Ironman Fitness 320t Owner's Manual

Ironman fitness owner's manual treadmill 320t.
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Owner's Manual
Ironman Fitness
4009 Distribution Drive
Suite 250
Garland, TX 75041
04/05 Rev F
Model Name : 320t
Serial Number :
Purchase Date :
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   Summary of Contents for Ironman Fitness 320t

  • Page 1

    IRONMAN 320t TREADMILL Customer Service 1.800.750.4766 Ironman Fitness 4009 Distribution Drive Suite 250 Garland, TX 75041 Model Name : 320t Serial Number : Purchase Date : Write down for future reference Serial Number Decal Location 415-00008 04/05 Rev F...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Important Safety Information Before You Start Assembly Warm Up Exercises Moving Instructions Power Requirements Console Panel Functions Program and Operation Program Profiles Program Instructions: Heart Rate Mode Belt Adjustment Change to MPH or KPH Maintenance Instructions Troubleshooting Guide Error Messages Calibration Sequence Parts List...

  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    12. Never operate the treadmill where oxygen is being administered, or where aerosol products are being used. 13. Never insert any object or body parts into any opening. 14. For safety and to prevent damage to your treadmill, no more than one person should use the treadmill at a time.

  • Page 4: Before You Start

    Before You Start Thank you for purchasing the IRONMAN 320t TREADMILL! This quality product you have chosen was designed to meet your needs for cardiovascular exercise. Before you start, please read the Owner's Manual and become familiar with the operation of your new treadmill.

  • Page 5: Assembly

    Assembly The IRONMAN 320t TREADMILL will require assembly before operating. After opening the box, remove any packing material from the treadmill. Do not throw away any packing materials until the unit is working properly. Place the base on a clean, level surface. Make sure the electrical cord will easily reach an electrical outlet.

  • Page 6

    Assembly requires the included allen wrench and phillips screwdriver. Do not plug in the power cord until all assembly steps are completed. 1. With the treadmill deck in the down position, leave the unit on the original packing material to assemble all parts.

  • Page 7

    Assembly 4. Install the Left and Right Uprights to the tread- mill base frame by inserting the upright connect- ing bracket into base frame as seen in Figure 3, using Allen Bolt 5/16”-18 x 70 (Qty. 4), Spring Washer 8 mm (Qty. 4), and Washer 9*16*1.6 mm (Qty.

  • Page 8

    Next, install the End Caps to the handle assem- bly. IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: Tighten all hardware installed in Step 1 through Step 5. 8. Fold the treadmill into the storage position and lock into place as shown in Figure 6. CONSOLE LEFT BOTTOM HANDLE COVER...

  • Page 9

    Assembly 9. Remove the two Long Bumpers from base of treadmill as shown in Figure 7a. Install the Left and Right Fender to Base using Philip Screw ST4.2X16 as shown in Figure 7b. Reinstall both Long Bumpers. BASE Figure 7a: Long Bumper Removal...

  • Page 10: Warm Up Exercises

    Warm Up Exercises EXERCISE GUIDELINES WARNING! Before beginning this or any exercise program, you should consult your physician. This is espe- cially important for individuals over the age of 35 or individuals with pre-existing health problems. Warming up prepares the body for the exercise by increasing circulation, supplying more oxygen to the mus- cles and raising body temperature.

  • Page 11: Moving Instructions

    Next, with a firm grasp on the handrail, care- fully tilt the treadmill back until it rolls freely on the wheels. Using extreme caution, move the treadmill to the desired location.

  • Page 12: Power Requirements

    This treadmill can be seriously damaged by sudden voltage changes in your home’s electrical power. Voltage spikes, surges, and noise interference can result from weather conditions or from other appliances being turned on or off. To reduce the possibility of treadmill damage, always use a dedicated surge protector (not includ- ed) with your treadmill.

  • Page 13: Console Panel Functions

    (1-10) and shows position with a blinking action. In Program mode, the treadmill will display the name of the program selected. This is shown on the left hand side of the window. In Manual mode, the LAP counter will appear in the top center of the window, counting each 1/4 mile lap in sequence of completion (1, 2, 3, etc.).

  • Page 14: Program And Operation

    Program and Operation QUICK START / MANUAL MODE 1. Plug into a surge protector outlet. Attach the Safety Key on to the treadmill console. 2. Stand on the treadmill and straddle belt. Attach safety key clip to your clothes. 3. Press POWER button. There will be an eight (8) second delay after pressing the POWER button before data can be entered.

