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Specifying Temperature Unit; Temperature Reading Precautions; Tide And Moon Data - Casio 5299 Operation Manual

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Operation Guide 5299
Thermometer Precautions
• Temperature measurements are affected by your body temperature (while you are
wearing the watch), direct sunlight, and moisture. To achieve a more accurate
temperature measurement, remove the watch from your wrist, place it in a well
ventilated location out of direct sunlight, and wipe all moisture from the case. It takes
approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the case of the watch to reach the actual
surrounding temperature.

Temperature Reading Precautions

When taking temperature readings, it is best to remove the watch from your wrist in
order to eliminate the effects of body heat. Remove the watch from your wrist and
allow it to hang freely from your bag or in another location where it is not exposed to
direct sunlight.
To view current tide and Moon data
The current tide
Moon phase indicator
Timekeeping Mode (page E-8).
(pages E-28, E-32)
Shows the tide for the displayed date and time.
Shows the Moon phase for the displayed date.
The Moon phase shows the phase at noon of the
displayed date. The current time does not affect the
displayed Moon phase.
Tide Graph
The tide is indicated as
shown on the next page.
Viewing Tide and Moon Data for a Particular Date and Time
In the Tide/Moon Data Mode (page E-8), you can view the tide and moon phase for a
particular date and time. You can also view the applicable moon age in this mode
(which is not shown in the Timekeeping Mode).
Tide Data Screen
1. Entering the Tide/Moon Data Mode displays the Tide
Data Screen and indicates the tide for the current date
Month - Day
at 6:00 a.m.
• You can check the tide for another date by performing
steps 3 through 5 below before performing step 2. You
cannot change the date while the Tide Data Screen is
2. Use D to change the time setting.
• Each press of D advances the time by one hour and
calculates tide data for that time. Holding down D for
about two seconds scrolls at high speed.
Tide Graph
(page E-25)
(part you cannot see)
Type A
Type B
1.0-2.7 2.8-4.6 4.7-6.4 6.5-8.3 8.4-10.1 10.2-12.0 12.1-13.8
Moon Age
Moon Phase
and Moon phase
are displayed in the
Moon phase (part you can see)

Specifying Temperature Unit

Use the procedure below to specify the temperature unit to be used in the
Thermometer Mode.
When TOKYO is selected as the Home City, the
temperature unit is set automatically to Celsius (°C).
These settings cannot be changed.
To specify the temperature unit
1. While the temperature sensor calibration screen is
displayed (page E-19), press C to toggle between the
temperature units as shown in the nearby illustration.
2. Press D to toggle the temperature unit between °C
(Celsius) and °F (Fahrenheit).
3. After the setting is the way you want, press A to exit
the setting screen.

Tide and Moon Data

You can use the watch to check the current tide, Moon phase, and Moon age in your
• Basic calculations to determine this data is performed based on your current Home
City setting (page E-11). You can also check the tide and Moon data in another
location by temporarily selecting the applicable city as your Home City.
• Note that the tide and Moon data calculated by this watch are approximate and are
intended as general information only. Never try to use it for marine navigation or any
other purposes requiring accurate measurements.
High tide
3. Press A to display the Moon Data Screen.
Moon Data Screen
• This will display the Moon phase and Moon age for
Month - Day
the current date.
4. Use D to change the date setting.
• Each press of D advances the date by one day and
calculates tide data for that date. Holding down D for
about two seconds scrolls at high speed.
• You can select any date between January 1, 2000 and
December 31, 2099.
5. Press A again to return to the Tide Data Screen.
• The margin of error for the Moon age is ±1 day.
Moon age
(page E-28)
• If the data is not displayed correctly, check the
Timekeeping Mode date, time, and Home City settings.
Moon phase indicator
If the data is still not displayed correctly, see "Adjusting
(page E-28)
the High Tide Time" (page E-30) and "Reversing the
Displayed Moon Phase" (page E-32).
Moon phase (part you can see)
Type A
Type B
13.9-15.7 15.8-17.5 17.6-19.4 19.5-21.2 21.3-23.1 23.2-24.9 25.0-26.8 26.9-28.6
Moon Age
Moon Phase
Low tide
(part you cannot see)

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