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STA-RITE 200K BTU/HR Owner's Manual

Sr pool and spa heater natural gas / lp gas; 200k btu/hr; 333k btu/hr; 400k btu/hr
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O W N E R ' S
Retain this manual for future reference.
This manual supplies information for the installation, operation,
and servicing of the appliance. It is strongly recommended that
this manual be reviewed completely before proceeding with an
installation. Its use will reduce service calls and chance of injury
and will lengthen product life.
or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or death.
– Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the
vicinity of this or any other appliance.
• Do not try to light any appliance.
• Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building.
• Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor's phone. Follow the
gas supplier's instructions.
• If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.
– Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service
agency or the gas supplier.
Sta-Rite Pool/Spa Group
293 Wright Street, Delavan, WI 53115
North America: 800-752-0183, FAX 800-582-2217
International: 414-728-5551, FAX: 414-728-4461, TELEX: ITT 4970245
Oxnard, CA • Union City, TN • Delavan, WI • Mississauga, Ont.
© 1998, Sta-Rite Industries, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.
If the information in these instructions is not followed exactly, a fire
2668 039
S396 (Rev. 3/31/98)



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  Summary of Contents for STA-RITE 200K BTU/HR

  • Page 1 293 Wright Street, Delavan, WI 53115 North America: 800-752-0183, FAX 800-582-2217 International: 414-728-5551, FAX: 414-728-4461, TELEX: ITT 4970245 Oxnard, CA • Union City, TN • Delavan, WI • Mississauga, Ont. S396 (Rev. 3/31/98) © 1998, Sta-Rite Industries, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INSTALLATION, OPERATION Table of Contents Safety ........2 AND SERVICE MANUAL General Specifications, Requirements .
  • Page 3: Safety

    Any additions, changes, or conversions required in order for the appliance to satisfactorily meet the applica- REQUIREMENTS tion needs must be made by a Sta-Rite dealer or other qualified agency using factory specified and approved NOTICE: Combustion air contaminated by corrosive chem- parts.
  • Page 4: Description Of The Heater

    DESCRIPTION OF THE HEATER SEQUENCE OF OPERATION An electronic temperature sensing thermistor in the mani- fold adapter inlet controls the heater operation. When the inlet water temperature drops below the temperature set on the operating control, the burner controller supplies power to the combustion air blower through a series of safety interlocks.
  • Page 5: Spa Temperature Caution

    WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS 3. Pregnant women beware! Soaking in water above 102°F (39°C) can cause fetal damage during the first • Do not try to light any appliance. three months of pregnancy (resulting in the birth of a •...
  • Page 6: To Turn Off Gas To The Appliance

    9. Replace jacket cover(s). All jacket covers must be in 6. Turn the knob on the gas control clockwise ( ) to place when operating the appliance. the black line, depress slightly, and turn to “OFF” posi- 10. Set 3-way valves on inlet and outlet to pool or spa, as tion.
  • Page 7: Operating Control

    OPERATING CONTROL AFTER START-UP Digital Temperature Display CHECKING WATER FLOW Fire or flooding hazard. If the unit overheats and the burner fails to shut off, follow instructions under “To Turn Off Gas to the Appliance”, Page 6, and call a qualified service technician to repair unit.
  • Page 8: Care And Maintenance

    loss. A properly sized heater will restore normal tem- Explosion hazard. Purging the system with perature within one day. compressed air can cause components to explode, with 5. Turn the heater off when the pool will not be used for risk of severe injury or death to anyone nearby.
  • Page 9: Installation Instructions

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS HEATER CLEARANCES – OUTDOOR If the heater is located under a roof or deck overhang, Risk of fire, explosion, or asphyxiation if there must be at least three feet (3’) clear space between heater is improperly installed, adjusted, serviced or main- the bottom of the overhang and the top of the heater tained.
  • Page 10: Indoor Installation

