Miele G 7825 Operating Instructions Manual
Miele G 7825 Operating Instructions Manual

Miele G 7825 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions

G 7825 / G 7826
To avoid the risk of accidents or
damage to the machine it is
essential to read these instructions
before it is installed, commissioned
and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 06 408 201


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Miele G 7825

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Washer-disinfector G 7825 / G 7826 To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed, commissioned and used for the first time. M.-Nr. 06 408 201...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Description of the machine ......... . 4 Guide to the machine.
  • Page 3 Contents Maintenance ........... . . 40 Periodic checks .
  • Page 4: Description Of The Machine

    Description of the machine This Miele washer-disinfector is Areas of application: capable of cleaning a wide range of – surgical instruments, medical and laboratory products, and disinfecting them either thermally in – minimally invasive instruments can be processed shortly after use, temperatures up to 95 °C or chemo-...
  • Page 5 Miele G 7897 carried out correctly, no residues are "Aqua-Soft system" which is effective up left behind and that subsequent to approx 720 mg/l (40°d).
  • Page 6: Guide To The Machine

    Guide to the machine Electronic controls a Display e Minus button 3 with screen saver; – Selects programmes from position i.e. background lighting switches off 24 upwards automatically after 15 mins. – Scrolls back page by page in Press any button to switch the menus display back on again.
  • Page 7 Guide to the machine Start button 6 j Service interface 8 – Starts programmes kProgramme selector – Activates input mode Selects programme places 1-23 – Confirms activated values and settings – Confirms menu points for entry into the relevant sub-menu Stop button 7 –...
  • Page 8 Guide to the machine Unclean side a Hot air drying unit TA (optional) e Master switch (with emergency cut-off function for b Handle service work) c "Profitronic" electronic controls (see f Drop-down door (closed) also Programming Manual) g Service panel d Controls...
  • Page 9 Guide to the machine Unclean side a Filter combination b Drop-down door (open) c Containers for dispensing systems DOS 1 / DOS 3 (DOS 2 / DOS 4 optional)
  • Page 10 Guide to the machine Clean side (G 7826 only ) a Handle d Printer (optional) G 7825: on the unclean side b Door release e Service panel c Drop-down door (closed)
  • Page 11: Warning And Safety Instructions

    The machine should be machine. commissioned and then Keep these instructions in a safe maintained only by a Miele authorised place for reference, and pass them and trained service technician. To on to any future user. ensure compliance with the Medical...
  • Page 12 When using this machine in the hazard. Switch off at the mains higher temperature ranges be immediately and call the Miele Service especially careful not to scald or burn Department or an authorised and yourself or come into contact with trained Miele Service Dealer.
  • Page 13 Warning and safety instructions The machine must be The standard of cleaning and disconnected from the mains disinfection programmes must be electricity supply before any routinely confirmed by the user. The maintenance or repair work is carried process should be thermally electrically out.
  • Page 14 Although this is not the case with all formulated for special processes organic solvents, other problems could and approved by Miele for use with this arise with their use, for example machine. Use of unsuitable agents damage to rubber and synthetic could adversely affect the components materials.
  • Page 15 Only use genuine Miele moved. accessories with this machine. Consult Miele on the type and The manufacturer cannot be held application of such equipment. liable for damage caused by Only use Miele mobile units,...
  • Page 16: Opening And Closing The Door

    Opening and closing the door To open the door The door can only be opened if: ^ Press the 5 door button, and holding – the electricity supply to the machine is switched on, onto the door grip open the door. –...
  • Page 17: Automatic Mobile Unit Recognition (Optional)

    Automatic mobile unit recognition (Optional) In operating level C the automatic Before starting a programme it is mobile unit recognition system (AWK) absolutely essential that you check allocates programme places from 1 - 15 to mobile units with the correct coding. that the programme shown in the display is the correct one for the The unit coding (on the mobile unit) and...
  • Page 18: Mobile Unit Coding

    Automatic mobile unit recognition (Optional) Mobile unit coding Coding is effected through 5 Bits: The automatic mobile unit recognition feature assigns a programme place to a mobile unit. The mobile units must be coded with a magnetic strip (via a Bit combination).
  • Page 19: Setting Mobile Unit Coding

    Automatic mobile unit recognition (Optional) Mobile unit coding strip Setting mobile unit coding 15 different codes can be set. They are To set or alter the coding of a mobile assigned to programme places 1 to 15. unit with automatic recognition (AWK), proceed as follows: Under "System function, Selector switch organisation"...
  • Page 20 Bit 6. The magnetic strips on G 7823 / G 7824 / G 7825 / G 7826 must have grey magnets. The magnetic strips on G 7827 / G 7828 must have black magnets.
  • Page 21: Areas Of Application

    – Carry out a protein test on a sample shape of items requiring cleaning and disinfection. batch of items, e.g. with the Miele test kit. Select mobile units, modules and – Check that all hollow shafted...
  • Page 22: Loading The Machine

