buttons to fast forward, rewind, stop, or perform other operations.
  • Page 24: Transferring Data

    Transferring data Transferring data Bluetooth Turning on Bluetooth Open the notification panel and go to the Shortcuts tab. Touch and hold to enter the Bluetooth settings screen. Touch Turn on Bluetooth. From the search results, choose a Bluetooth device, and follow the onscreen instructions to pair your phone with it.
  • Page 25: Multi-screen Display

    Huawei Beam This feature may not be supported by all models. Huawei Beam lets you quickly share data between two Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled phones. To beam a web page or contact to another phone, place the two phones back to back and touch the content.
  • Page 26: Connecting Your Phone To A Computer

    Windows Media Player 11 or later is required. HiSuite mode HiSuite is a file transfer application developed by Huawei. It lets you back up, synchronize, and transfer data between your phone and computer. USB flash drive mode This section applies to phones that support microSD cards only.
  • Page 27: Managing Your Phone

    Managing your phone Managing your phone Managing applications Viewing recently used applications Touch Recent to view the list of recently used applications. (If your phone has a physical menu button, press and hold Menu). You can then: • Touch an application to open it. •...
  • Page 28: File Manager

    Managing your phone During the installation, an Install blocked message may be displayed. Read the message carefully. If you want to continue with the installation, follow the onscreen instructions to allow the installation of third-party applications. Uninstalling an application On the home screen, touch and hold the application you want to uninstall until is displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Page 29: Creating A Shortcut For A File Or Folder

    Desktop shortcuts. Cloud Drive This feature may not be supported by all models. Log in with your Huawei ID before you use Cloud Drive. Uploading a file Open File Manager.
  • Page 30: Phone Manager

    Managing your phone Take a photo or select a local file. Downloading a file Open File Manager. Under Cloud, select the folder that contains the file you want to download. Touch Select the file you want to download. Viewing file transfer records Open File Manager.
  • Page 31: Backup, Restoration, And Update

    Managing your phone Open Phone Manager, and use the following features to block messages, calls, and notifications: • Harassment filter: Set a blacklist to block unwanted messages and calls. • Notification manager: Block unwanted push notifications. • Do not disturb: In do not disturb mode, your phone will ring only when you receive calls from specified contacts.
  • Page 32: Restoring Factory Settings

    Using unauthorized third-party software to update your phone may damage your phone or put your personal information at risk. It is recommended that you update your phone using the phone's online update feature or through Huawei's official software update packages. •...
  • Page 33: Tools

    Tools Tools Weather With Weather, you can: • Check the weather information: Touch to check the air quality, humidity, wind force, and more. • Add a city: Touch > , enter a city name, and touch the city you want to add. •...
  • Page 34 Tools Mirror On the Mirror screen, you can: • Adjust the brightness: Touch at the top of the screen. • Zoom in or out: Drag along the bottom of the screen. Touch and hold an area on the screen to zoom in, and release your finger to zoom out and restore the image.
  • Page 35 All statements, information, and recommendations in this guide do not constitute a warranty of any kind, express or implied. Please visit for recent updated hotline and email address in your country or region. Model: HUAWEI MT7-L09...

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