    CONTROL PANEL INDEXING INSTALLATION IN A GARAGE OR UTILITY ROOM The exhaust discharges vertically from outside the vent cover. The heater control panel assembly on top of the Risk of fire and explosion if installed at floor jacket can be turned to any of six positions for convenient level in an automotive garage or near gasoline or flamma- access to the panel as follows: ble liquid storage.
  • Page 11 On an indoor installation, the exhaust discharges into a INDOOR VENT INSTALLATION vent pipe. Orient the heater so that the vent pipe does not Always vent the heater to the outdoors. interfere with adjustment of the operating controls. The operating control panel located on top of the jacket can be •...
  • Page 12 Metal Flue Collar Sta-Rite Part No. turer for your system. Follow manufacturer’s instructions 4x6” 77707-0076 and local and National Fuel Gas Code requirements care- 4x8”...
  • Page 13 1. Remove the outside vent cover as described on >16/12 to 18/12 7 Ft. Page 11. >18/12 to 20/12 7 Ft. 6 in. 2. Order an Appliance Adapter kit from Sta-Rite: >20/12 to 21/12 8 Ft. Part No. 77707-0086 for Saf-T Vent or Saf-T Vent ®...
  • Page 14 Both Metallic and non-Metallic: etrations. Do not fill the space around the vent (that is, the clear air space in the thimble or firestop) with 4. Install vent pipe so that it can expand and contract insulation. The roof opening must be located so that freely as the temperature changes.
  • Page 15 • at least 4 feet below or horizontally from, or 1 foot Fire Hazard. Do not run the heater vent above, any doors or windows or gravity air inlet to a into a common vent with any other appliance. Do not building run the Special Gas Vent into, through, or within any •...
  • Page 16: Water Connections

    WATER CONNECTIONS 3-Way Chlorinator Valve The heater requires proper water flow and pressure for its operation. See Figures 15 and 16 for the recommended installation. The filter pump discharges to the filter, the fil- Heater ter discharges to the heater, and the heater discharges directly to the pool or spa.
  • Page 17 The flow through the heater can be checked by the follow- ing procedure. 1. Clean the filter and skimmers. 2. With the heater off, measure the temperature of the water discharging from the heater. 3. Turn on the heater, wait two minutes, and again mea- sure the temperature of the water discharging from the heater.
  • Page 18: Pressure Relief Valve

    WATER PRESSURE SWITCH NOTICE: When the heater is mounted more than five feet above or two feet below the deck level, a Pressure Switch Hazardous pressure. Do not bypass the Water is no longer adequate. A Flow Switch must be installed Pressure Switch or render it inoperable.
  • Page 19: Gas Connections

    relief valve, install a drain pipe in the outlet of the pressure Tube from "VENT" tap must relief valve that will direct water discharging from the be connected to Mixer Inlet valve to a safe place for disposal. Do not install any reduc- ing couplings or valves in the drain pipe.
  • Page 20: Pressure Testing

    trap and union located outside the heater jacket (Figure ELECTRICAL WIRING 22). Do not use a restrictive gas cock. 1. All wiring must be in accordance with all applicable The following gas pipe sizes are recommended for natural codes. gas supply piping. For low pressure LP gas, pipe size may 2.
  • Page 21 FIREMAN’S SWITCH CONNECTION Connect the Fireman’s switch to the heater as follows: 1. Turn off power to heater at main circuit breaker panel. NOTICE: When using a timer and Fireman’s Switch, the 2. Unbolt and remove the upper jacket halves (see Figure heater’s power supply should come from the load side of 3, Page 5).
  • Page 22 Initial Troubleshooting Only qualified, trained service technicians with appropriate test equipment should service the heater. Remember that all parts of the system affect heater operation. Before starting this troubleshooting procedure, make sure that the pump is running correctly, that there are no blockages in the system, that the valves are correctly set and that the time clock is correctly set and is running.
  • Page 23 Heater Will Not Fire - A Start Depress “POOL” or “SPA” ON Heater should fire on demand Is green “SPA” or button on Membrane Pad. for heat. “POOL” LED “on” Does “POOL” or “SPA” LED come on? Restore power to heater. Check for 120 VAC power to heater.
  • Page 24 Heater Will Not Fire - B Start Increase POOL/SPA tempera- Is red “SERVICE Is red “SERVICE SYSTEM” ture setting on Membrane HEATER” LED “on” LED on? Pad above actual water tem- perature. Heater should fire on demand for heat. If not, Verify that pump is on, filter is and no other red LED’s light, not blocked, and the water...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Heater Will Not Fire - C Start Is “SERVICE HEATER” LED Go to “INITIAL “on”? TROUBLESHOOTING” Turn off 120 VAC power to heater for 5 Continue to observe heater seconds, and turn for several minutes. Cycle back on. heater on and off several Make sure tempera- times.
  • Page 26 Heater Will Not Fire - D Start Gas flows during igni- Go back to chart “HEATER tion try, but burner WILL NOT FIRE-C” does not fire. (Page 25). Check for 120 VAC at Replace HSI Igniter. Igniter leads during ignition try. Check for 120 VAC Fix wiring between S1 and S2 between S1 and S2...
  • Page 27 Diagnostic LED’s: AGS, AFS, HLS, PS, THERMISTOR Verify that water flow rate is Service pump and filter to AGS or HLS “on” above minimum required for restore proper flow. After ser- heater. vicing, verify proper operation Replace High Limit of Pressure Switch (PS). Switch (HLS) or Automatic Gas Verify that inlet water temper-...
  • Page 28 Burner Troubleshooting SYMPTOM CAUSE REMEDY Loud, high-pitched whine Flame is too rich. Verify pressure tap between gas valve and blower inlet. Verify gas regulator setting 0.2”wc below blower inlet pressure. Replace gas orifice with smaller size. Adjust CO 2 to 8%-9% for natural gas. 9.2%-10.5% for propane.
  • Page 29: Repair Parts