    Areas of application Loading the machine – Mobile units with an adapter must engage correctly. – Arrange the load so that water can access all surfaces. This ensures – Modules must be correctly that it gets properly cleaned. connected in the mobile unit. –...
  • Page 23: Surgical Instruments (Op)

    Areas of application Surgical instruments (OP) When cleaning narrow lumen instruments e.g. those used for Surgical instruments should be stored minimally invasive surgery, an for as short a time as possible before intensive internal cleaning result is machine processing. imperative. The Vario-TD and The OXIVARIO programme is OXIVARIO programmes are the only recommended for instruments where...
  • Page 24: Anaesthetic Instruments (An)

    Areas of application Anaesthetic instruments (AN) Anaesthetic instruments should be thermally disinfected using the DES-VAR-TD-AN programme. If this is not possible, they can be processed using a chemo-thermal programme. The water level in the machine should be increased when using a chemical disinfection programme.
  • Page 25: Baby Bottles (Bc)

    Areas of application Baby bottles (BC) For example, 95 baby bottles can be accommodated in 5 x E 135 containers and 72 wide-necked teats in an E 364 or 72 screw connection teats in an E 458 in one batch. –...
  • Page 26: Operating Theatre Shoes (Os)

    Areas of application Operating theatre shoes (OS) Polyurethane operating theatre shoes, and/or insoles should be cleaned and chemo-thermally disinfected at 60 °C. These can only be thermally disinfected (using programme SHOE-TD-75/2) if the manufacturer states that they are made of a suitably heat-resistant material.
  • Page 27: Laboratory Glassware (Lg)

    Areas of application Laboratory glassware (LG) ^ Remove all stoppers, corks, labels, sealing wax residues, etc. Wide-necked laboratory glassware, ^ Small parts - such as stoppers and e. g. beakers, wide-necked Erlenmeyer flasks and Petri dishes, and cylindrical taps - should be secured in suitable shaped items e.
  • Page 28: Transfer Trolley For Loading And Unloading The Machine

    Areas of application Transfer trolley for loading and unloading the machine When a disinfection process is being carried out according to nationally laid down hygiene standards (e.g. § 18 IfSG), the contaminated surfaces of the trolley must be disinfected, after the machine has been loaded, using a spray disinfectant in accordance with national health and safety...
  • Page 29 Areas of application ^ Hang the mobile unit into the locating slots on the transfer trolley using both hooks. ^ To lift the mobile unit step down on the transfer trolley foot pedal. ^ Push the transfer trolley under the open door on the washer-disinfector as far as it will go.
  • Page 30: Dispensing Liquid Chemical Agents

    Dispensing liquid chemical agents OXIVARIO kit: Only use agents formulated This washer-disinfector can be set up specifically for use in or retro-fitted to use the OXIVARIO washer-disinfectors and make sure programme by adding an additional you follow the manufacturer’s dispenser pump and a special buffer instructions.
  • Page 31: Preparing The Dos Dispensers

    Dispensing liquid chemical agents Preparing the DOS dispensers Fill the containers with the relevant agent The agents can be filled into 10 l plastic ^ Switch the machine off using the containers, which are colour coded for the relevant dispensing system. master switch.
  • Page 32 Dispensing liquid chemical agents ^ Insert the siphon tube into the container and screw on securely (observe the colour code). Once the storage containers have been filled the relevant message goes out. Please remember to refill containers in good time. Do not let them get empty.
  • Page 33: Venting The Dispensing System

    To ensure trouble-free operation, the more containers has been allowed to following regular maintenance should run dry, the dispensing system(s) for be carried out by a Miele approved liquid media will need to be vented. To service technician. do this: Every 12-18 months ^ Press the I-0 button.
  • Page 34: Operation

    Operation Master switch To change operating level ^ Press 1 and 2 at the same time. The master switch with "emergency cut-off function" is set to I-ON. Operating levels A B C D are shown in the display. There are four operating levels ^ Select the operating level you want available on this machine: using the 1 or 2 buttons.
  • Page 35: Starting A Programme

    ^ Press 4 (scrolls forwards) until the the machine for detailed information and important notes on the standard required programme is shown. Miele programmes. ^ Press 3 (scrolls back) until the required programme is shown. A. Fixed programme 3. The PROGRAMME SURVEY menu Set up fixed programme(s) once in lists all stored programmes.
  • Page 36: Programme Sequence

    Operation Programme sequence C. AWK – Automatic mobile unit recognition The programme will start automatically ^ Select operating level C. as soon as the Start button has been pressed. It is finished when ^ Push the coded mobile unit into PROGRAMME-END appears in the place.
  • Page 37: Switching Off

    Operation Switching off Cancelling a programme ^ Press and release the I-0 button. A programme can only be cancelled ^ Turn off the stopcocks. in operating level B or D. When testing to EN ISO 15883 or HTM 2030 standards, the programme must not be interrupted or cancelled.
  • Page 38: Interrupting A Programme

    Operation Interrupting a programme Washer-disinfectors used as medical A programme can only be devices (in accordance with EN ISO interrupted in operating level B or D. 15883) should always be set to WITHOUT DOOR INTERLOCK NO. If you absolutely have to open the door, e.g.
  • Page 39: Data Transfer

