Miele G 7825 Operating And Installation Instructions
Miele G 7825 Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele G 7825 Operating And Installation Instructions

Medium capacity glassware washer


Operating and Installation
Medium capacity
Glassware Washer
G 7825 / G 7826
en - US, CA
To prevent accidents
and machine damage
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 06 408 152


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  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions Medium capacity Glassware Washer G 7825 / G 7826 en - US, CA To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 06 408 152...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS....... . . 4 Description of the machine ......... . 9 Opening and closing the door .
  • Page 3 Contents Maintenance ........... . . 34 Process validation .
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    Follow the product manufacturer's an effective grounding system instructions. Miele will not be held liable (e.g. electric shock). for damage caused by incorrect use of any kind.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Take care when handling If you are exposed to toxic vapors or processing chemicals (detergents, processing chemicals, consult the softeners, neutralizers, etc.). These may manufacturer's material safety data contain irritant or corrosive ingredients. sheets for emergency procedures. Do not use organic solvents as these Always allow mobile units, modules, could cause an explosion.
  • Page 6 In other words, the On/Off by Miele. Suds can have an adverse Button must not be used. Interruptions effect on the cleaning process. should also be avoided for all other...
  • Page 7 Miele The mobile units, baskets and Applications Specialists. special inserts should only be used for It is the responsibility of the operator their specific applications.
  • Page 8 Adequate cleaning results cannot fluids and must be disinfected before be guaranteed when non-Miele disposal. accessories are used, or when Miele For environmental and safety reasons accessories are altered. Damages ensure the machine is completely resulting from the use of unsuitable...
  • Page 9: Description Of The Machine

    Description of the machine The Miele G 7825 / G 7826 Glassware Standard model Washing System is designed to provide – Serial interface high-throughput glassware cleaning in areas where space is at a premium. – On-board liquid detergent This unit is ideal for cleaning both large...
  • Page 10 Description of the machine Electronic controls...
  • Page 11 Description of the machine a Display f Plus button 4 with screen saver – program selection for programs over 24 The background light turns off – scrolling forward pagewise in automatically after 15 minutes. menus ^ Press any key to turn the background –...
  • Page 12 Description of the machine Unclean side a Drying unit (TA) (optional) e Power switch (with "Emergency cut-off" function for Service) b Handle f Drop-down door (closed) c Electronic control "Profitronic" g Service panel (see "Programming manual") d Controls...
  • Page 13 Description of the machine Unclean side a Filter combination b Drop-down door (open) c Containers for dispensing systems DOS 1 / DOS 3 (optional DOS 2 / DOS 4)
  • Page 14 Description of the machine Clean side (G 7826 only) a Handle d Printer (optional) G 7825 on the unclean side b "Door" button e Service panel c Drop-down door (closed)
  • Page 15: Opening And Closing The Door

    Opening and closing the door Opening the door The door can only be opened when: ^ Press the 5 door button, hold the – the lab glassware washer is connected to the electrical supply, door handle and open the door. –...
  • Page 16: Automatic Mobile Unit Recognition (Awk)

    Automatic mobile unit recognition (AWK) Mobile unit coding In operating level C the AWK attributes a fixed program place to a mobile unit The automatic mobile unit recognition with valid coding. feature assigns a program place to a Program places 1-15 are reserved for mobile unit.
  • Page 17: Setting Mobile Unit Coding

    Automatic mobile unit recognition (AWK) Mobile unit coding strip Setting mobile unit coding 15 different codes can be set. They are To set or alter the coding of a mobile assigned to program places 1 to 15. unit with automatic recognition (AWK) proceed as follows: Under "System function - Selector switch organization"...
  • Page 18 Mobile units without side coupling must be coded with a track that does not have Bit 6. The magnetic strips on the G 7825 / G 7826 must have gray magnets. The magnetic strips on the G 7827 / G 7828 must have black magnets.
  • Page 19: Application

