Troubleshooting - Philips BDP2930 User Manual

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Compatibility: Hi-Speed USB (2.0)
Class support: USB Mass Storage Class
File system: FAT16, FAT32
USB port: 5V
, 500mA
Support HDD (a portable hard disc drive):
an external power source may be needed.
Main unit
Power supply rating: AC 220-240V~,
Power consumption: 11 W
Power consumption in standby mode:
< 1 W
Dimensions (w x h x d): 310 x 40 x 203
Net Weight: 1.1 kg
Accessories supplied
Remote control and 2 AAA batteries
User manual
Optional accessory
A wireless Philips USB adapter(named
WUB1110, sold separately)
Multimedia connections: Wi-Fi
Connectivity: USB
Ambient temperature: 5 deg C to 40
deg C.
Dongle dimensions (W x H x D):
28.4 x 82 x 13.4 mm
Laser Specification
Laser Type (Diode): AlGaInN (BD), AlGaInP
Wave length: 405+7nm/-7nm (BD),
660+4nm/-10nm (DVD), 790+6/-6nm
Output power: 1mW (BD), 0.3mW
(DVD), 0.28mW (CD)

6 Troubleshooting

Risk of electric shock. Never remove the casing of the
To keep the warranty valid, never try to repair
the player yourself.
If you have problems using this player, check the
following points before you request service. If
you still have a problem, register your player and
get support at
If you contact Philips, you will be asked for the
model and serial number of this player. The
model number and serial number are on the
back of this player. Write the numbers here:
Model No. _____________________________
Serial No. ______________________________
Main unit
The buttons on this player do not work.
Disconnect this player from the power
supply for a few minutes, and then
No picture.
Make sure that the TV is switched to the
correct source input for this player. .
No picture on HDMI connection.
Make sure that the HDMI cable is not
faulty. If it is faulty, replace with a new
HDMI cable.
On the remote control, press
and then
press “731” (numeric buttons) to recover
picture display. Or wait for 10 seconds for
auto recovery.
If this player is connected to an
unauthorized display device with an HDMI
cable, the audio and video signals may not
be output.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents