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Maintenance; Smart Use Of Air Conditioner; For Smart Use - Haier HSU09XHK-G Operation Manual

Split type room air conditioner
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For Smart Use of The Air Conditioner
Setting of proper room
Close doors and windows
during operation
During cooling operation
prevent the penetration
of direct sunlight with
curtain or blind
If the unit is not to be used
for a long time, turn off the
power supply main switch.
Replacement of Air Purifying Filter
1.Open the lnlet Grille
Prop up the inlet grille by using the
grille-support located an the right
side of the indoor unit.
2.Detach the standard air filter
Slide the knob slightly upward to
release the filter, then withdraw it.
3.Attach Air Purifying Filter
Put air purifying filter into the
right and left filter frames.
Do not block the air inlet
or outlet
Use the timer effectively
Use the louvers effectively
Detach old Air Purifying Filter
Remote Controller
Do not usewater,wipe the controller
with a dry cloth.Do not use glass
cleaner or chemical cloth.
Do not use the following for cleaning
Gasoline,benzine, thinner or cleanser
ay damage the coating of the unit.
Air Filter cleaning
Open the inlet grille by pulling it upward.
Remove the filter.
Push up the filter's center tab slightly until it is
from the stopper, and remove the filter downward.
Clean the filter.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, or wash the filter with water.
After washing, dry the filter completely before putting it back in the unit.
Attach the filter.
Attach the filter correctly so that the "FRONT" indication
facing to the front.Make sure that the filter is
fixed behind the stopper.If the right
and left filters are not
attached correctly, that
may cause defects.
Close the inlet grille.
4.Attach the standard air filter
(Necessary installation)
The white side of the photocatalyst air purifying filter
face outside,and the black side face the unit The green
side of the bacteria-killing medium air purifying filter face
outside,and the white side face the unit.
5.Close the Inlet Grille
Close the Grille securely
The photocatalyst air purifying filter will be solarized in fixed
time. In normal family, it will be solarized every 6 months.
The bacteria-killing medium air purifying filter will be used
for a long time,no need for replacement. But in the period
of using them ,you should remove the dust frequently by
using vacuum cleaner or flapping them lightly,otherwise ,
its performance will be affected.
Please keep the bacteria-killing medium air purifying filter
cool and dry. Avoid long term exposure to sunlight when not
in use
its ability of sterilization will be reduced.
Indoor Body
wipe the air conditioner by using a
soft and dry cloth.For serious stains,
use a neutral detergent diluted with
water.Wring the water out of the
cloth before wiping,then wipe off the
detergent completely.
Hot water over 40
F) may
discoloring or deformation.
Once every
two weeks

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Table of Contents

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