    – Are the detergent and neutralizer containers full? Check after cleaning – Check the cleaning results visually. – Perform protein analytical checks, e.g. with the Miele test kit. – Are the jets and connections securely connected with the mobile unit / inserts?
  • Page 20 Application Loading tips ^ Tall, narrow pieces should be placed in the center of the baskets. This Select mobile units, baskets and ensures good water coverage. inserts appropriate for the ^ Mobile units with an adapter must application. engage correctly. ^ Load the items to be washed so that ^ Engage inserts correctly into the water can access all surfaces.
  • Page 21: Laboratory Glassware (Lg)

    Application Laboratory glassware (LG) Loading the machine Wide-necked glassware, such as wide Removing excess soils necked erlenmeyer flasks and petri ^ Empty all glassware before loading dishes or glassware with a cylindrical form, e.g. test tubes, can be cleaned into the machine (paying particular inside and out with the rotating spray attention to regulations regarding arm.
  • Page 22: Transfer Cart For Loading And Unloading The Machine

    Application Transfer cart for loading and unloading the machine When a disinfection process is being carried out according to national standards, the contaminated surfaces of the cart must be disinfected with a spray in accordance with national health and safety regulations, after the machine has been loaded.
  • Page 23 Application ^ Push the transfer cart, as far as it will go, under the open door of the lab glassware washer. ^ Direct the mobile unit into the latches on the transfer cart using both hooks. ^ Lock the wheels. ^ To lift the mobile unit onto the door, step on the foot pedal of the transfer cart.
  • Page 24: Adding Of Liquid Detergents And Neutralizers

    Adding of liquid detergents and neutralizers Priming the DOS dispensers Use only cleaning agents The liquids can be filled into 10 l plastic specially designed for lab washers containers, which are color coded for and regard the application the corresponding dispensing system. recommendations of the manufacturer! When first commissioning, or when the...
  • Page 25: Filling The Containers With The Relevant Detergent Or Neutralizer

    Adding of liquid detergents and neutralizers Filling the containers with the relevant detergent or neutralizer ^ Turn the lab washer off using the power switch. ^ Insert and secure the siphon tube into the container. Observe the color code. The message clears once the storage containers have been filled.
  • Page 26: Priming The Liquid Dispensing Systems

    To ensure safe function the following later if one or more containers have maintenance should be carried out by a been allowed to empty, the dispensing Miele Service Technician at specified system(s) for liquid agents must be intervals. vented. Every 12-18 months: ^ Press the ON/OFF I-0 button.
  • Page 27: Operation

    Operation Turning on Opening the door ^ Open the water supply (if turned off). ^ Press the door button 5, grip the door handle and open the door. ^ Turn the power switch (Emergency cut-off switch) to I-On. In order to open the door on the clean side (push-through model), the ^ Press the ON/OFF I-0 button in.
  • Page 28: Changing The Operating Level

    Operation The four operating levels are: Selecting or changing your own A = Fixed program / Programs with free code access The factory set code can be B = Free program selection changed (see "System function" in the Programming Manual). C = AWK –...
  • Page 29: Starting A Program

    Starting a program B. Free program selection ^ Select operating level "B". You can find detailed and important information regarding the Miele With operating level "B" there are three default programs in the program possibilities for program selection. chart of the supplied Programming 1.
  • Page 30: Program Sequence

    Operation Program sequence C. Automatic mobile unit recognition (AWK) After being started the program will ^ Select operating level "C". proceed automatically. It is finished when PROGRAM END appears in the ^ Push the coded mobile unit into display and the background lighting place.
  • Page 31: Cancelling A Program

    Operation Cancelling a program In operating levels B or D ^ Press the "Stop" 7 button. A program can only be interrupted or cancelled in the operating levels The program is interrupted. B or D. >CANCEL< OR >CONTINUE< appears in the display. ^ Select >CANCEL<...
  • Page 32: Interrupting A Program

    Operation Interrupting a program In operating levels B or D ^ Press the "Stop" 7 button. A program can only be interrupted or cancelled in operating levels B The program is interrupted. or D. >CANCEL< OR >CONTINUE< appears in the display. If the door needs to be opened in ^ Open the door.
  • Page 33: Serial Interface

