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Sharp MZ-80FB/FBK Instruction Manual page 9

Floppy disk
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Do not touch, soil or scratch the recording surface (Head
YVindow) of the diskette with your finger. This may cause
improper operation or result in no operation.
Do not bend or fold the diskette or it will become unusable.
Do not bring magnetic things near the diskette or the
contents of the diskette will be destroyed. In addition, it's
dangerous to bring a diskette near machines (motors, etc.)
that generate a magnetic field.
Fill in the index label before pasting it on the jacket or use a
soft pointed pen. If you use a ball-point pen or other hard
object on a label already pasted on the jacket, the diskette
will be damaged.
When not using a diskette, put it in an envelope and file it
This also prevents trouble caused by scratches and
Storage temperature of the diskette is 4° C -50° C. Do not
put it in direct sunlight or anywhere the temperature rises
above 50°C.
The jacket will be deformed and the diskette
will be unusable.


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