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Common Venting - Bosch C1210ES Applications Manual

Bosch greentherm & therm tankless water heaters
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13.4 Common Venting

Up to 4 Greentherm C 950 ES and C 1050 ES or up to 4
Therm C 1210 ES/ESC can be common vented using the
new polypropylene modular venting system. A vertical
termination through a at or sloped roof and a horizontal
termination through the side wall are available.
Select from side by side or back to back con guration.
Side by side:
2 units (1x Kit A)
3 units (1x Kit A + 1x Kit B)
4 units (1x Kit A + 2x Kit B)
The Basic Kit A includes all needed parts for 2 appliances.
Add one Extension Kit B for the third appliance, or two
Extension Kit B for a total of four units.
Back to back:
2 units (1x Kit C)
4 units (1x Kit C + 1x Kit D)
The Basic Kit C covers the rst two appliances. The
Extension Kit D covers both appliances three and four.
Choose the vertical or horizontal termination, and as many
rigid pipe pieces and elbows as needed, up to a maximum
equivalent length of 100' (30m) between the last appliance
and the termination.
Equivalent length for
90° Elbow: 80"
45° Elbow: 40"
Data subject to change
Applications Manual
Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.



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