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Installing The Authoring Software - NEC MP-01 Quick Reference Manual

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USB Memory Procedures

Installing the Authoring Software

Installing the Authoring Software
Included CD
Time required for installation: About 5 minutes
◆ Insert the CD provided with the media player in the
personal computer onto which the software is to be installed.
◆ Run the file "setup" in the "<Authoring Software> /
<ENG>" folder on the provided CD.
◆ In case you use Windows XP, confirm that Microsoft .NET
Framework 2.0 or 3.5 is already installed. If either one is not
installed, select "No", then start the installation from
Microsoft Windows Update. *Note 1)
It is already installed in Windows Vista, Windows 7.
(When it is not installed, this software finishes with error.)
◆ Follow the directions displayed and click "Next".
◆ Specify the folder in which the software should be installed.
*: Default: C: Authoring software
Click "Next" to use the default folder.
◆ Follow the directions displayed and click "Yes".
*Note 1) Refer to the Authoring software operation manual for
details on installation confirmation and method.


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