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Sharp MZ-80FB/FBK Instruction Manual page 5

Floppy disk
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(Back of MZ-80B)
I/O Card
Fix with screws.
(Back of MZ-80FB)
Fix with screws.
Braided Wire
I nsert the I/O card MZ-80F I into the lowest connector
(No. 6) on the right-hand side of the extension unit on the
back of the MZ-80B. The Fig. on the left shows a I/O
card inserted. Refer to the instruction manual for the MZ-
80B for the correct method of inserting the card and then
do it properly. First remove the screws and then insert the
card. Finally replace the screws.
2 Connect the connector of signal cable MZ-80FC to the
signal terminal of the I/O card.
Either the right or left
cable connector can be used.
3 With the supplied screws, firmly fix the right and left sides
of the connector to fasten it as shown on· the left.
Do not forget to put in these screws. (Fasten screws in
two places.)
4 Connect the connector on the other end of the signal cable
to the signal terminal in the back of the MZ-80FB. With
the supplied screws, firmly fix both sides of the connector
to fasten it in the same way. (Fasten screws in two places.)
5 Finally, connect the supplied braided wire between the FG
terminals of the MZ-80FB and the MZ-80B.


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