  • Page 15

    2. Press POWER button. There will be an eight (8) second delay before data can be entered. The TIME window will flash. 3. There are four (4) pre-set and eight (8) semi-custom pre-set programs on the Ironman TRIAD. The treadmill includes FAT BURN, CARDIO, WARM-UP, and CROSS TRAINING programs. Press the PROGRAM UP or DOWN button to select which program you wish to use.

  • Page 16: Program Profiles

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 The Warm Up Program is designed to gradually increase the treadmill Speed and Elevation in the first segment (warm up) and gradually decrease the treadmill Speed and Elevation in the last segment (cool down).

  • Page 17: Program Instructions: Heart Rate Mode

    HEART RATE MONITOR MODE The treadmill may at any time be used in the Heart Rate Monitor Mode. If the signal from the chest strap is detected, heart rate BPM will be displayed in the INCLINE window. The incline will only be briefly displayed if manual or program changes are initiated.

  • Page 18


  • Page 19: Belt Adjustment

    “Walking Belt Slipping” instructions. WALKING BELT IS SHIFTING TO THE RIGHT (Diagram 2) First, turn the treadmill on to run at 1 mph. Using the hex key pro- vided, turn the right rear roller adjustment bolt ¼ turn in the clock- wise direction.

  • Page 20

    1) Turn power OFF on the console. (Do not unplug treadmill.) Attach the magnet safety key to the console. 2) Activate the calibration mode switch by inserting the eraser end of a pencil into the opening in the backside of the console (see diagram below).

  • Page 21: Maintenance Instructions

    If you feel signs of silicone, no further lubrication is required. If it feels dry to the touch, lubrication is needed. Ironman Fitness recommends “Lube N Walk” for cleaning and lubricating the treadmill belt and deck. Ask your retailer or call Ironman Fitness at 800-750-4766. You may also use silicone such as “Napa 8300”...

  • Page 22

    Maintenance Instructions...

  • Page 23: Troubleshooting Guide

    (Refer to “Power Requirements” on page 12). 3. Check the circuit breaker located on the front of the treadmill. If the switch protrudes, it has tripped. Wait five minutes and then press the switch back in.

  • Page 24: Error Messages

    Error Messages Treadmill Error Messages. Your treadmill is equipped with a software package that enables error messages to be displayed when there is a problem. The following error codes will be displayed in the console display windows. Safety Interlock Error Messages SI 1 - Safety key missing, replace and try again.

  • Page 25: Calibration Sequence

    Calibration Sequence Do not attempt to calibrate the treadmill unless an Error Code is present. See Error Messages (page 24). Our treadmill is equipped with a software package that will perform a calibration sequence unique to your specific model number.

  • Page 26: Parts List

    406-00041 PLUG CALIBRATION HOLE 406-00033 DOME END CAP 406-00047 FAN (CONSOLE) 406-00042 LEFT SIDEBOARD COVER 406-00043 RIGHT SIDEBOARD COVER 320t Parts List Rev F QTY. REF# KEYS PART# 410-00018 LATCH GUIDE 406-00044 REAR WHEEL 402-00050 POWER METAL BUSHING 402-00046 CLIP NUT...

  • Page 27

    CONSOLE FAN MOTOR 132 413-00016 REED SWITCH 133 413-00017 JUMPER WIRE 134 408-00017 MAGNET CORE 135 402-00089 WIRE CLIP 320t Parts List Rev F Continued QTY. REF# KEYS PART# 136 413-00004 POWER CORD 137 408-00016 TRANSFORMER (WITH FAN) 138 413-00018 FAN HARNESS...

  • Page 28: Exploded View

    Exploded View...

  • Page 29


  • Page 30: Warranty Information

    Please contact an Ironman customer service representative for specifics on wear items. This Limited Warranty becomes VALID ONLY if the product is purchased through an Ironman Fitness authorized dealer unless oth- erwise authorized by Ironman Fitness in writing.

  • Page 31: Customer Service

    Customer Service (800) 750-4766 Ironman Fitness Products 4009 Distribution Drive Suite 250 Garland, TX 75041 Ironman and M-dot are registered trademarks of the World Triathlon Corp., used here by permission.

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