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High Volume Potable Water Heating; Cascading Unit Applications - Bosch C1210ES Applications Manual

Bosch greentherm & therm tankless water heaters
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2 2 | THERM/GREENTHERM Tankless Water Heaters
10 High Volume Potable Water
Potable water
Potable water is water that is suitable for drinking. Bosch
Thermotechnology Corp. appliances are approved to heat
potable water only. Heating any other liquid other than
potable water will void the manfucturer's warranty cover-
ing the appliance.
This section lays out the options for high volume water
heating for large residential and light commercial applica-
tions including continuous ows.
Data subject to change

10.1 Cascading unit applications

A cascading application should be considered if the po-
tential hot water demand exceeds the capacity of one gas
tankless water heater. The cascading set up supports vari-
able ow inputs and is designed for large homes and com-
mercial applications. Use of the Intelligent Cascading Kit ,
unlike other parallel applications, maintains the activation
ow rate of a single appliance.
Intelligent Cascading allows up to twenty four appliances
to be connected in parallel. One of the appliances will
serve as the controlling primary appliance and will attempt
to meet the hot water demand. If the hot water demand is
beyond the capacity of the primary appliance, a signal is
sent to one or more of the secondary appliances to ignite.
With the Intelligent Cascading, after each 100 hours of op-
eration, the system will automatically rotate which heater
is serving as the primary.
An Intelligent Cascading Kit (part no. 7709003962) must
be purchased and installed for each secondary appliance
included in the installation.
A 7 unit cascade installation includes 1 primary appliance
and 6 secondary appliances. 6 intelligent cascading kits
must be purchased for this installation.
Applications Manual
Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.



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