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Before Calling For Service - Mitsubishi Electric CP3020DE Operation Manual

Digital colour printer
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Use the following troubleshooting chart to try to resolve any apparent defect in operation. If you are unable to resolve the
problem, unplug the power cord and contact your dealer.
No power
(when POWER lamp does not illuminate)
The image is not printed.
The paper is not fed.
The stored image in the memory cannot be
enlarged to fill the maximum print area.
White or coloured lines or scratches appear
on the printed image.
Smudges, smears and fingerprints appear
on the printed image.


Check and Remedy
Is the power cord plug disconnected from the outlet?
→Connect the power cord plug to the outlet firmly.
After turning the power off, wait for approx. 2 minutes. Then turn on the
Is the cable connected correctly?
Is the image data sent to this printer?
Is the print paper or ink sheet used up?
→Check the status.
Is the combination of the paper size installed and paper tray setting correct?
Is the print paper used up?
Are too many print paper sheets installed in the paper tray?
→Check the status.
Is the appropriate image data transferred?
→Check the status.
Is there any dirt on the print paper or ink sheet?
→Replace print paper and ink sheet with new one.
Is the thermal head dirty?
→Clean up the thermal head.
Are there any fingerprints, grease or oil on the paper or ink sheet?
→Replace print paper and ink sheet with new one.
(See page 20 for cleaning.)


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