    The report printer offers the following print options: The interface cable is rolled up inside the machine and must only be – Program print connected by a Miele Service – Additional functions print Technician. – Rinse protocol print The serial interface is RS 232 –...
  • Page 34: Maintenance

    Maintenance Labwashers should undergo routine Also during maintenance, the following maintenance by the Miele Technical function checks are conducted: Service every 1000 operating hours – a test program is run or at least once every 6 months. – wash temperatures are measured Maintenance covers the following: –...
  • Page 35: Process Validation

    Maintenance Process validation Routine checks As a rule, it is the responsibility of the The user must complete these checks user to ensure that items cleaned in the every day before using the washer. A labwasher meet the required checklist is supplied with the washer. standards.
  • Page 36: Cleaning The Filters In The Wash Cabinet

    Maintenance Cleaning the filters in the wash Cleaning the flat filter cabinet The filter combination in the base of the wash cabinet should be inspected regularly and cleaned if necessary. The machine must not be used without all the filters in place. Be aware of glass splinters, danger of injury.
  • Page 37: Cleaning The Spray Arms

    Maintenance Cleaning the spray arms Labwasher spray arms The spray arm jets can get clogged. Check daily and clean if necessary. ^ Use a sharp pointed object to push particles into the spray arm jets and rinse thoroughly under running water. ^ Remove the mobile unit.
  • Page 38: Cleaning The Control Panel

    The wash cabinet is mostly self purpose cleaners! They will damage cleaning. the surface. If deposits have built, call Miele for info. Cleaning the exterior Cleaning the door seal ^ Stainless steel surfaces can be ^ To remove soiling clean the door seal cleaned using a non-abrasive regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Page 39: Mobile Units, Baskets And Inserts

    Maintenance Mobile units, baskets and inserts To ensure the proper function of mobile units, baskets and inserts, they must be checked daily. A checklist is supplied with the machine. Check the following points: – Are the rollers in the proper condition and are they securely fixed in the mobile unit/insert? –...
  • Page 40: Report Printer (Option)

    Miele. inside of the front panel). ^ Guide the paper through the slit of the front panel. Shut the front panel. Replacement paper rolls, 2 ¼" (58 mm) wide, outer diameter approx. 2" (50 mm) can be obtained from Miele.
  • Page 41: After Sales Service

    After sales service Should you have any difficulties please contact the Miele Technical Service Department. See back cover for contact information. ^ Please quote the model and serial number of your machine. This information can be found on the data plate (see also "Electrical...
  • Page 43: Installation Instructions

  • Page 44: Installation

    Installation Steam/Electro or Mount on a non-combustible Electro/Steam conversion floor only! If the machine is convertible, the heating type can be changed in the service program from STEAM>>ELECTRO to/from ELECTRO>>STEAM. ^ Select program STEAM>>ELECTRO or ELECTRO>>STEAM (see "Operation - B. Free program selection").
  • Page 45: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection WARNING: All electrical work must be THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE carried out by a suitably qualified GROUNDED electrician in accordance with local and national safety regulations. – Installation, repairs and other work by unqualified persons could be dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for unauthorized work.
  • Page 46: Plumbing

    Plumbing Water connection The machine cannot be operated with an inflow pressure of less than 10 psi. This machine must be connected to The machine is supplied with the water supply in accordance with 3 connection hoses 5 ft. (1.5 m) long all national and local plumbing with "...
  • Page 47 A feed pump must be installed by Miele's Technical Service Dept. The discharge nipple of the DI water container (pressure less) must be at...
  • Page 48: Technical Data

    Technical Data Height: " (200 cm) min. room height without steam condenser 94 ½" (240 cm) min. room height with steam condenser Width: " (90 cm) Depth: 29 ½" (75 cm) Depth with door open 58 7/16" (148.5 cm) Weight (net): approx.
  • Page 49: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing Disposal of an old appliance materials Old appliances may contain materials that can be recycled. Please contact The cardboard box and packing your local authorities about recycling in materials protect the appliance during your area.
  • Page 52 All rights reserved / 5207 M.-Nr. 06 408 152 / 00...

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