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Mitsubishi Electric CP-3020DU Operation Manual

Digital color printer
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric CP-3020DU

  • Page 2 INFORMATION This Class A digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Cet appareil numérique de la classe A est conforme à la norme NMB-003 du Canada. WARNING : TO PREVENT FIRE OR SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.
  • Page 3 CAUTION : TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK) NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Ink sheet installation ... 11 Print paper installation ... 12-13 Usage and storage of paper sheet set ... 14 Printer driver installation ... 15 Front panel indicators & countermeasures ... 16 Before calling for service ... 17 Overcoming paper jams ... 18...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Contact your dealer about having the printer checked and serviced. NEVER INSERT ANY OBJECT INTO THE UNIT Nothing other than supplies for this printer should ever be inserted into the printer. Other items can cause a safety hazard and extensive damage to the mechanism and electronics.
  • Page 6 UNSUITABLE LOCATIONS Avoid installing the printer in unstable locations with high vibration or in hot-springs areas where hydrogen sulfide and acidic ions are likely to be generated. PLACES WITH HIGH HUMIDITY AND DUST Do not place the unit in locations with high humidity and dust.
  • Page 7 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS OTHER CAUTIONS Dust or other foreign matter adhering to the print paper or the ink cassette, or deformation resulting from exposure to extremely low or high temperatures could cause loss of color, uneven color or lines, or wrinkles in the print images. NOTE: MEMORIZED IMAGES ARE STORED IN VOLATILE MEMORY AND MAY BE LOST IN THE EVENT OF POWER FLUCTUATION OR MALFUNCTION.
  • Page 8: Special Features

    This printer employs cut paper. Printing speed is approx. 77 seconds (in A4 size print). HIGH QUALITY PRINTING High quality print is available in dye sublimation mode. The printer can generate 256 gradients in each YMC, approximately 16,700,000 colors total.
  • Page 9: Unpacking

    3 Take the unit out of the box carefully. Make sure to keep the unit horizontal. 4 Unwrap the packing. Save the packaging in case you need to ship the printer. 2 2 2 2 2 CONTENTS Make sure to check the supplied contents on the cushion.
  • Page 10: Features And Functions

    Press to open the top cover. Open the top cover when installing an ink sheet or clearing a paper jam. Do not press OPEN button during printing. Doing so may cause a print error and malfunction of the printer. 9 PAPER TRAY Sets print paper. Remove shipping inserts before using.
  • Page 11: Rear Panel

    When printing two or more copies of one image, you can use continuous printing. The number of the copies can be set by the printer driver. Refer to the PRINTER DRIVER GUIDE in the CD-ROM for setting the continuous print option.
  • Page 12: Connections

    To USB port Personal computer 3 Connect the power cord. 2 2 2 2 2 Use the printer driver to adjust settings for the printer. The printer driver is included in the CD-ROM. To USB port See page 15 for the details.
  • Page 13: Before Operation

    2 Remove the other side of shipping inserts in the same way. Do not discard the shipping inserts. When you do not use the printer for a long period or transport this printer, make sure to attach the shipping inserts on the slot or the rollers may be deformed.
  • Page 14: Ink Sheet Installation

    2 2 2 2 2 INSTALLATION OF INK SHEET Install the ink sheet (option: supplied with paper sheet set) to the ink cassette before inserting the ink cassette into the printer. 1 Press OPEN button to open the top cover.
  • Page 15: Print Paper Installation

    • A spacer for protection during transport is attached inside the paper tray when the printer is shipped from the factory. Remove this spacer when using the printer. 1 Pull down the plate lever of the paper tray until it clicks into the lock position.
  • Page 16 When adding the paper, make sure that it does not to exceed the red line on the paper tray. (50 sheets max.) 6 Set the paper cover onto the paper tray. 7 Install the paper tray in the printer. 8 Raise the stopper. NOTE Red line Remove the protection sheet.
  • Page 17: Usage And Storage Of Paper Sheet Set

    BEFORE OPERATION USAGE AND STORAGE OF PAPER SHEET SET 2 BEFORE PRINTING • Fingerprints or dust on the paper’s surface may degrade print quality and cause paper jams. • When print paper is rapidly transferred from a cool place to a hot place, vapour or dew will be generated on the paper’s surface causing paper jams or degraded print quality.
  • Page 18: Printer Driver Installation

    BEFORE OPERATION PRINTER DRIVER INSTALLATION The printer driver is required to print the data from a personal computer connected with this unit. ® The printer driver for Windows is supplied with this unit. Product name Operating conditions CPD3020W Applies for Microsoft...
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Paper is not installed. The ink sheet is not installed. The wrong type of ink sheet is installed. Print paper is not specified by the printer driver. The ink sheet and the print paper are not combined correctly. The top cover is open.
  • Page 20: Before Calling For Service

    After turning the power off, wait for approx. 2 minutes. Then turn on the power. Is the cable connected correctly? Is the image data sent to this printer? Is the print paper or ink sheet used up? Check the status.
  • Page 21: Overcoming Paper Jams

    TROUBLESHOOTING 2 2 2 2 2 CLEARING A PAPER JAM FROM THE INK CASSETTE AREA 1 Press POWER button to turn off the printer. 2 Press OPEN button to open the top cover. 3 Remove the ink cassette. Push the ink cassette to the left and lift up to remove.
  • Page 22: Repairing A Torn Ink Sheet

    2 Place a piece of office tape on the center of the ink sheet. 3 Wind the takeup spool counterclockwise so that the office tape is not seen and the ink sheet is straight. 4 Install the repaired ink cassette in the printer. Office tape Supply spool...
  • Page 23: Cleaning

    CLEANING Cleaning as indicated below will help maintain stable printer operation and extend the printer’s life. Preparations Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) Tissue paper (Fold in half about 4 times, and use the folded side to clean.) Cotton buds Cleaning kit (Option)* Other : Cleaner pen (Option)* *Please ask the dealer about options.
  • Page 24: Spec & Options

    Accessories Power cord (1), Ink cassette (1), Paper tray (1), CD-ROM (1), Quick setup guide (1) 2 2 2 2 2 Contents of CD-ROM • Operation manual • Printer driver • PRINTER DRIVER GUIDE • Adobe ® Acrobat ® Reader Adobe and Acrobat Reader are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Page 25 MITSUBISHI DIGITAL ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC. 9351 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, CA 92618, U.S.A. Phone 949-465-6000 UE919C131B...