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Philips DVD Video Player Manual

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  • Page 3 English ___________________________________________________6 Français ________________________________________________xx Español _________________________________________________xx INDEX 5...
  • Page 4 This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain U.S. patents and other intellectual property rights owned by Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners. Use of this copyright protection technology must be authorized by Macrovision Corporation, and is intended for home and other limited viewing uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision Corporation.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction The entertainment medium of the new millennium ________________8 Your DVD-Video player______________________________________8 New exciting features________________________________________8 Unpacking ________________________________________________10 Placement ________________________________________________10 Functional overview Front of player ____________________________________________11 Rear of player _____________________________________________12 Display___________________________________________________13 Remote control ___________________________________________14 On screen display information Preparation General notes _____________________________________________17 Connect to a TV___________________________________________17 Connect to optional equipment_______________________________18 Connecting the power supply ________________________________19...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    The unique features of DVD-Video, such as selection of soundtrack and subtitle languages, and of different camera angles (again depending on the disc), are all included. What’s more, Philips’ Disc Lock lets you decide which discs your children will be able to see.
  • Page 7 In addition to DVD-Video discs, you will also be able to play all Video CDs and audio CDs (including CDR and CDRW). DVD-Video You will recognize DVD-Video discs by the logo. Depending on the material on the disc (a movie, video clips, a drama series, etc.) these discs may have one or more Titles, and each Title may have one or more Chapters.
  • Page 8: Unpacking

    Unpacking First check and identify the contents of your DVD-Video player package, as listed below: - DVD-Video player - Remote Control Handset with separately-packed batteries - 2-core power cord - Euroconnector cable (Europe only) or YUV cable (outside Europe) - Audio cable - Video cable - User Manual - Warranty...
  • Page 9: Functional Overview

    Functional overview Front of player POWER ON/OFF - switches the player on/off Standby indicator - lights up red when the player is in Standby mode VIDEO MODE - switches Active Control function on/off Display - displays the current status of the player - switches on/off Digital Natural Motion function VIDEO MODE STOP...
  • Page 10: Rear Of Player

    Rear of player Power supply socket - connection to the mains TV connections YUV(YC - for connection to a TV with YUV inputs S-Video (Y/C) - for connection to a TV with S- Video (Y/C) inputs Video (CVBS) - for connection to a TV with CVBS video inputs Euroconnector TV OUT - for connection to a TV with Euroconnector Euroconnector (AUX-VCR)
  • Page 11: Display

    Display Video CD inserted SVCD Super Video CD inserted SVCD Compact disc inserted SACD VIDEO DVD video disc inserted TITLE DVD title number DTS PCM RACK CHAPTER INDE DVD chapter number CM MCH SPOTLI TITLE TRACK VCD/CD track number DTS PCM MCH SCAN SHUFFLE TOTAL REM TRACK TIME...
  • Page 12: Remote Control

    Remote control TV POWER POWER POWER DVD POWER B VIDEO MODE STOP PLAY REVERSE PAUSE SLOW FORWARD - stop PREVIOUS RESUME NEXT VIDEO MODE - Active Control on/off DISC MENU - displays DVD disc menu - play MENU SYSTEM - On-screen Display on/off - search backward v w t u - up/down/left/right cursor...
  • Page 13: On Screen Display Information

    On screen display information Menu bar/Status window f Slow motion User preference g Fast motion Title/Track h Time search Chapter/Index Audio language Subtitle language Angle Zoom Colour setting Video Program Sound e Picture by Picture Status window icons The status window displays the current status of the player and is displayed together with the first part of the menu bar, if activated in the FEATURES menu (see Personal Preferences).
  • Page 14: On Screen Display Information

    Temporary Feedback Field icons Repeat All Repeat Title Repeat Track Repeat Chapter Shuffle Shuffle Repeat Repeat A to end Repeat A-B Angle Disc Lock On Child Safe Resume Action prohibited Digital Natural Motion On Digital Natural Motion Off Active Control On Active Control Off 16 ON SCREEN DISPLAY INFORMATION...
  • Page 15: Preparation