    2737 0197 parts breakdown (Key Nos. 10 through 13), (Key Nos. 10 through 13), see Page 32 See Page 32 Repair Parts are available from your Sta-Rite dealer. If your dealer cannot supply you, call Sta-Rite Customer Service at 1-800-752-0183.
  • Page 30 For Heater mounting PI LO bolts and clamps, purchase separately Bolt Down Bracket Kit, Part No. 42001-0085S. 2692 1196...
  • Page 31 REPAIR PARTS – BURNER SYSTEM Model SR200NA SR333NA SR400NA Part Description SR200LP SR333LP SR400LP Combination Gas Control Valve Kit 42001-0051S 42001-0051S 42001-0051S 3/4” Union 38404-4097S 38404-4097S 38404-4097S • Gas Orifice Kit – NG (Incl. Key Nos. 3 and 4)† 77707-0331 77707-0321 77707-0311 Gas Orifice –...
  • Page 32 REPAIR PARTS – WATER SYSTEM Model SR200NA SR333NA SR400NA Part Description SR200LP SR333LP SR400LP • Tube Sheet Coil Assembly Kit 77707-0232 77707-0233 77707-0234 (Includes Key Nos. 1,2 ,and 19) Tube Sheet Coil Assembly* 42001-0232 42001-0233 42001-0234 Coil/Tubesheet Sealing O-Ring Kit 77707-0117(6) 77707-0118(10) 77707-0119(12)
  • Page 33 REPAIR PARTS – ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Model SR200NA SR333NA SR400NA Part Description SR200LP SR333LP SR400LP • Display Cover Retainer Cap Kit (Incl. Key No. 1)* 77707-0009 77707-0009 77707-0009 Display Cover Retainer Cap 42001-0009 42001-0009 42001-0009 • CPSC Warning Label 32165-4084 32165-4084 32165-4084 Heater Display Cover 42001-0008S...
  • Page 34 Pool Heater Wiring Connection Diagram...
  • Page 35 Pool Heater Electrical Schematic Ladder Diagram 120 VAC NEUTRAL Igniter Blower 120 VAC Class II Transformer 24VAC Operating Control 24 VAC 24VAC Air Flow LOGIC Switch Water High Pressure Limit Switch Switch Stack Automatic Gas Shutoff Flue Switch Switch Gas Valve Thermistor Sensor 1.
  • Page 36: Warranty

    Retain Warranty Certificate (upper portion) in a safe and convenient location for your records. DETACH HERE: Fill out bottom portion completely and mail within 10 days of purchase/installation to: Sta-Rite, Attn: Warranty Dept., 293 Wright St., Delavan, WI 53115 Warranty Registration Card...