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Memory And Variables - HP 35s Quick Start Manual

Scientific calculator.
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and placing the cursor at the end of that expression, the
expression can be changed and reevaluated. For example,
if after computing the number of combinations of 69 items
taken 2 at a time, you then decide to determine the num-
ber of combinations of 69 items taken 3 at a time, rather
than entering the expression all over again, press
ÖÖ~3Ï. For longer, more complicated expres-
sions, this is often much easier than entering an entire
expression again.
In ALG mode, operations are carried out in order of alge-
braic precedence, where certain functions are evaluated
before others. For example, 1Ù2¸3Ï would
evaluate to 7, since multiplication is done before the addi-
tion. To change this, use parentheses to alter the expres-
sion: 41Ù2Õ¸3Ï. In this instance, the
parentheses are evaluated first, resulting in a value of 9
rather than 7.

Memory and Variables

The HP 35s has 30KB of memory for storing numbers, equa-
tions and programs. Numbers are stored in locations called
variables or registers. Variables are named with a letter from A
to Z, giving 26 directly addressable memory registers. There are
also six registers that contain information for statistical calcula-
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