    Preparation General notes - Depending on your TV and other equipment you wish to connect, there are various ways you could connect the player. These are shown in the drawing below. Please refer to your TV, VCR, Stereo System and any other User Manual(s) as necessary to make the optimal connections.
  • Page 16: Connect To Optional Equipment

    Connect to optional equipment Connecting to an amplifier equipped with two channel analog stereo Connect the audio Left and Right output sockets to the corresponding sockets on your amplifier, receiver or stereo system. For this use the audio cable (6) supplied. Connecting to an amplifier equipped with two channel digital stereo (PCM) Connect the player’s digital audio output (optical 8 or coaxial 7) to...
  • Page 17: Connecting The Power Supply

    Connecting to an amplifier equipped with Dolby Surround( Dolby Surround sound Connect the player to the TV and connect the player’s audio Left and Right output sockets to the corresponding inputs on the Dolby Surround( ) Audio/Video receiver, using the audio cable supplied (6).
  • Page 18: Using A Second Dvd Player Next To The Dvd1010

    Note the first 3-digit code 078, 277, 082, 241, 188, 264, 253, 190, 240, 394, 584 number after the brand name. Philips 039, 583, 081, 350, 220, 064, 070, Please press the DNM and RETURN button simultaneously for at 114, 401, 581 least 3 seconds.
  • Page 19: Pal/Ntsc Settings

    PAL/NTSC settings You can switch the PAL/NTSC setting of the player to match the video signal of your TV in order to allow the On Screen Display to appear in the correct format on your screen. To change the NTSC/PAL setting, turn the player OFF. Simultaneously press the STOP 9 and DNM buttons while you turn the payer ON.
  • Page 20: General Explanation

    General explanation About this manual This manual gives the basic instructions for operating this DVD player. Some DVD discs however are produced in a way that requires specific operation or allows only limited operation during playback. In these cases the player may not respond to all operating commands. When this occurs, please refer to the instructions in the disc inlay.
  • Page 21: Switching On

    Switching on Switch on the TV and select the video input for your DVD-Video player. VIDEO ON/OFF Press POWER ON/OFF. The player display lights up and the ‘Virgin Mode Screen’ appears. The ‘Virgin Mode’ will only occur after the very first start up of the player.
  • Page 22 The following items may have to be set in Virgin Mode: Menu language The On Screen Menus will be displayed in the language you choose. You can choose from 8 different languages. Audio language The sound will be in the language you choose provided this is available on the disc in play.
  • Page 23: Personal Preferences

    Personal preferences In this mode you can set your personal preferences for some of the player’s features. General operation PREVIOUS RESUME NEXT Press MENU SYSTEM on the remote control. Select V in the menu bar and press w. The Personal Preferences menu appears. Use the t u w v keys to toggle through the menus, sub menus and ZOOM ANGLE...
  • Page 24 Important: The ‘Colour settings’ and ‘Personal colour’ settings are only active when the video mode ‘Active control’ is switched ON or/and the ‘Digital Natural Motion’ (DNM) feature is switched ON. See below table 1. Video Mode Digital Natural Motion Colour settings/ (Active Control) Personal colour Available...
  • Page 25 Digital and Analog output Settings Connected audio system Digital out Analog out Amplifier or TV with two-channel analog stereo Stereo or 3D sound Amplifier or TV with Dolby Surround Dolby Surround Amplifier with two-channel digital stereo PCM only Stereo or 3D sound A/V receiver with multi-channel decoder Stereo or 3D sound or Dolby (Dolby digital, MPEG, DTS)
  • Page 26 Digital Natural Motion (DNM) (not for CVBS and S-Video) To select the default DNM setting on your player, select the Feature icon s from the Personal Preferences menu then select Digital Natural Motion. Access control Using the v w buttons on the remote control, switch Digital Status window Natural Motion ON or OFF.
  • Page 27: Acces Control; Disk Lock (Dvd And Vcd)