    Various printers can be used as described in detail in the Programming external printers: manual under "PC/Printer function". – Epson-compatible (contact Miele for a list of suitable models). – HP Laserjet. Pin configuration in the 9-pole sub-D connector on the interface cable:...
  • Page 40: Maintenance

    – A programme will be run as a test 1000 operating hours, or every 6 months by a Miele approved service – Thermo electrical measurements will technician. be taken This maintenance will cover the –...
  • Page 41: Process Validation

    In the UK safety checks must be The following need to be inspected: carried out to the machine every 3 months by a Miele approved service – All filters in the wash cabinet technician in accordance with EN ISO – The spray arms in the machine and 15883 and HTM 2030.
  • Page 42: Cleaning The Filters In The Wash Cabinet

    Maintenance Cleaning the filters in the wash Cleaning the fine filter cabinet The filters in the base of the wash cabinet are designed to prevent coarse soiling getting into the circulation system. A build-up of coarse soiling can cause the filters to clog up. They should, therefore, be checked daily and cleaned if necessary.
  • Page 43: Cleaning The Filters For The Circulation Pump

    Maintenance Cleaning the filters for the circulation pump There are two filters located underneath the flat filter to the right of the heating element block to protect the circulation pump. ^ Pull them up and out of their holders, and clean them. ^ Replace the filters by carrying out the above steps in the reverse order.
  • Page 44: Sprüharme Reinigen

    Maintenance Cleaning the spray arms Spray arms in mobile units/modules: ^ Turn the nut (left hand thread) The spray arm jets can get blocked by particles inside them. together with the spray arm The spray arms should, therefore, be clockwise and then pull the spray checked daily.
  • Page 45: Cleaning The Control Panel

    ^ The front should be cleaned using a damp cloth and a little washing-up Cleaning results should be subjected to liquid, or with a non-abrasive period protein tests, e.g. with the Miele proprietary cleaning agent designed test kit. for use on stainless steel.
  • Page 46: Mobile Units, Modules And Inserts

    Maintenance Mobile units, modules and inserts Mobile units, modules and inserts should be checked daily to make sure they are functioning correctly. The washer-disinfector is supplied with a check list. The following need to be inspected: – Check that rollers on mobile units/ inserts are free of hindrance and that they are secure.
  • Page 47: Printer (Optional)

    Replacement colour ribbon cassettes pressed in until the paper emerges can be bought from the Miele Spare Parts dept or from an office stationery above the cassette. supplier. ^ Guide through the slit in the front flap, then close the front flap.
  • Page 48: After Sales Service

    Miele Service Department (see Unauthorised or incorrect repairs back cover for contact details). could cause personal injury or ^ When contacting the your Dealer or damage the machine.
  • Page 49: Converting The Type Of Heating

    Converting the type of heating Converting from steam to electric heating or from electric to steam If your machine is convertible, you can use the STEAMüüELECTRO or ELECTROüü STEAM service programme to switch from one type of heating method to the other. ^ Select STEAMüüELECTRO or ELECTROüüSTEAM (see Operation / B.
  • Page 50: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection The machine must only be operated All electrical work must be carried with the voltage, frequency and fusing out by a suitably qualified and shown on the data plate. competent person in accordance Further notes on electrical with local and national safety connection are given on the regulations (BS 7671 in the UK).
  • Page 51: Plumbing

    Plumbing This machine should be connected to the mains water supply and to the drainage system in accordance with local and national water regulations. Please refer to the installation diagram supplied with the machine. – If the water supply has a high iron content there is a danger of corrosion occurring on items being processed in the machine, as well as...
  • Page 52: Technical Data

    Technical data Height: 200 cm (minimum room height without steam condenser) 260 cm (minimum room height with steam condenser) Width: 90 cm Depth: 75 cm Weight (net): approx. 505 kg Operating weight: approx. 665 kg Voltage: see data plate Rated load: see data plate Fuse rating: see data plate...
  • Page 53: Special Features - Oxivario

    Special features - OXIVARIO Description of the machine Areas of application This washer-disinfector can be set up The OXIVARIO process uses an or retro-fitted to use the OXIVARIO alkaline cleaning agent and is programme by adding an additional recommended for processing surgical dispenser pump together with a buffer instruments where particularly stringent tank for hydrogen peroxide H...
  • Page 54: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Special features - OXIVARIO Warning and Safety Connecting the H solution instructions container The connection hose for the H These warning and safety solution container is identified by a instructions are in addition to those black label. It is supplied without an given at the beginning of this adapter because the system for booklet.
  • Page 55: Disposal Of Your Old Appliance Or Machine

    Disposal of your old appliance or machine Electrical and electronic appliances / machines often contain materials which, if handled or disposed of incorrectly, could be potentially hazardous to human health and to the environment. They are, however, essential for the correct functioning of your appliance or machine.
  • Page 56 Alteration rights reserved / 1306 M.-Nr. 06 408 201 / 00 en - GB...

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