    Access control; Disc Lock (DVD and VCD) Activating/deactivating the Disc Lock In Stop mode, select ACCESS CONTROL in the FEATURES menu using the w/v keys and press u. Access control Child lock Enter a 4-digit PIN code of your own choice. Status window Parental level Enter the code a second time.
  • Page 28: Acces Control; Parental Control (Dvd-Video Only)

    Access control; Parental control (DVD- Video only) Movies on DVD discs may contain scenes not suitable for children. Therefore discs may contain ‘Parental Control’ information which Access control applies to the complete disc or to certain scenes on the disc. Status window These scenes are rated from 1 to 8 and alternative, more suitable Enter code...
  • Page 29: Operation

    Operation Loading discs STOP PLAY Press OPEN/CLOSE on the front of the player. The disc-loading tray opens. OPEN/CLOSE Lay your chosen disc in the tray, label side up (also when a double sided DVD disc is inserted). Make sure it is sitting properly in the correct recess.
  • Page 30: Playing Dvd-Video Discs And Video Cds

    Playing a DVD-video disc Playing a title After inserting the disc and closing the tray, playback starts automatically and the status window and the player display show the type of disc loaded as well as information about the disc’s contents. The disc may invite you to select an item from a menu.
  • Page 31: General Features

    General features Note: Unless stated otherwise, all operations described are based on remote control operation. A number of operations can also be carried out via the menu bar on the screen. (see ‘Menu bar operation’) Moving to another title/track VIDEO MODE STOP PLAY When a disc has more than one title or track (which you can see from...
  • Page 32 Search VIDEO MODE STOP PLAY Select g (Fast Motion) in the menu bar. REVERSE PAUSE SLOW FORWARD Use the w keys to enter the Fast Motion menu. PREVIOUS RESUME NEXT Use the t u keys to select the required speed: -32, -8 or -4 (backward);...
  • Page 33: Time Search

    Shuffle DVD-Video discs This shuffles the playing order of chapters within a title if the title has TITLE CHAPTER more than one. SHUFFLE SUBTITLE AUDIO Press SHUFFLE during play. REPEAT REPEAT SCAN The SHUFFLE icon appears on the screen for about 2 seconds. To return to normal play, press SHUFFLE again.
  • Page 34 FTS-Video - The FTS-Video function allows you to store your favourite titles and chapters (DVD) and favourite tracks and indexes (VCD) for a particular disc in the player memory. - Each FTS program can contain 20 items (titles, chapters). - Each time an FTS program is played it will be placed on top of the list. When the list is full and a new program is added, the last program in the list will be removed from the list.
  • Page 35: Special Dvd Features

    Special DVD-features Checking the contents of DVD-Video discs: Menus. For titles and chapters, selection menus may be included on the disc. The DVD’s menu feature allows you to make selections from these menus. Press the appropriate numerical key; or use the w, v, u, t keys to highlight your selection, and press OK.
  • Page 36: Special Vcd Features

    Bit-rate indicator When activated, the bit-rate for video and audio as well as the total bit rate is displayed. This is only applicable during playback of DVD and SVCD discs. pause To activate or de-activate the bit-rate indicator, hold down MENU SYSTEM for 1.5 seconds.
  • Page 37: Moving To Another Track

    Moving to another track Press P briefly during play to step forward to the next track. Press O briefly during play to return to the beginning of the current track. Press O briefly again to step back to the previous track.
  • Page 38: Fts (Favourite Track Selection)

    FTS (Favourite Track Selection) - The FTS feature allows you to store your favourite tracks for a particular disc in the player memory. Audi o Di s c Mode - Each FTS program can contain 20 tracks. repeat track 11278 - Each time an FTS program is played it will be placed on top of the list.
  • Page 39: Before Requesting Service

    Euroconnector with RGB input at the TV. If necessary please check the user manual of your TV or ask your TV dealer. Note: In the case of a Philips TV this is mostly a blue coloured Euroconnector at the rearside of the TV.
  • Page 40: Cleaning Discs

    In this case, you should consult your dealer or the Philips Customer Care Centre for further assistance in solving the problem.
  • Page 41 Notes NOTES 43...